Some presidents, such as George W. Bush, Franklin Roosevelt, and also JFK, were born into dynasty families that afforded lock wealth and also privilege before and also after their presidencies. Others, including Andrew Jackson, to be born poor and also died amongst the richest civilization in the country. Ripe American presidents never left six-figure net worth are in their whole lives, consisting of Calvin Coolidge, Chester Arthur, and also the poorest president of them all, who readers will fulfill shortly. Some ended up being philanthropists after leaving office, rather joined this firm boards, took honorary positions, gained pensions, and also — in the contemporary era — got rich native incredibly financially rewarding speaking engagements and also book deals. Here’s a look in ~ the net worths the presidents native the previous 50 years, before they served and after, and some specifically interesting presidents from prior to reliable before-and-after data to be available.

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Before: $3 billion

After: $2.3 billion

According come an detailed report indigenous Bloomberg on“Trump’s sick Empire,” the presidency expense Donald trumped a cool $700 million. After stumbling the end of office through an insurrectionist riot, a second impeachment, and a half-million dead Americans, his brand has actually been tarnished, to say the least. He’s encountering serious legal difficulties on number of fronts, his political funding is dwindling, he’s shed his social media megaphone, his properties room aging, and also his investment portfolio is lopsided in donate of commercial real estate that cratered as soon as COVID-19 eliminated the timeless office.

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$1.3 million

After: $70 million

The Obamas entered the White house as millionaires, however only barely, according to a report from American college in Washington, D.C. Upon leaving, lock leveraged their remarkable life stories, their superior writing and oratory skills, and also most importantly, their massive celebrity come land massive publication deals and also speaking tours. Follow me the way, they built a brand the is now worth $70 million, according to Celebrity net Worth. The American college report predicts that the Obamas room just gaining started and also will be worth $242.5 million when all is said and done, if castle play their cards rights.

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$20 million

After: $40 million

The boy of one of the most significant political numbers of the 20th century, George W. Bush had currently owned a baseball team and also served as governor of Texas before taking office, which the did v a higher net precious than any type of other contemporary president other than for Trump. According to the American college report, shrub entered office through $20 million; Celebrity network Worth puts his existing fortune at dual that. Prefer the rest, lot of that earnings came native the profitable post-presidency speak circuit. Shrub gave at the very least 200 speeches for six-figure fees in between 2009-2015 alone, according to Politico.

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Before: $1.3 million

After: $241.5 million

Bill and Hillary Clinton were worth $1.3 million before they pertained to the White House, follow to the American university study. Upon leaving, they carried out a trip to the tippy, tippy optimal of the publication deal and also speaking tour world that would view their linked net worths thrive by much more than 6,000%. They space the highest-earning post-presidency power pair by a mile, and Celebrity network Worth estimates their merged fortune to be much more than $240 million and counting today. 

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Before: $4 million

After: $23 million

The elder bush had get an impressive his net worth by 475% between the time he took office in 1989 and 2017, once The American University study was conducted. The 41st chairman of the joined States, former director that the CIA, and also vice president for eight years under Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Shrub died in 2018 at the age of 94. 

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$10.6 million

After: $15.4 million

Ronald Reagan came right into office through $10.6 million, thanks mostly to a successful acting career. He thrived his earnings by 45% by the moment he died in 2004. That, however, is no a fair depiction of his post-presidency success, considering Reagan announced he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s just 5 years ~ leaving office in 1994.

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$2.3 million

After: $10 million

Former peanut farmer and 39th president of the United says Jimmy Carter is 96 year old, a record in longevity among every American presidents. He is been the end of office because that 40 years, and also according to the American university study, it was Carter that pioneered the modern-day post-presidency money model. The was broke when that left the White House and also rebuilt his shed fortune by composing books and also taking payment speaking gigs, a route that has because been go by every solitary president to follow except, so far, Donald Trump.

