A Georgia police lieutenant videotaped on video saying "we just kill black color people" during a traffic prevent is being allowed to retire.

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A Georgia police lieutenant videotaped on video clip saying "we only kill black color people" throughout a traffic protect against is being allowed to retire.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Cobb county Public security Director Sam Heaton evidenced Friday that Lt. Greg Abbott "did inquiry an instant retirement and we have approved his request."

The announcement came a job after police chef Mike it is registered told reporters he intended to fire Abbott. Heaton told the newspaper the officer would have been entitled to full retirement benefits also if he to be terminated.

Abbott was recorded on dashcam video clip from a July 2016 web traffic stop. A woman have the right to be heard speak she's fear to move her hands. Abbott, who is white, interrupts her and says, "But you're no black. Remember, we only kill black people."

"Once he retires, he is no much longer employed, for this reason no disciplinary action can take place," Heaton said CNN. "He is licensed has been granted to his retirement, which he would've received even if he was fired."

Speaking in ~ a news conference, it is registered said, "I feel the no issue what context you try to take it those comment in, the statements to be inexcusable and also inappropriate. They're no indicative of the worths that I'm trying to instill in ~ the Cobb county police department and that I think the county holds."

This badge and also this uniform should mean that there's justice and fairness for all- Police cook Mike it is registered Register said he learned the the comment after television terminal WSB-TV derived the video clip and made the department mindful of it. Abbott, who had actually been an officer for 28 years, was inserted on bureaucratic duties when the room investigated the video.

Abbott's attorney, Lance LoRusso, go not instantly respond to an email Thursday seeking comment on the firing. The had earlier said in a statement that Abbott was co-operating v the investigation, and his comment were supposed to "de-escalate a case involving an unco-operative passenger."

Register stated he's worked hard because becoming chief in June to strengthen the relationship in between the department and the community.

Reworking policies

"It's sad come think the several seconds of video has the potential that tearing the apart, and also I hope the is no the case," the said, later adding, "This badge and also this uniform should typical that there's justice and also fairness for all."

The room plans to rework its policies for reviewing videos to far better catch problems, register said.

Register stated he's well-known Abbott for many years and has known him to it is in an honorable man. The report indigenous the inner review indicates that Abbott to be trying to it is in sarcastic and also to address the case as he perceived it, it is registered said.

"He make a mistake," register said. "I don't recognize what's in his heart but I certainly know what came out that his mouth. It's inexcusable."

'Particularly troubling'

Black neighborhood leaders had earlier applauded Register's commitment.

"Although we applaud castle for their transparency in this regard, the officer's interjection of race right into the protect against was an especially troubling and also may be systematic, a deeper concern in the department," claimed Deane Bonner that the Cobb County thing of the NAACP.

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"Police misconduct is no news," said Ben Williams, chairman that the Cobb County chapter of the southerly Christian management Conference. "The genuine story here, in my opinion, is the actions of this police chief in Cobb County, Georgia."

"To be right here today and also to stand with Chief it is registered as he traction the shades up and exposes the sunrise right here in Cobb County as that concerns the command of the Cobb ar Police Department, that's the news," he added.