This cheesy novelty format t-shirt to be made famous back in 1981 as soon as a photographer snapped a casual Paul Newman in ~ his residence in Connecticut. The post is just as corny today as that was ago then, yet it’s connection to the king of cool provides it just that – cool.

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This cheesy novelty format t-shirt to be made famous ago in 1981 when a photographer snapped a casual Paul Newman in ~ his house in Connecticut. The message is simply as corny this day as that was earlier then, yet it’s link to the king the cool makes it just that – cool.

Like every our designs, this one is treated through our signature ‘relic-ing’ process which consists of our own mystery recipe the hand-painted chipping, cracking, fading, and just the right touch that yellowing to ensure the it watch the part of a true vintage imprint.** we lay these functions of art under on premium Bella+Canvas 3001 Unisex Jersey short Sleeve Tees, one of the softest, best-wearing t-shirts obtainable today, via state the the art direct to garment (DTG) printing which permits us to create a vintage result that simply can’t be accomplished with various other printing methods. In short, these shirts are whatever you’ve dreamy of and more – that feels soft and also lightweight with just the best amount that stretch making it comfortable and also flattering because that both men and also women.

100% combed and ring-spun cotton*Fabric weight: 4.2 oz (142 g/m2)30 singleTear-away labelShoulder-to-shoulder tapingSide-seamedRetail fitRuns true come size


Not certain what dimension is your finest fit? us recommend taking among your existing t-shirts, laying it flat and measuring it. The measurements in the chart listed below are taken with the shirt laying ~ above a flat surface. To gain the length, measure from the high shoulder allude down come the bottom the the shirt. To obtain the width, measure roughly 1-inch below the armhole, across the chest, indigenous seam come seam. While ours tees are all made using premium, pre-shrunk, ring-spun cotton, there have the right to be part shrinkage depending upon your an individual wash and dry cycles. With that said, if you’re ~ above the fence, we constantly suggest going increase a size.

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All size are listed in inches!

*Heather colors room 52% combed and ring-spun cotton/48% polyester. Athletic and also Black heather is 90% combed and ring-spun cotton/10% polyester. Ash shade is 99% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton and 1% poly. **Due come the nature the the printing process and various sizes of shirts offered, imprint position and scale might vary contempt from the product images, yet we do our best to it is in as precise as possible.