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former President George W. Bush sits with Barack and also Michelle Obama and also Joe Biden throughout Barack's inauguration in 2009. stack Friedman / Corbis / Getty

It would certainly be the very first of plenty of events wherein former first lady Michelle Obama and former president George W. Shrub sat close to or alongside each other.

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It's a relationship that's been partially out of your hands due to the fact that Obama and Bush are seatmates in ~ official features — of which they attend a lot.


very first lady Michelle Obama, previous President George W. Bush, and Laura shrub leave the funeral company for former first lady Nancy Reagan in 2016. Jae C. Hong / AP

Obama described to the hosts of NBC"s "Today" display in 2018 why the two constantly sit next to or close to each other.

"President Bush and I space forever seatmates because of protocol – that"s exactly how we sit at all the main functions," Obama called the show"s hosts. "So the is my companion in crime at every significant thing wherein all the formers gather."


The 2 presidential couples at the nationwide September 11 Memorial because that a ceremony noting the 10th anniversary the the attacks at people Trade Center, in 2011. mary Altaffer / AP

After more than a decade of socializing v one another, Obama and also Bush are favor two peas in a pod.


very first lady Michelle Obama hugs former President George W. Shrub during the dedication ceremony because that the Smithsonian Museum of african American history and society on the nationwide Mall in Washington, on September 24, 2016. Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

The 2 attended the dedication ceremony because that the national Museum of african American history and Culture.

Jenna bush Hager, Bush"s daughter, dubbed it "the hug that went around the world."

In 2016, the pair shared a moment during a memorial business for 5 police officers who were killed in Dallas.

an initial lady Michelle Obama and also former president George W. Shrub at the event. Eric Gay/AP

"Party doesn"t separate us. Color, sex — those kinds of points don"t different us. It"s the message that we send," Obama told NBC News in 2018.

Bush, Michelle Obama, and Barack Obama sing during the memorial service. Carlo Allegri / Reuters

They sang the polite War-era track "Battle chant of the Republic" to respect fallen police police officers who were killed by a sniper during a peaceful protest end the police death of 2 African-American men.

Bush likewise raised a few eyebrows because that dancing and also lifting his wife and also Obama"s hands during the somber song.

previous President George W. Bush and also former an initial lady Michelle Obama share a laugh. Gerald Herbert/AP

"I needle her a little bit and also around her, I"m fairly lighthearted," that said. " are around serious civilization all the time and also we simply took to each other."

note Obama's increased eyebrow. invoice Frakes / AP

"That"s what"s so monster about society today, that world on opposite political parties of the politics spectrum have the right to actually like each other,"he said in 2017.

In 2018, at so late Sen. Man McCain's memorial, Obama experienced Laura shrub hand she husband a sneeze drop, and also asked for one, too.

Michelle Obama and also the Bushes in ~ the funeral organization at the national Cathedral because that Sen. Man S. McCain. Jonathan Newton / The Washington write-up / Getty

"I looked over and also I said, "Hand me a cough drop,"" she said "Today."

Bush did together he was told.

shrub hands Obama a cough drop at john McCain's memorial. Time / Youtube

According to organization Insider"s Eliza Relman, the moment "became a price of bipartisanship and also human decency in ~ a time of deep political and cultural division."

The pair in ~ the dedication ceremony for the Smithsonian Museum of afri American background and culture on the national Mall in 2016. Pablo Monsivais / AP

In an interviewwith Today, Obama spoke around their friendship, after their communication at the memorial had gone viral.

very first lady Laura Bush, former President George W Bush, an initial lady Michelle Obama, and President Barack Obama. David Hume Kennerly / bank of America/Getty

She additionally mentioned the sneeze drops had actually come in a White residence box, leading her to ask exactly how long he"d had actually them. That responded, "A lengthy time — we got a many these!"

Then, at Bush's father's memorial in so late 2018, together he greeted a heat of past and also present American presidents, the slyly slipped one more cough drop into Obama's hand.

The State Funeral for previous President George H.W. Bush at the nationwide Cathedral. Carolyn Kaster / AP

The minute was a bright spot throughout a sad day because that the nation.

In December 2019, Obama protected Ellen DeGeneres once the hold was ridiculed for having a friendship through Bush.

Toronto held Obama top top her book tour, "Becoming." angel Marchini/SOPA Images/LightRocket / Getty

DeGeneres was criticized for her friendship with shrub after a photograph went viral reflecting the pair sitting together at a soccer game.

Former very first lady Michelle Obama and also former president George W. Shrub in 2016. Joshua Roberts / Reuters

"We don"t disagree on humanity. Us don"t disagree around love and compassion. I think that"s true for every one of us. It"s just that we obtain lost in our are afraid of what"s different," she said.

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previous President George Bush, speak of the home Nancy Pelosi, and also the Obamas at president Joe Biden's inauguration. Caroline Brehman-Pool/Getty photos

Because of social distancing, the 2 sat slightly away from one an additional with their respective spouses. Yet they tho took the time to squeeze in a couple of photos — you deserve to see your smiles peaking out from behind their masks.

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