There might be no job more grueling 보다 Leader the the cost-free World. U.S. Presidents have an extremely full schedules, and occasionally they need vacation time come refresh and reboot. But even those vacations aren’t always that relaxing. As previous President Ronald Reagan’s wife Nancy Reagan when acerbically noted, “Presidents don’t gain vacations; they just gain a readjust of scenery.”

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While we want our presidents come get necessary downtime, the expenses of these vacations add up because that the American taxpayer. Keep analysis to learn how much money assorted presidents have racked up in vacation expenses — and also how lot taxpayers have had to fork end to foot the bill. One note: The estimates below are based on analyses from different sources utilizing a variety of criteria, and should not be take away as precise figures. Some sources will most likely have various figures. Keep reading to learn around the crazy financial perks of being president.

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Last updated: Jan. 7, 2021


Barack Obama’s favorite Vacation Destination: Hawaii

On his 2015 Christmas vacation, Obama and also his family visited Hawaii, reported abc News. While there they ate at Buzz’s initial Steak home in Lanikai, saw the national Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, traipsed roughly Bellows Beach and also teed off at the naval Corp base Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course.

In fact, Christmas in Hawaii was something that a tradition for the Obama family, due to the fact that it’s wherein Barack Obama grew up. By the time he left office, he and also his family had spent eight Christmases in the Aloha State for an average two-week stay.

As former an initial Lady Michelle Obama defined in a Christian science Monitor article, visiting Hawaii over Christmas is “such an important tradition, i wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.”

The Obamas didn’t simply hit Hawaii, though. They also vacationed in locations as diverse as French Polynesia, the Caribbean and also Bali. However for the many part, the Obama family members tended to spend their summers in Martha’s Vineyard, according to take trip + recreation magazine.

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An historical Trip

Travel + leisure reports that President Obama clocked 445 trips to 56 different countries on Air pressure One throughout his eight years in office, though this were practically all work-related. He to be the first sitting chairman in 88 year to visit Cuba. Obama traveled to Cuba through Michelle and their daughters Malia and Sasha. When there, castle toured Colonial-era neighborhoods and visited Havana’s 18th-century cathedral. However the president was also there come work.

Trips favor the one come Cuba could have cost taxpayers money, but from the standpoint that repairing politics relationships in between the two countries, numerous observers considered it money fine spent.

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George W. Bush’s holidays Costs

Estimated holidays costs: around $124.7 million in travel costs to Texas ranch

The Washington article reported that previous President George W. Shrub took a complete of 879 vacation days, consisting of 77 visits to his privately-owned Texas ranch, also as extr visits come his household home in Kennebunkport, Maine. While part presidents take advantage of sophisticated travel and fine dining, shrub seemed the happiest at his ranch, whereby he invested 490 of his 2,922 days in office, according to service Insider.

There isn’t an accurate figure to sum up Bush’s complete expenses because easily accessible estimates don’t include an enig Service costs. Yet you deserve to come up through a stormy estimate by beginning with the estimated cost of Air pressure One operation at the moment — about $179,750 every hour. As soon as you multiply that by the nine-hour round pilgrimage from Washington, D.C. To Crawford, Texas, and then multiply that total by 77 ranch trips, the full Air force One expense for those trips alone come to about $124. 7 million.

George W. Bush’s favorite Vacation Destination: Prairie Chapel Ranch

Surely, the truth that shrub owned his major vacation spot, the 1,600-acre Prairie Chapel Ranch just external of Crawford, Texas, helped reduce the taxpayer burden, as did his low-key vacation activities. Shrub mostly preferred to spend his time fishing, playing with his dogs and doing chores.

You can’t check into the ranch yourself, therefore if you arrangement to visit Crawford you might have come make execute with many hotels that often tend to selection from $75 to $150 per night. Friend can also rent the end your very own version that Prairie Chapel in the form of the 18-bedroom collection Oaks Retreat, which costs about $800 per night.

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Bill Clinton’s vacation Costs

Estimated vacation costs: At the very least $7.8 million

Former President invoice Clinton invested 345 days on holidays over eight years, according to CBS News White residence reporter mark Knoller — 171 days in ~ Camp David, and 174 various other days ~ above vacation. This contains four trips to Martha’s Vineyard and another to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, according to PolitiFact.

Clinton’s complete expenses i can not use been collected publicly, but comparing his Vineyard-related travels to data gathered by Judicial watch on Obama’s 2015 Vineyard pilgrimage can provide a turbulent estimate. Over 17 days, Obama’s family members spent $465,420 in an enig Service expenses, no to point out round-trip Air pressure One flights at around $179,750 every hour.

Dividing those mystery Service prices by the job — about $27,377 — and also factoring in Clinton’s five summer flights provides a ballpark price of about $7,639,598. Remember, this is making use of Obama’s 21st-century rates fairly than Clinton’s 1990s costs. The Clintons likewise saved a many money by continuing to be for cost-free at the exclusive residence of democratic fundraiser Richard Friedman, and they no travel almost as far as the Obamas did.

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Bill Clinton’s favorite Vacation Destination: Martha’s Vineyard

Clinton much preferred Martha’s Vineyard, whereby he golfed at farm yard Neck Golf Club, bought lot of of books at Bickerton & Ripley books (since renamed Edgartown Books) and Bunch the Grapes, stopper coffee at Espresso Love and also rode bikes, follow to Boston magazine. In fact, the Clintons are well-known to still hold fundraisers and other events on Martha’s Vineyard. You can party like a Clinton with a Martha’s Vineyard Airbnb for around $300 come $800 every night.

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