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My name is Vernon Jones, ns am an outgoing State Representative in Georgia, a lifelong Democrat and newest member of the Republican Party.

I am no longer a Democrat. I cannot stand for the defunding of the police, greater taxes on functioning families and job-killing socialist plans that will devastate american of all walks of life.

Now, let me make one point clear—I can not use changed. The democratic Party has actually changed. It"s become atoxic mix of radical leftists and liberal elite in mountain Francisco and Hollywood have taken over my former Party.

Many of this folks aren’t interested in timeless American ideals and also doing what’s appropriate for the honest working man and also woman. A most politicians, both Democrats and also some Republicans, room interested in going to Washington, D.C. To be a component of the long-term D.C. Political class that thumbs its nose at the remainder of the country.

I was raised to have a healthy and balanced respect for legislation enforcement, ns was increased to have a healthy respect for a hard-earned buck. And also that’s why today’s autonomous Party has lost me.

I’ve been in public service. I offered 12 years as a Georgia State Representative and I to be the previous Chief executive of DeKalb County. Together Chief Executive because that DeKalb County, i managed nearly 7,000 employees and directed the day-to-day county operations, consisting of the monitoring of one of the biggest police departments in Georgia.


We have to work with the legislation enforcement neighborhood to assistance public safety and the overwhelmingly brave men and also women that serve and protect our communities.

The loudest voices in today’s democratic Party are sowing division and hate in between the police and the areas they serve instead of supplying solutions and a communication to have some real conversations.

We require leaders that will support financial opportunity for every Americans, and the loudest voices in today’s autonomous Party are concentrated on an incremental boost to the minimum wage rather of cultivating policies that offer all americans the possibility to thrive and also reach their complete potential.

I was raised to have a healthy respect for law enforcement, i was elevated to have actually a healthy respect for a hard-earned buck. And also that’s why today’s autonomous Party has actually lost me.

Grandstanding Democrats and well-paid TV "thought leaders" merely don’t it seems to be ~ to understand how numerous Americans feeling left behind and ignored by your "leaders" in Washington. They have actually hijacked the civil rights movement for money and also corrupt political gain. Instead of concentrating on the real departments dragging americans down, we space fed a false narrative based on race-baiting, identification politics and widespread propaganda fed come the masses.


Let us take the incident at the Capitol ~ above Wednesday. We have to oppose misguided, wanton violence. We must constantly defend the values that make America an excellent and misguided violence isn’t the solution.

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The trouble with many who are part of the establishment and talking top on tv is that instead of digging into why so countless Americans are so frustrated, they’ve chosen to ridicule, condemn and misrepresent the facts. It’s just going come feed into the discontent and disdain so many Americans have for Washington.


We must also oppose the permanent Washington political establishment’s dismissal of legitimate concerns about this past election. I refuse to connect in conspiracy theories, and I am not making any kind of conclusions without evidence, but the involves of therefore many world must be heard.

Tens of numerous Americans have legitimate involves surrounding the election. Rather of responding come their pertains to with facts and reassurance, Washington Democrats and the seaside elites reacted through disdain, misinformation and also censorship.

And now, the really same civilization who did every they could to blame president Donald Trump’s 2016 election success on a endangered election mechanism are scoffing in ~ the concept that there could be serious problems with the an extremely same system.

It’s nearly as if this isn’t about democracy or the Constitution for the so-called "elite," but all around power and destroying president Trump.

This difficulty is much larger than Republican vs. Democrat. The issue at your disposal is lot deeper 보다 the 2020 election. If the American human being lose to trust in the election process, our really democracy is in ~ risk.

Elected officials have a duty come respond to the people they represent, which is why it is fair and perfectly within the boundaries of factor for members the the House and Senate to bring the concerns surrounding the election prior to the people’s House.

Today’s autonomous Party embraces identity politics and victimhood. I refuse to judge a guy or mrs by his or her skin color and I refuse to expropriate victimhood as my destiny.CLICK here TO obtain THE FOX NEWS APP

Many leaders of today’s autonomous Party are much more interested in cozying as much as the seaside liberal elites than they room interested in representing America’s hardworking men and also women who desire to carry out for your families, do their communities better and live fulfilling lives.

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I to be proud to it is in Republican. I am proud to join the party the Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and also Donald Trump. The is the party that finest represents the good spirit that the American individual—the Republican Party.