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Wednesday"s shooting in Florida, like so many mass murders prior to it, seems likely to raise a controversy we"ve had numerous times before: Why walk the US have actually such a high rate of pistol murders, by far the highest in the emerged world? Is it because of guns, or is over there something else going on? possibly America is just much more prone to crime, say, because of income inequality or social differences?

A landmark 1997 research actually tried come answer this question. Its result — which scholar say still hold up — space that America doesn"t really have a significantly greater rate that crime contrasted to comparable countries. But that crime is lot likelier to it is in lethal: American criminals just kill much more people than perform their counterparts in other emerged countries. And also guns show up to it is in a huge part of what provides this difference.

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Crime is not the problem

havier Zarracina/ The seminal work here is a 1999 book by Berkeley"s Franklin Zimring and Gordon Hawkins, referred to as Crime Is not the Problem. Zimring and Hawkins collection out to research what was, in ~ the time, the standard wisdom: the America had actually a uniquely damaging crime problem, one without any type of parallel in other developed democracies.

They found, nice definitively, that the conventional wisdom was wrong. "Rates of common property crimes in the United says are comparable to those report in many other Western commercial nations, yet rates of lethal violence in the United states are much higher," castle write. "Violence is no a crime problem."

Zimring and also Hawkins identified this through looking in ~ 20 developed countries" overall crime rate and rates that violent death. They found virtually no connection between the two, indicating the a country"s level the violent fatality wasn"t figured out by its all at once crime levels:

The lowest fatality rate country (England) has actually a crime rate simply over average. The next lowest violence nation is Japan, which has actually the lowest crime price also. The third lowest fatality rate nation is the Netherlands, in the highest possible crime price group.

"This data set provides a multinational instance of the central point the lethal violence is the an important problem in the unified States," Zimring and also Hawkins write. "It mirrors the United claims clustered with other industrial nations in crime rate, but head and also shoulders over the rest in violent death."

Why go this happen? It"s no because, as you might think, American violent criminals space just an ext likely to kill people. "Only a decimal of Los Angeles homicides thrive out that criminal encounters favor robbery and rape," they find (there"s no factor to believe the pattern would differ in other cities). So even if it might be presented that American robbery and also rape rates are across-the-board higher than those in comparable countries (which doesn"t appear true today), the still wouldn"t explain why America has actually so many an ext homicides than other countries.

Again, Zimring and also Hawkins"s LA data was revealing. "A far greater proportion of Los Angeles homicides flourish out of arguments and also other society encounters in between acquaintances ," they find.

This is wherein guns get in the story. The mere visibility of firearms, follow to Zimring and Hawkins, provides a merely tense situation an ext likely to rotate deadly. When a gang member says with one more gang member, or a robber sticks increase a liquor store, there"s constantly a danger that the case can escalate to some type of violence. However when civilization have a handheld tool that is particularly engineered because that killing efficiently, escalation to killing becomes much, much much more likely.

And indeed, that"s what Zimring and Hawkins"s data found.

"A collection of specific comparisons of the fatality rates from building crime and assault in new York City and London present how enormous distinctions in fatality risk can be defined even while basic patterns are similar," they explain. "A choice for crime of an individual force and also the willingness and capability to use guns in robbery make comparable levels of building crime fifty-four times together deadly in brand-new York City together in London."

Guns, not criminality every se, are the problem.

Guns room still the difficulty today

nations with an ext guns have an ext gun deaths.

(Tewksbury Lab)

In a 2015 email to, Zimring competed that Crime Is no the Problem"s core dispute remains true in spite of a far-ranging international drop in all at once crime rates because the publication was published.

"There has been fairly a little bit of job-related on these issues in the 18 year since the book was published," that wrote, "and it confirms the straightforward argument rather powerfully."

The data appears to support this. "Robbery and assault rates ... Reveal several Western countries that competitor the united States," a 2011 review found. "While the level of lethal violence in the United states is more than likely the highest possible in the west world, the is hard to do the situation for us exceptionalism as soon as it involves non-lethal violence."

Harold Pollack, co-director the the university of Chicago"s Crime Lab, dubbed Zimring and Hawkins"s publication "an great source." In a 2015 call interview, the pointed come a number of more recent studies that fit the pattern it identified.

"There"s no question the unified States faces a number of distinctive social plan challenges, several of which impact the crime rate. However many various other OECD countries confront their own distinctive problems that impact their crime rate," that told me. Western Europe, for example, has actually a major problem through drug use. Canadian cities have "very high" prices of residential property crime like automobile theft. And also yet, the united state still stands out on murders.

"I think that Americans have this see of western Europe, or Toronto for that matter, i beg your pardon is really stereotypical and also doesn"t take into account the difficulties that countless of peer commercial democracy problems face," that points out. "There"s a most drug sale, a most ethnic stratification and conflict, there"s a most just general crime."

Pollack additionally shared Zimring and Hawkins"s theory of the ease v which guns escalate dispute to violence, and thus heighten homicide rates. "Some of the behaviors that we think of as fundamentally attached with violence may stay fairly steady together the violence rate goes down, as you gain a better handle on the pistol issue," he explained.

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New York"s current tightening enforcement the gun laws serves as a great example. According to Pollack, new York didn"t successfully reduce that is heroin use price or settle underlying difficulties such together poverty — the things that total rights advocates often insurance claim actually add to pistol violence. But new York walk tighten total restrictions, which synchronized with less violence.

"The proliferation the off-the-shelf handguns is really our problem," Pollack says. "If us regulated firearms the way that England regulates guns, we would absolutely have a much lower homicide rate."