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Michael E. Williams is a previous Republican member the the Georgia State Senate, representing district 27 from 2015 to 2019.

Williams to be a 2018 Republican candidate for governor of Georgia.<1>

Committee assignments

2017 legislative branch session

At the start of the 2017 legislative branch session, this legislator served on the complying with committees:Georgia committee assignments, 2017
• Appropriations
• Banking and also Financial Institutions
• Ethics
• Finance
• windy Safety

2015 legislative branch session

At the start of the 2015 legislature session, Williams served on the following committees:

Georgia committee assignments, 2015
• Ethics, evil chair
• Finance
• greater Education
• publicly Safety

Sponsored legislation

The adhering to table perform bills sponsored by this legislator. Bills room monitored by BillTrack50 and sorted by activity history. The following list may not be comprehensive. To check out all bills funded by this person, click on the legislator"s surname in the title of the table.



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General election
General choice for governor of Georgia

Brian Kemp beat Stacey Abrams and also Ted Metz in the basic election for branch of Georgia on November 6, 2018.


Brian Kemp (R)


Stacey Abrams (D)


Ted Metz (L)

There were no incumbents in this race. The results have been certified. Source

Total votes: 3,939,328(100.00% precincts reporting)

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Republican primary runoff election
Republican major runoff for branch of Georgia

Brian Kemp beat Casey Cagle in the Republican primary runoff for governor of Georgia top top July 24, 2018.


Brian Kemp
Casey Cagle

There were no incumbents in this race. The results have been certified.

Total votes: 585,596

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Democratic main election
autonomous primary for branch of Georgia

Stacey Abrams beat Stacey Evans in the democratic primary for branch of Georgia on might 22, 2018.


Stacey Abrams
Stacey Evans

There to be no incumbents in this race. The results have actually been certified.

Total votes: 555,089

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Republican main election
Republican main for branch of Georgia

Casey Cagle and also Brian Kemp progressed to a runoff. They beat Hunter Hill, Clay Tippins, and Michael Williams in the Republican major for governor of Georgia on might 22, 2018.


Casey Cagle
Brian Kemp
Hunter Hill
Clay Tippins
Michael Williams

There were no incumbents in this race. The results have actually been certified.

Total votes: 607,441

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Withdrawn or disqualified candidates

Campaign themes

Williams" project website stated the following:

Return to Republican PrinciplesGeorgia has had a Republican branch for practically 16 years through a Republican managed House and also Senate for over a decade.

Yet we have actually not passed an easy conservative legislation. We have actually yet to pass taxation Reform, School selection legislation, constitutional Carry, spending Cuts, and also many various other bedrocks that the Republican Party. This will end under governor Williams – much more results, much less talk. No excuses!

The Georgia FairTaxEliminate the state revenue tax and replace it with state sales tax similar to what they have actually in Florida.

Gun Rights: constitutional CarryEnsure this important legislation is signed right into law. This will certainly further protect our 2nd amendment rights.

Term LimitsImplement term borders for all statewide elected offices. Currently, the branch is the only term limited office in the state. Our existing Lt. Governor has held this office because that 12-years.

Religious FreedomGeorgia has actually tried for numerous years to pass religious freedom legislation. Mr. Williams will lug all the stakeholders with each other in order to pass and also sign this legislation into law.

Power the The VetoThe capacity to veto legislation is just one of the most powerful options obtainable to the Governor. Also often, vetoes have been supplied to block conservative legislation. Michael Williams will use the danger of veto to ensure liberal legislation is not moved on Georgia citizens. If legislators perform not pass a spending plan with spending reductions encourage by the Governor, it will certainly be vetoed.

100% Pro-LifeProtect chaste life native conception until natural death.

No Sanctuary CitiesStop liberal urban from implementing this dangerous policy.

Agriculture: mitigate RegulationsWork v the Trump administration to reduce federal regulation that room burdening ours farmers. We have actually a unique opportunity to see great improvements in this area.

Law & Order: regulation Enforcement pay RaiseGeorgia regulation enforcement policemans are some of the lowest paid in the nation. Mr. Williams teamed up with Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman to bring attention to his legislation to increase the minimum value for every officers. As Governor, Michael Williams will ensure this i do not care law.

School ChoiceGrow our school voucher programs and provide additional ways to placed parents in fee of your children’s education. Youngsters born in communities with under performing institutions should have options. This also increases competition amongst schools, eventually improving the high quality of education.

Freeze college Tuition RatesTuition prices at ours state colleges have actually soared out of regulate for years. We space at one all-time high yet students space not receiving extr benefits.

Improve Homeschooling LawsAllow home-schooled students accessibility to college athletic programs and facilities. This has been efficiently implemented in Florida and can be excellent here. Home-school parental pay the very same school taxes together everyone else and should receive equal services.

Get Serious around Illegal ImmigrationImplement the 287(g) Deportation regime statewide. Counties the refuse come comply will shed state funding. There is no 287(g), we have no method of learning when illegals space committing crimes and being sent ago into our communities. If we room going to acquire serious around this problem, we require 287(g).

Stone mountain & historic MonumentsOne of my Democrat opponents, Stacey Abrams, has referred to as for the defacing of stone Mountain and also the removal of various other confederate memorials and also statues.

What’s next? Blowing up the Jefferson Memorial or knocking down the Washington Monument? where does this end? Democrats and also the media love drumming up concerns like this. It increases ratings and stirs up racial divide.

Let me do myself clear: I perform not assistance defacing rock Mountain or any kind of of our monuments and I perform not support rewriting Georgia’s history.

All Georgians should disapprove attempts by the media and also my Democrat adversary to incite racial department in this campaign. I will be a branch for every Georgians. The time to unite and heal as a nation.

Medical Cannabis and In-State CultivationThe fight for clinical cannabis oil expansion is very personal. My father was a Vietnam war veteran diagnosed with serious bipolar disorder, and would have likely likewise been diagnosed v PTSD in today’s world. Sadly, once I was 14-years-old, he took his own life. The pain of shedding a father to suicide is unbearable. Today, 22 veterans v PTSD will certainly commit suicide. Tomorrow, an additional 22. PTSD is one of numerous life threatening conditions that need to be default for medical cannabis oil.

Georgia’s medical marijuana laws are poor at best and criminal at worst. Federal regulation bars transportation of marijuana throughout state lines, however Georgia legislation prohibits in-state cultivation and distribution. View the problem? Legalized in-state cultivation and also distribution will certainly ensure safe accessibility for experiencing patients.

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We need to acquire the government out that the doctor’s office. Medical specialists agree the cannabis oil is life-saving and improves quality of life because that those in need, yet politicians use that to more their own political agendas. That is time we put Georgians an initial and ignore squabbling lobbyists and also special attention groups. We have actually a wide gap in our legislations that ns pledge to fill with usual sense legislation. Georgia will have actually heavily regulation in-state cultivation and also distribution of medical marijuana and also an increased list the eligible problems when ns am governor.