On Friday, the country Chief executive, management left Washington because that a 17-day “working vacation” in ~ the golf society he own in Bedminster, new Jersey.

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White house Deputy press Secretary Lindsay Walters claimed Trump had actually to leaving the West soup for two weeks while its heating and also air conditioning system is replaced. Staff must also leave the building, Walters said, “because ns don’t think any type of of friend would like to it is in in the West soup in an respectable D.C. Summer day once it’s end 100 levels with no waiting conditioning.”

Walters assured reporters that Trump “will proceed to work-related over the next two weeks.” He’ll host meetings in new Jersey and make main visits to various other states. Yet Trump is quiet taking warmth for leaving Washington.

Working hard from new Jersey while White home goes through long planned renovation. Going to new York next week for much more meetings.

— Donald J. Trump card (

During his operation for the presidency, Trump frequently denounced his autonomous predecessor, Barack Obama, as a "habitual vacationer." he complained Obama is "always campaigning or on vacation," and maintained the Obama's departures native Washington hurt his ability to govern.

He promised not to take many vacations if chosen president. He also expressed scorn for vacationing in a tweet that predated his presidential campaign: "Don't take it vacations. What's the point? If you're not enjoying your work, you're in the dorn job." -- Think favor A Billionaire"

"Don't take vacations. What's the point? If you're not enjoying your work, you're in the dorn job." -- Think favor A Billionaire

— Donald J. Trumped (

But the brand-new Republican president has actually been a an ext enthusiastic vacationer, for this reason far, than the guy he criticized.

Since his inauguration, Trump checked out his Mar-a-Lago heritage in Florida (pictured here) seven times, spending every or part of 25 days there, according to CBS News White residence reporter note Knoller, who keeps meticulous holidays statistics ~ above the presidents he’s covered. His tallies incorporate weekend days the presidents are away native Washington.

Before departing because that his latest trip, trump had currently spent 14 days in ~ the new Jersey resort, and two days in ~ the presidential Camp David retreat in countryside Maryland, Knoller said.

By Knoller’s reckoning, trumped vacationed far an ext than Obama did at this allude in his presidency, although he was gone much less than Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush.


When Obama had been in office the same amount that time together Trump, he'd spent 4 days in his Chicago hometown and 17 days at Camp David in eight different visits, follow to Knoller.

Bush's vacationing tally was higher than both of them in ~ the same allude in his presidency. Knoller says bush went to Camp David 13 times, safety 39 days. He made 6 visits to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, whereby he invested 39 days. Over there was additionally a single visit to his family’s link in Kennebunkport, Maine, where he spent four days.

Trump is being dubbed a hypocrite because that taking an ext vacation time than Obama. Others complain his travel have soaked taxpayers because that travel and also security expenses, and that he uses the trips to market his vacation resorts.

Working in Bedminster, N.J., as lengthy planned building is being done at the White House. This is no a holidays - meetings and calls!

— Donald J. Trump card (

It's too at an early stage to predict how Trump will stack up in the presidential vacation pantheon at the end of his term.

But we deserve to tell girlfriend how many days his precursors took before they left office. And despite Trump's Twitter tirades over his vacationing, Obama take it comparatively couple of days off.

Obama, take it 29 holidays trips extending all or part of 235 days, follow to Knoller. He likewise made 39 visits to Camp David, that totaled all or part of 93 days. That's a grand total of 328 days over eight years.

Many that his trips were to Martha's Vineyard, whereby he's pictured throughout a 2016 vacation. He likewise made several trips to Hawaii, where he to be raised.


During the eight years he spent in office, George W. Bush was a an ext enthusiastic presidential vacationer than Obama. That favored visits to his ranch in Texas, wherein he'd clear brush come relax.

"I'm may be to clean my mind, and it help me put it all in perspective," the told the associated Press on among those visits.

Bush love his ranch so lot that the traveled there 77 time while he was president, spending all or component of 490 days, Knoller says. As a dutiful son, Bush additionally made 11 visits to his parents' residence in Kennebunkport, Maine, i m sorry Knoller says spanned all or part of 43 days.

He likewise made 149 access time to Camp David, where he spent all or part of 487 days. Grand total: 1,020 days far from the White House.


Democrat bill Clinton took just slightly an ext vacation days 보다 Obama throughout his eight year in office, claims Knoller: 345. Clinton do 54 visits to Camp David, wherein he invested all or part of 171 days. And he spent 174 days on other vacations. Like Obama, he favored Martha's Vineyard, wherein he's pictured taking a watercraft ride with former CBS Anchor Walter Cronkite. He also made several visits to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Taking tons of vacation time seems to run in the shrub family. Bush 41 - otherwise well-known as George H. W. Bush - took 543 vacation days in his four-year term, according to a tally by national Public Radio. The Republican spent much of his time turn off at Camp David, and at the shrub family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, near where this fishing photo was taken.

President Ronald Reagan invested 335 days at his beloved ranch in Santa Barbara, California ranch throughout his eight-year presidency, Knoller says. If there, the Republican took pleasure in horseback riding, chopping wood and clearing brush. He's pictured right here after his critical California vacation as president, through then-first lady Nancy Reagan.

Reagan's predecessor, Democrat Jimmy Carter, didn't take lot time off throughout his four years in the White House: simply 79 days. The spent most of those division at his house in Plains, Georgia. This 1978 photograph shows the in Georgia, arriving at a party because that his brother, Billy.

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