Nursing patent Suspension commonly Asked inquiries in Gwinnett ar Georgia


Gaining a nursing license takes year of difficult work and dedication. It deserve to be disastrous to have actually your expertise challenged and, worse, your expert license suspended.

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Yet yearly in Georgia, this affects hundreds of nurses.

Most nurses go about their job in a competent and caring means according to skilled nursing standards. However, there is a swathe of experts who are investigated by the board of Nursing because that allegations of problem abuse, theft of controlled substances (whether inadvertent or not), duty of care violations, patient abuse, sex-related misconduct, privacy violations, documentation fraud, and also other misdemeanors external the healthcare setting (like DUIs, and Violations that Georgia’s regulated Substances Act).

If a complain is received, the Georgia plank of Nursing (BON) must investigate. When the BON’s investigator receive the complaint, they will send friend a inquiry for a notarized declare responding come the allegations to be went back within ten days. Prior to you respond, friend should contact the law Office that Adam D. Brown. When the investigation is completed, the investigator will certainly send the packet of evidence to the BON for consideration at their following meeting. Depending on what the BON has to consider, even if it is it is evidence denying / supporting the allegations, or evidence of mitigation, the BON has actually several choices it deserve to take against your nursing license, consisting of suspension. 

If girlfriend are facing an investigation or nursing license suspension, it help to know exactly how it might impact you, what your choices are v employment, and also how to acquire your license reinstated.

Am I allowed to continue practicing if mine nursing license is suspended?

If her nursing license is suspended, friend cannot legally exercise nursing. If you continue to practice as a nurse ~ receiving an alert that your license has been suspended, you will be subject to more sanctions. When you cannot be employed in a position that calls for a license, you can still normally work in one arena that has a “nurse-preferred” role, so lengthy as the task duties do not include practicing within the border of Georgia’s Nurse exercise Act, found at OCGA 43-26-1.

A special note: If you decided to continue working in medical care while no legally allowed to practice as a nurse, one point to it is in extremely cautious around is having your employer minimize your level of care to that of a a parenting assistant or clinical assistant. As a licensed skilled Registered Nurse, or Licensed handy Nurse, you to be trained exceptionally well in exactly how to treatment for patients. Her training and habit of caring because that patients will an extremely likely “kick in” if taking treatment of patients as an assistant, and you can find you yourself practicing without a license. 

Most positions the you take up in a medical setting will require a background check. This will likely flag your suspended nursing patent and, relying on the reason for the suspension, it may count versus you.

For instance, if friend were found to have actually diverted controlled substances while functioning as a nurse, the is unlikely that you would be hired in a setting where managed substances may be readily available. Vice versa, if your patent was placed on probation because that an unrelated misdemeanor (like a poorly taken on DUI), the disadvantage license action might not count together heavily versus you. However, you may be able to take up administrative roles and also use your medical knowledge to good effect that method so long as the administrative duty does not require nurse licensure.

Alternatively, you can explore a totally new field beyond clinical atmospheres – at least temporarily until we deserve to work to reinstate your license.

I just gained a contact from one investigator. What need to I do? 

A contact from an investigator can be one intimidating experience for any nurse. Having your experienced expertise dubbed into question is never ever easy, also if the allegations turn out to be false.

Anyone who believes a nurse has committed some infraction is motivated to report your suspicions to the board of nursing in Georgia. The plank is empowered to investigate cases made against your nursing conduct by an agency, organization, peer, patient, or patient’s family. 

As with any legal case, you space entitled come a defense and, regardless of the evidence versus you, you room innocent until proven guilty.

The complainant need only have suspicions because that an examination to start. Numerous allegations are discovered to be false (or “unsubstantiated”) once the truth of the case are uncovered. 

Stay calm. Just due to the fact that you room the topic of an examination doesn’t mean you will lose your license. Over there are many other possible outcomes that the investigation, including: dismissal without BON action; a private letter of concern; referral come the lawyer General’s Office because that a negotiated resolution (i.e. Probation) or bench trial in prior of the Office of State bureaucratic Hearings.

