November 8-12

The Georgia Tech neighborhood is invited to take part inEthics week activities. This yearly eventreminds the entire campus community of the structuresthat have actually been put in location to uphold our commitment come an ethical culture and provides guidanceon just how to placed our shared honest values in action.

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Visit the values Week webpageto see the schedule of events and plan your week.

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A conversation v Google chief Compliance Officer, Spyro Karetsos, around ethical issues and expectations in ~ Google.
Join ETHICx because that an interdisciplinary dashboard of faculty, in biological sciences, civil and also environmental engineering, business, and public policy, together they discuss teaching ethics and also preparing students for ethical obstacles in your future careers.

Researchers have occurred a principle that would make Martian rocket fuel, top top Mars, that might be provided to start future astronauts back to Earth.

Georgia tech researchers have developed and tested an innovative method that may simplify the intricacy of transferring Covid-19 and also other vaccines through a handheld electroporator
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