For the readers of The Language of God, one more instant standard from "a sophisticated and initial scholar" (Kirkus Reviews) that problems the idea that scientific research is contrary to religion.In The science of God, differentiated physicist and also Biblical scholar Gerald L. Schroeder demonstrates the surprising parallels in between a variety of Biblical teachings and also the result of biochemists, paleontologists, astrophysicists, and quantum physicists. In a brilliant and wide-ranging conversation of key topics the have divided science and religion—free will, the advance of the universe, the origin of life, and also the origin of man—Schroeder argues that the recent science and also a close reading of the scriptures are not simply compatible but interdependent. This fashionable reissue that The scientific research of God features a brand-new preface by Schroeder and a compelling appendix that addresses the extremely publicized experiment in 2008 in which scientists attempted to re-create the chemical composition of the cosmos automatically after the big Bang. It also details Schroeder’s lucid explanations of facility scientific and spiritual concepts, such as the concept of relativity, the passage of time, and the interpretations of vital Hebrew indigenous in the Bible. Religious skeptics, Biblical literalists, scientists, students, and physicists alike will certainly be riveted by Schroeder’s remarkable contribution come the raging debate in between science and religion.

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Gerald L. Schroeder

The author of The Hidden face of God and also Genesis and the large Bang, Gerald L. Schroeder is an used theologian v undergraduate and doctoral degrees from the Massachusetts academy of Technology. His work has actually been reported in Time, Newsweek, clinical American, and in leading newspapers about the world. He stays in Jerusalem v his wife and their five children.

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Publisher: cost-free Press (June 16, 2009) Length: 256 pages ISBN13: 9781439129586

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"This engaging and humane book developments the dialogue beyond the clichés and also stereotypes of i beg your pardon both researchers and spiritual believers have been guilty." -- Washington Post

"Schroeder supplies fresh proof for the eternal argument that science and religion, matter and spirit, require not be seen as conflicting or support exclusive." -- Publishers Weekly