If you room contacted by one investigator, the is highly advisable to consult with a lawyer skilled in together matters. You may be asked because that your version of events and it’s a great idea to talk about this very first with one attorney. In Georgia, the content of the BON’s investigation record is retained secret. Ultimately, you might not know who stated what. This is why that is in your ideal interest come consult an attorney to put your ideal foot forward. In part cases, divulging info to defend your education license may put you at risk for a criminal prosecution. In ~ that allude you have contending interests in remaining silent or actively defending versus the BON investigation. 

If your alleged actions are understood to it is in of far-ranging risk come the safety and security of others, the Board have the right to place her license right into an prompt suspension (summary suspension). 

The investigative procedure will then begin in earnest together the board tries to determine if the allegations against you room substantiated. 

An main investigator will certainly be appointed and interviews carried out with all parties pertained to in the complain (including you) and also documentation and records reviewed. If necessary, drug display screens may be performed.

Your name may appear on an “under investigation” list on the board of nursing website, which have the right to be upsetting. 

However, regardless of the allegations, you have the right to fair treatment, and the possibility to defend yourself – ideally through a  nursing patent defense lawyer.

If i’m accused of diverting medication, will there be a criminal investigation?

Drug diversion in the paper definition of nursing is where a nurse illegal transfers prescribed controlled substances native a patient.

If you are accused that this, you may be the topic of a criminal investigation. However, in reality, criminal cases are rare and also you are much more likely to challenge an investigation and also subsequent penalties from the board of Nursing 보다 from the criminal justice system.

Even despite there have actually been countless years the federal and also private initiatives to deal with inadvertent drug diversion (i.e. Having actually a partial syringe that a controlled substance in her scrub pocket as soon as you walk home), it is a usual occurrence in the medical world. Many nurses come ago to work and properly rubbish the remaining medication with a witness, and also nothing more comes that it except an inner note in the Medication management Record (MAR). The advent of computerized MARs has actually caused this an easy mistake to frequently bloom into a full investigation. If friend inadvertently diverted a controlled substance, and also you admit to doing so in the BON examination to attempt to protect your license, your case may fine be described a detective because that criminal prosecution. If the occurs, the issue of “intent” becomes front and center in the criminal prosecution. In this instances friend should contact an competent attorney versed in both nurse license defense and also criminal defense, such as the legislation Office of Adam D. Brown.

My med counting was off, what next?

Having her medication counting off is frustrating, specifically at the end of your transition when friend are prepared for bed. You should take treatment of your expert license first, though. 

First, record everything, both in the facility’s system, and your own private transition book (Adam provided to contact his change book his “brain”) v all defended health details (PHI) redacted. 

Next, if your facility supplies an electronic MAR, cross reference the digital MAR v the record MAR, and additionally check through the pharmacy (if her facility has actually one) come make sure the last count was precise (perhaps it’s someone else’s mistake?). 

Check all prior documentation, and also with other nurses (as well as residents) to check out if a medication was offered PRN there is no it gift documented. 

There are numerous other procedures you can take, yet the goal (just like in dealing with patients) is to find the etiology that the medication counting discrepancy, and document it. 

For your own records, make sure to paper who else to be on transition with you, that was on shift before you, and also who to be on shift after you–those may be an effective witnesses in her favor.

What happens if the fee nurse accuses girlfriend of being under the influence?

One of the most serious accusations against a practicing nurse is that you to be under the affect of a substance and also your power on the job was impaired. 

Whether this requires illegal drugs or alcohol, it have the right to put patients and fellow professionals in danger.

Suspicions might be aroused if indications of special needs are observed, such as:

Extended absence or constant latenessExcessive trips come the restroomFrequent errors with medicationInappropriate outburstsDiminished alertness or somnolencePhysical indicators like bloodshot eye (hello night shift, I view you), too much perspiration, excitability, certain odors favor alcoholic beverages or burnt marijuana, 

Typically, you will certainly be request by the basic to execute a drug test immediately. This inquiry is usually offered by the residence supervisor (which might be a director of Nursing, Assistant manager of Nursing, or other person). If you test optimistic or you refuse the test, the basic will most likely report you come the BON because that investigation. You will also likely be inserted on leave until the facility’s determination can be make if you space safe to go back to work. 

As soon as you leaving the facility following a drug display request, friend should call the law Office of Adam D. Brown. You might want to instantly get a more exact medicine test, such together a blood test, or hair follicle test. 

