It"s not unexplained for parents to speak to their youngsters on their birthday. Having actually that conversation on nationwide television is a bit unique, though.

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Former president George W. Bush turned 75 Tuesday, and he celebrated by FaceTiming right into v Hoda & Jenna, whereby he shoot the breeze with daughter Jenna bush Hager and Hoda Kotb, that wanted to understand if he feels 75.


While he"s taken an additional trip about the sun, he hasn"t noticed any aches and also pains.

“No, it’s all in her mind, Jen," the said. "It’s all in her mind. Ns don’t feel it. Ns don’t feel five years shy of 80. Permit me placed it come you the way.”

Hoda wanted to understand if Jenna gives an excellent presents, so her dad flood the beans.

"Well, one year she provided me a poo-poo cushion," the said, drawing laughter.

"Dad, a poo-poo cushion is no the surname of it," Jenna corrected him. "A whoopee cushion!"


Then, photos of bush as a young boy appeared on the screen, and also one photo of the was collection up alongside a shoot of Jenna"s son and his grandson, Hal. Jenna couldn’t aid but an alert the similarity in her son and also dad"s features, a comparison people have made before.


The previous president has come to be a prolific painter, posting the book “Out the Many, One: Portraits the America"s Immigrants.” he has likewise painted Hal and Jenna, that isn"t specifically a fan of she portrait.

“I favor it. She doesn’t,” bush said together the picture splashed ~ above the screen.

“Can girlfriend just try to thin out my challenge a small bit? just a small bit, please?” Jenna asked.

“I can only paint it the means it is, hon,” he joked, prompting Hoda and also Jenna come laugh.


“You recognize the good thing around flowers and also rocks? They can’t talk ago if lock don’t choose their portrait,” Jenna said.

And while over there was some teasing, at the finish of the day, bush appreciated hearing from his daughter top top his big day.

“I’m many grateful the you all called on my 75th birthday. It renders an old man feel young,” the said.

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