The racially charged situation of three men accused of killing a black color jogger critical year in the united state state that Georgia has attracted national attention. The neighborhood at the love of the occurrence is ~ above tenterhooks together the psychological nears that end.

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Ahmaud Arbery was shot on 23 February 2020 in a confrontation through Gregory and Travis McMichael. The took an ext than 2 months because that the males to be arrested, in addition to the neighbour that filmed the death.

Lawyers for grandfather Arbery's household have dubbed his death a "modern-day lynching". The McMichaels argue that they were defending themselves while make the efforts to do a "citizen's arrest".

Gregory McMichael, 65, his boy Travis, 35, and also their neighbour william "Roddie" Bryan, 52, to be arrested in may last year. Grandfather Bryan join the McMichaels in their quest of grandfather Arbery.

Prosecutors allege that Travis McMichael offered a racial epithet and also an expletive command at mr Arbery together he place on the ground. The men deny racism.

Image source, Georgia office of Investigation

Prosecutors have suggested racism was a an essential factor in the case. In her opened statement, command prosecutor Linda Dunikoski said the jury: "All three of these defendants did whatever they go based on assumptions - not on facts, not on evidence."

On 8 November, the jury witnessed footage indigenous police human body cameras in the moments simply after mr Arbery was killed. Prosecutors used the video in court in an initiative to undermine the defence's debate that the three guys were just trying to detain grandfather Arbery.

"You had actually no choice," the elder McMichael is heard informing Travis together the very first officer approaches. Grandfather Arbery is presented on the ground just a few steps away.

Prosecutors rest their case on 16 November after mirroring jurors graphic picture of mr Arbery's shotgun wounds.

In her closing dispute on 22 November, multiple sclerosis Dunikoski claimed that the defendants "assumed" mr Arbery had actually committed a crime and tried come unlawfully detain him "without legitimate authority".

"You can't produce the situation and also then walk 'I to be defending myself'," ms Dunikoski said, including that all three defendants had made their decisions due to the fact that Mr Arbery "was a black guy running down the street".

Despite protests indigenous prosecutors, just one black member is seated on the the 12-person jury. Defence lawyers ruled out part African-American candidates because that the panel, citing their feasible preconceived predisposition on the instance under questioning.

"It was noticeable that he was attacking me, that if that had gained the shotgun indigenous me, it was a life-or-death situation," Travis McMichael said the court.

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He spoke utilizing police terminology and also at one suggest cried top top the stand, speak he thought of his son throughout the confrontation.