A quick note on alcohol – If the facility’s (and Board’s) concerns are based upon suspected alcohol intoxication, the fast urine screening they execute at the facility will certainly be based upon unconfirmed EtG-u testing, and also you should automatically get a exclusive PEth test and possibly a hair follicle check performed. Girlfriend should also get a personal EtG-u test performed roughly 12-18 hrs AFTER your change ends, together there is study to imply that making use of healthcare-grade alcohol-based hand sanitizer can result in a high an outcome on one end-of-shift EtG-u screen, yet that exact same EtG will certainly be processed out with your urinary system. This is why gaining multiple contending tests is helpful – urine, hair, blood.

If the facility allows you to return to work, it might be in a limited capacity initially and include regular check-ins v a parenting leader, reports come the Board, and also restrictions top top the species of parenting practice.

There are numerous other action you deserve to take to protect your expert license, yet you should contact an experienced attorney to advise you on i m sorry measures may or might not be appropriate for you. 

How do I renew my patent if i was arrested/convicted since my last renewal? 

Because the BON has actually a responsibility to defend public health, safety, and also welfare, developed policies and procedures exist for that may come to be or stay a license is granted nurse.

Whether you need to use for your an initial license ~ graduating native nursing college or renew your nursing license, a blemish on your criminal record can create problems.

You should declare any kind of arrest or conviction top top your applications or renewal to the Board. The outcome mainly depends top top the nature of her arrest or conviction – many importantly, if it was a felony crime or misdemeanor and also how long earlier it happened.

Any felony conviction is grounds because that denial of your license.

When considering her renewal, the Board will look at:

The severity of the crime – because that instance, if you to be convicted the a violent crime including assault, battery or robbery, the Board may feel the you would certainly be a threat to windy safety.How long earlier the incident developed – a current conviction could call into inquiry your character or physical/mental condition, despite your age at the moment of the incident will it is in considered.Whether you completed the court sentence after her conviction.Whether a border violation arisen – if you to be convicted of a crime involving sexual misconduct, theft or forgery, this will be cure seriously by the Board and also could jeopardize your license renewal.Whether managed substances were involved – if you were convicted the a crime involving controlled substances, mandatory license suspensions or also revocations (for repeat offenders) might apply. This consists of crimes entailing marijuana.

Even a DUI conviction can affect your nursing license rejuvenation as the may suggest a difficulty with alcohol or illegal substances the would concern your fitness to carry out duties together a nurse. 

In any instance, friend will must submit a “Letter the Explanation” to the BON, at rejuvenation or application for early licensure. While countless nurses submit a basic letter, the ideal outcomes an outcome from intense preparation of a complete letter with many exhibits the explanation or mitigation attached.

What disciplinary actions have the right to the plank of parenting take?

The Georgia plank of Nursing has actually the responsibility to enforce the Nursing practice Act and sets minimum criter for parenting practice and also nursing education.

It will certainly conduct investigations into complaints against nurses and adjudicate these complaints. The board has numerous options available if a nurse is uncovered to have committed some form of misconduct, such as:

Issuing a personal letter that concern Issuing a publicly reprimandIssuing a letter of worry to the nurse’s employerIssuing a monetary fine (including reimbursement that legal and administrative fees come the Board)Issuing a polite penalty

For more serious cases, the complying with penalties might be applied:

A provisional regeneration (pending an outcome of a criminal case)A temporary suspension (pending findings of the Board)An indefinite suspension that the licenseA suspension for a certain periodA probationary period with or without practice restrictionsA conditional suspension based upon a nurse’s entry to counseling or treatment Permanent license revocationRefusal to renew a license

Regardless of the decision of the Board, her lawyer can assist you effort to obtain your license reinstated if that is exposed or revoked. 

During this period, you may not obtain pay and also it help to have the assistance of a seasoned lawyer fighting to safeguard your expert license..

Adam D. Brown is an knowledgeable nursing defense lawyer and also criminal defense lawyer. Front to becoming a lawyer, he exercised as one Intensive treatment Unit Registered Nurse. That was formerly licensed in Tennessee, California, phibìc Carolina, and maintains present licensure together an RN in Georgia.

Many of ours clients space still practicing registered nurses with unencumbered patent doing the project they love regardless of facing investigations, criminal allegations, and criminal convictions in the past.

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Call united state for a free and confidential review of your case, whether it entails criminal dues or a Georgia board of education investigation.