The woman’s mother, Manana Chkhikvadze, said that she had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital 2 years earlier after displaying wild behavior.

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Via Georgian journal
Trigger warning: kid injury, violence

A Georgian woman, Tamar Sadzaglishvili, that approached a three-year-old boy and stabbed him in the confront on the street, has actually been remanded in custody by a court in Tbilisi. The events, which unravelled on respectable 27, were captured on video and shocked the Eurasian country of almost four million inhabitants.

follow to her lawyer Alexi Gabunia, the 51-year-old woman, that was charged with intentional infliction of major bodily injuries come a minor and with attempting to reason serious injury to one more minor, suffers indigenous schizophrenia. She could confront seven to 10 years in prison. A hearing has actually been collection for October 23.

The three-year-old victim compelled surgery yet is reportedly out the danger. Follow to Natia Vasadze, a maxillofacial operated doctor at the Tbilisi Givi Zhvania Pediatric scholastic Clinic, the child, who suffered relatively deep wounds in the area around the nose and also the right cheek, has because been discharged indigenous the clinic.

The day prior to the attack, she seemed tired and also depressed, Sadzaglishvili’s next-door neighbors told the media. She to be asked if she required assistance but declined any kind of help. Neighborhood residents included that she was a calm and also polite woman who frequently cared for homeless animals.

However, the woman’s mother, Manana Chkhikvadze, said that she had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital two years ago after displaying aggressive behavior. Initially, she was diagnosed v manic depressive psychosis, though later on doctors claimed she had schizophrenia. After return home, she continued to receive clinical treatment native a psychiatrist.

in spite of being top top medication, she had actually reportedly stopped taking she pills. The night after ~ she assaulted the child, she discussed to her mother that she to be alone yet fine. According to Gabunia, Sadzaglishvili is wait to be evaluate by a psychiatrist who will determine if she is mentally fit. Meanwhile, the is however be identified if the viral video that verified the strike will be admitted as proof in she trial.

“This is a tragedy not just for that child and also his parents but for the whole society and Sadzaglishvili herself as well. To part extent, she is a victim too,” Gabunia said.

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Meanwhile, Manana Sharashidze, the woman"s psychiatrist, says that the federal government needs come provide more assistance to civilization with mental wellness problems and also places blame for the incident on the set of health and social to work of Georgia.