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“Every country in every region now has a decision come make. One of two people you room with us, or you space with the terrorists.”“Leadership come me method duty, honor, country. It way character, and it method listening native time to time.”George W. Bush followed in his father’s footsteps to the White residence – the an initial to perform so because John Quincy Adams adhered to John Adams. Shrub didn’t constantly aspire to be President. As a teen, he wanted to play baseball professionally. George, choose his father, to visit Yale, first as a history major and later together a grad college student studying business administration.He owned a reasonably prosperous oil agency and a baseball team before being elected governor that Texas. Madness successful, he offered two state there before heading to the White House.George-W-Bush-43rd U.S.PresidentGeorge-W-Bush-43rd U.S.PresidentBush win Al Gore in one of the closestly presidential elections in history. His campaign platform was “compassionate conservatism.” He want to reduced taxes and an increase the economy, providing individuals the freedom they needed to enhance their very own lives. His priorities changed, though, ~ above September 11, 2001, once terrorists hijacked and also flew 3 planes right into the people Trade Center and also the Pentagon, killing almost 3,000 civilization (a fourth aircraft crashed in a Pennsylvania field). Instantly, Bush’s attention was diverted to the job of crushing terrorist task and securing America’s safety. Fun FactsGeorge bush was born July 6, 1946 in new Haven, Connecticut.George’s family moved come Texas as soon as he to be two, yet spent summers in ~ the family compound in Maine. George enjoyed a peaceful, happy childhood because that the many part.When he to be seven, his younger sister, Robin, passed away of leukemia. The entirety family grieved deep over she loss. Barbara’s hair turn white, even though she was just in her twenties.George thrived up in the political arena. His grand was a senator. George watched his father operation for office (sometimes successfully, but not always) too.George to visit the same personal preparatory high institution his father had. That was no a particularly great student.George join the national Guard and also became a pilot during the Vietnam War.He met librarian, Laura Walker, at a barbecue in 1977. Quiet and also confident, she countered George’s boyish exuberance. The two dropped in love and also married three months later. They have twin girls.George had a temper and also drank too much. Laura endangered to leave him. In 1985, George began reading the Bible, praying, and also attending church. He gave up alcohol, smoking, and also chewing tobacco.After 9/11, bush created a room of countryside Defense. He ordered troops come Afghanistan to catch the terrorists responsible for the attacks. He also ordered an intrusion of Iraq, believing the Saddam Hussein harbored atom weapons. Saddam Hussein to be thrown native power, however no weapons were found. Many people disagreed through Bush’s tactics.Bush winner a second term together President, however his popularity to be slipping. The economic situation was in a recession and his taxation cuts had added to a large federal budget deficit. Questions and AnswersQuestion: What is shrub remembered for?Answer: Bush’s presidency was changed by the occasions of 9/11. He come out swinging after the attacks, igniting a surge of patriotism and unity. That made sweeping tax cuts and instituted federal education reforms. Many world appreciated his commitment come his household and spiritual faith.On the other hand, shrub took much more presidential power than most presidents, changing the function of command in Chief. World disagreed strongly through his international policies, specifically in the middle East.

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Many thought his forceful assaults increased hate of Americans amongst Middle east countries. Learn MoreVisit the Office the George W. Shrub to find out more.