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Sara woman Moore was a deranged forty-five-year-old West Virginian who had actually five damaged marriages behind her and also four children, 3 of whom had actually been adopted by she parents.

After moving to san Francisco, Moore came to be friendly through radicals. And also on September 22, 1975, as soon as Ford arised from the St. Francis Hotel in san Francisco, Moore was waiting in a crowd across the street. As she take it aim in ~ Ford and began come fire, a bystander, disabled former Marine Oliver Sipple, ordered her gun, deflecting the shot. The cartridge missed Ford by several feet, bounced turn off a wall, and hit a surrounding cabdriver, who was slightly injured. As the shot was fired, Ford winced. He to be bundled into his limousine by agents, and also the automobile sped off at high speed. The agents were lying on height of Ford together they drove off to the airport. “I’m walking to it is in crushed to death,” Ford said them. “It’s an armor-plated car. Obtain off that me.”

Following she arrest, Moore said, “If I had actually had my .44 through me I would certainly have recorded him.”The FBI instance agent, Richard Vitamanti, figured out that if Moore had actually used her other .44 gun, or if the sight of the .38 had actually not to be faulty, she would have actually killed Ford. “She would have had actually at least a head shot,” Vitamanti said, “maybe also better, due to the fact that she had actually been practicing . . . shot to be off around six inches.”

Sara jane Moore pleaded guilty come the check assassination of chairman Ford and also was sentenced come life in prison. At her sentencing hearing, Moore said: “Am i sorry ns tried? Yes and no. Yes, since it accomplished little except to litter away the remainder of mine life. And, no, I’m not sorry ns tried . . . Since at the time it appeared a exactly expression of mine anger.”

Moore to be paroled in 2007 after offer thirty-two years behind bars. In 2009, she said NBC’s Today tv program, “It was a time that people don’t remember. You recognize we had a war . . . The Vietnam War, friend became, i became, immersed in it. We were speak the nation needed to change. The only way it to be going to change was a violent revolution. Ns genuinely thought that might create that brand-new revolution in this country.”


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