President George W. Shrub hosts President-elect Barack Obama, and former presidents, native left, George H.W. Bush, bill Clinton and also Jimmy Carter, Jan. 7, 2009, in the Oval Office that the White residence in Washington.

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Being president of the United states comes with plenty of perks and the fringe benefits proceed decades ~ the country chief executives departure the White House.

Presidents are currently paid $400,000 annually, an amount collection by Congress. The nation’s leaders have actually received five pay increases because 1789, once George Washington ended up being the country’s very first president.

Washington, and the 17 chief executives who adhered to him, to be paid $25,000. In 1873, presidents gained a raise to $50,000. In 1909, the presidential paycheck boosted to $75,000 annually.

When president Harry Truman began his second term in 1949, he gained a raise come $100,000. President Richard Nixon to be the first president to get $200,000 in 1969. The existing rate the $400,000 took effect in 2001 through President George. W. Bush.


The perks of being president encompass a pretty nice location to live for free (The White House); a battalion of servants led through butlers and a head housekeeper; a trained chief to cook your meals; a fitness center that comes with a private trainer; your very own private movie theater and bowling alley; a country retreat (Camp David); round-the clock protection (U.S. Mystery Service); usage of an airplane (Air force One) and also a helicopter (Marine One) and also your very own bullet- and bomb-proof limousine (The Beast).

And the extras nothing disappear once a president pipeline office. Former chief executives right now receive an annual pension of $213,600, i m sorry is what room secretaries make.


President Barack Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama in the White residence theater ~ above February 1, 2009.

Pensions and other allowances were set in location in 1958 after president Truman challenged lean time after leave office.

Unlike plenty of other ex-presidents, Truman wasn’t rich and also worried around accepting supplies that offered the figure of cashing in on the presidency. However, he eventually sold his memoirs to Life magazine because that $600,000, about $5.7 million in today’s dollars, which allowed him to live comfortably in retirement.

Today, not only do ex-presidents attract a pension, taxpayers likewise give lock money for post-presidential travel and also business costs like setting up their own office everywhere in the country.

“There are responsibilities that carry over after a president pipeline office, i beg your pardon is the justification for giving an office allowance,” Demian Brady, manager of research study with the national Taxpayers Union foundation (NTUF), told VOA by email.

“While employee compensation is restricted to $150,000 because that the very first 30 months, then capped in ~ $96,000 per year, there are no boundaries on the size or ar of the office space. And the pin money is open ended.”



Brady claims these payouts usually amount come subsidizing millionaires given that today’s ex-presidents can acquire rich off speaking fees, book deals and other financially rewarding business deals.

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“No one desires to see presidents in poverty, but that is not much of a issue in the modern era,” that says. “Reforms to save money here can look to providing a base amount for rent and also furnishing and, consider putting a time border on the allowance...If there space special circumstances imposed on a former president that would require additional time, this might be authorized with legislation.”

In 2016, chairman Obama vetoed a measure to cap office allowances for former presidents at $200,000 every year. A bipartisan bill to limit taxpayer benefits for ex-presidents was presented in might 2019 and remains under consideration.