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Before: $1.4 million

After: $7 million

In the Oval Office for simply three years, Gerald Ford grew his network worth through 400% from the time he gotten in the White house in 1974 till his fatality in 2006, follow to the American university study. He, too, wrote books and also spoke for big profits, lot of which came in the post-Carter era. 

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Before: $2 million

After: $15 million

Richard Nixon take it office in 1969, more than a half-century ago. The 37th chairman of the unified States, Nixon walk on come resign in disgrace but still controlled to benefit handsomely indigenous his time in office, according to the American college study. In fact, Nixon flourished his pre-presidency network worth through 650% by the moment he passed away in 1994.

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Before: $14 million

After: $20 million

The Johnson family’s net worth to be $14 million thanks to land, radio, and also TV holdings, the New York times reported in 1964. When President lyndon Johnson died in 1973, his estate’s value had actually ballooned to $20 million, more than $118 million in today’s money.

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Before: Six numbers (adjusted for inflation)

After: Six figures (adjusted for inflation)

The 33rd chairman of the united States, bother Truman stop several large distinctions. He stays the first and only world leader ever to use nuclear tools in war, he was the very first Medicare recipient, and the poorest chairman in history. Truman functioned a bunch of odd jobs and also served in the nationwide Guard during human being War I, yet a failed hat shop endeavor left that so deep in debt the the presidential salary was doubled throughout his time in office to lift him up. His net worth never broke $1 million in modern dollars transparent his life.

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$1.3 million (adjusted because that inflation)

After: $100 million-plus (adjusted for inflation)

In 1878, the new York times reported the young Teddy Roosevelt, a student at Harvard, inherited $60,000 — much more than $1.3 million in today’s money — once his prominent reformer dad died. The future president would certainly go ~ above to come to be one of America’s most consequential and also dynamic leaders. He shed much of his fortune through bad land deals, but ended up being a prolific writer after his job in public service. That permitted him to earn few of that money back, and he inherited a lot more. His specific fortune is difficult to pond down, but he’s commonly noted among the five richest presidents in history, through a network worth in the nine numbers today.

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Before: Unknown

After: $132.6 million (adjusted because that inflation)

One the the many consequential and also controversial presidents in history, Andrew Jackson was born into poverty — yet he wasn’t precisely a self-made man. He started building his wide range as an attorney but married right into money and inherited a fortune as soon as his wife passed away just before he came to be president. His most controversial act was massacring and also marching native Americans off your land, however what’s less debated is what happened to the land: it would become the southerly cotton kingdom and the heart of the brand-new slave economy. Jackson profited by parceling the land out to the cotton barons of the following generation, profiting handsomely along the way, every while functioning as a public servant on a publicly salary. Jackson himself owned 161 slaves. 

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 $240 million (adjusted for inflation)

After: Broke

In the moment of cutting board Jefferson, the most an effective land barons that the day were asset rich and also cash poor, v wealth was measured no in money, however in land and also slaves. It was not inexplicable for the aristocrats of Virginia’s planter class to assume substantial debts, however Thomas Jefferson was running a shell game, the results of which would certainly be his family’s inheritance. Jefferson inherited his vast holdings, i m sorry included much more than one plantation, thousands of slaves, and also his sprawling Monticello estate. His enormous land acquisitions, investments, and also extravagant lifestyle, however, soon cost an ext than his servant plantations might cover. Hidden in debt and outstanding obligations, it all came crashing under after he died and also his family members was required to auction off his home, land, slaves, animals, furniture — whatever — and also survive turn off of charity.

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After: $525 million (adjusted for inflation)

Even if you walk by his actual net worth and also not his exaggerations, over there is a world of money in between Trump and also the next-richest president: Mr. Dollar bill himself, George Washington. The dad of the republic, Washington earned earnings from his surveying fees, officer salary, jae won investments, and later, his presidential salary, which was 2% of the federal budget — about $60 exchange rate today, according come The Georgetowner. Washington’s actual money, however, came from his 8,000 acre of prime Virginia farmland and the more than 300 servants who operated it at mountain Vernon. Once he died, his estate to be worth $525,000, or $525 million in today’s money.