January 19, 2017 at 7:39 pm ESTBy Liz ArtzBRYAN COUNTY, Ga. — Megan Richards, a nursing student who made it through a crash that killed five of her friends, took the was standing in her polite trial Thursday.

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Richards, one of two girls to survive the crash, was a passenger in among two car filled through nursing students once a tractor-trailer slammed into the back of lock in April 2015.

Truck driver john Wayne Johnson pleaded guilty to number of charges, including five counts the first-degree vehicular homicide, and is serving five years in jail for the crash.

The trucking company, full Transportation of Mississippi, has already admitted obligation for the wreck and also reached multi-million dollar negotiations with one survivor and the families of the other students.

Richards and also her family are asking the trucking company and its parent company, U.S. Express, for compensation because that the injuries she endured in the horrific crash, and also the continuous pain she resides with every day.

“I would certainly pray every the time because I believed I was going to die young,” Richards said.

Richards" lawyers claimed she quiet suffers from a traumatic mind injury.

“Not every work is the worst day of mine life, yet a most days space bad, yet it"s the an excellent days the make it worth it,” Richards stated in court.


Richards said friends she occasionally feels guilty for surviving the crash.

“I continue to be hopeful. I"m a Christian and I think that maybe I go live for a reason and also he"ll help me and I"ll make a huge difference together a nurse but sometimes ns can"t help but think around how it"s adjusted me and also how difficult it will be,” she said.

Richards’ roommate, Caroline Coon, also testified about the nightmares Richards still has two year after the crash.

“She is scared to sleep along since her desires are therefore scary and she wakes up in a puddle of sweat and she’s dreaming about the girls in the auto with her,” Coon said. “She has this fear of dying and also she doesn’t prefer to it is in alone as soon as she sleeps.”

Family and also friends say she personality has changed since the crash.

“Her tension controls her weekly plans,” Coon said.

“A the majority of anxiety. She depressed, she’s no social,” her father, Dalton Richards, said.


Richards told the jury she’s afraid that the ordeal will protect against her from ending up being the pediatric nurse she has actually aspired to be.

“As a nurse, you need to be calm and also be able come support world at your worst, so i don’t want to it is in crying in front of the patient,” she said.

The defense pointed out that Megan Richards graduated on the dean’s perform from parenting school, in spite of the crash. They likewise talked in detail around the variety of trips she has actually been ~ above in the previous year and went with photos on her social media sites.

Richards has also been hired by a Savannah hospital to work as a pediatric nurse.

“I’m blessed to have actually gone on this trips due to the fact that they’ve cheered me up and also they’ve displayed me light in the darkness. And I recognize that this is your defense, that I graduated nursing school and I’ve to be on some funny trips, but at the end of the day the doesn’t to speak anything about what I’ve to be through and what I continue to go through,” Richards said.

The jury return Friday morning. Defense attorneys called the referee they suppose to have two or three an ext witnesses take it the stand. The referee expects to fee the jury Friday.

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