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George shrub Intercontinental airplane Houston (IATA: IAH, ICAO: KIAH), recognized as Houston Airport is located 23 mile north the downtown Houston, Texas.

With more than 30 destinations in Mexico, bush Intercontinental offers company to much more Mexican destinations than any kind of other U.S. Airport. That is the hub because that Atlas Air and United Airlines.

Houston plane (IAH) registered 45,264,059 passengers on 2019.During 2020, Houston Airport handled 24,690,222 passengers. An important decrease because of coronavirus crisis.

Houston George shrub Intercontinental Airport has actually 5 terminals: A, B, C, D and E. Every terminals at the plane are linked through the Skyway and the Subway.See more information

Terminal AIt has entrances from A1 come A30 situated in two groups: A1-A15 and A17-A30. Handles every non-United domestic and also Canada flights, global departures and also some unified Express flights.See much more information

Terminal BThe only airline that operates at the terminal is United. It serves all united Express flights other than International arrivals. The has gates from B1 come B88 divided in various concourses.See an ext information

Terminal CIt has entrances numbered native C1 to C45 divided in between South and North concourses. The serves together the united Airlines key base of residential operations.See more information

Terminal DGeorge bush Airport Terminal D does no serve worldwide arrivals in ~ the moment, hence are offered in Terminal E. It has actually 12 gates. This terminal is under renovation functions until2021.See much more information

Terminal EIt is the newest Terminal and has gateways from E1 to E24. It serves all joined airlines worldwide flights from all other terminals and some residential operations.See more information

Lost and found

For items lost in the airplane, please, call with her airline.

For items lost at the airport, passengers can call to the complying with number: +1-713-845-6673

around Houston

Houston, located in Texas state, has an ext than 2 millions inhabitants. It is, in fact, the 4rth most populatedcity in the United claims of America.

It is renowned for the space Center Houston, a really important NASA Center.

At downtown, friend will find plenty of social and nightlife: theatres - prefer Houston cool Opera-, restaurants, the historical District, amongst others.

Inter-terminal transportation +info

The Skyway is one elevated train that connects all terminals because that those passengers with connecting flights, without having to re-enter security.

There is additionally an underground train (Subway) that connects all terminals and the hotel.

Seethe inter terminal transportation options.

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transport +info

To carry from and to Houston Airport, the following method of transport space available:

Bus: The metro public transportation agency offers several bus courses to and from Houston Airport.See much more information

Shuttles: numerous shuttle bus carriers are at your disposal.See much more information

Taxis: move to downtown Houston in ~ 40 minutes.See much more information

Car Rental: book your car through our find engine.

services +info

At Houston Airport passenger will discover the following services available:

- Restaurants and also cafeterias- Duty Free- Shops- ATMs- baggage Carts and Wrap- Defibrillators- Foreign currency Exchange- Nursery- strength Charging Stations- rapid Charger Machines- pet Relief Area- Telephones- TTY Phones