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Call of Duty: contemporary Warfare is an epic re-imagining of one of the many celebrated and iconic first-person action franchises in video clip game history. The game functions three settings of play: one action-packed Multiplayer mode, a tactical and also cooperative distinct Ops mode, and also a single-player Campaign, all wrapped right into one to chat experience. Like countless blockbuster films, the game features exceptional cinematic design and also it is rated because that mature audiences.

The project mode take away players v an immersive narrative that at times requires them to exercise thought, skill, and judgment come navigate some of the issues and also challenges of war in the contemporary age. The project is a fictional story that does not represent real-world events. 

The main online ingredient of modern Warfare supplies a selection of exceptionally fun and also competitive modes with lots of customization options. Go up versus fellow Tier One operators in the ultimate online playground!

Enter the human being of unique Ops: dynamic experiences whereby four-player strike-teams job-related together to protect against a new global threat that thrives in ~ the sprawling city the Verdansk, and its surrounding environments.

Modern Warfare likewise features crossplay and also cross progression for the an initial time in franchise history, permitting players to compete with their friends nevertheless of what platform they have.

Using a brand-new engine, developer Infinity Ward bring a brand-new level of authenticity with the photoreal, lifelike visuals to offer players an immersive experience.

This game includes:


Campaign: The single-player experience within contemporary Warfare engulfs girlfriend in an epic narrative, pass unrivalled intensity and shining a irradiate on the changing nature of contemporary war. In this gripping story, you play across three characters – Sgt. Kyle Garrick, CIA certified dealer Alex “Echo 1”, and Farah Karim, leader that the Urzikstan Liberation pressure – in a covert battle for the global balance that power. The project features multiple difficulty options, which fit a wide scope of players from those new to the franchise (Recruit) to seasoned professionals (Veteran).


Multiplayer: there is a wealth of content in the Multiplayer mode, varying from Free-for-All gamings to tactical objective modes, on a range of maps based upon locales in ~ the contemporary Warfare universe. Your Operator will get in Multiplayer maps complete with an ultra-customizable Loadout and also tide-turning field Upgrades. Location up her soldier come unlock the complete suite the Loadout options before proceeding progression right into Officer Ranks. Earn experience for your weapons all the while come unlock Attachments and also Weapon perks to more customize in ~ the expansive Gunsmith.


Special Ops: The co-operative mode of modern-day Warfare continues the Campaign’s story v Operations. Gather intel and tackle the mission yet you and your strike-team check out fit with all Operators, Loadouts, and also Progress lugged over native Multiplayer. Distinct Ops likewise includes Missions, one to four player obstacles that will certainly test your an abilities against the clock, ranking her performance on a three-star scale.

And that’s not all: contemporary Warfare is booked to have actually live periods post-launch special a pack of brand-new post-release content coming cost-free for every players on every platforms simultaneously.

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Additional Information and Content

That is contemporary Warfare at a glance, and the gamings Blog will have plenty that guides, features, news, and more that dive deep into this epos experience. Gain your copy that the video game today and check ago at the games Blog modern Warfare landing website to check out the latest short articles on whatever you need to know.

Also be certain to examine out Infinity Ward’s community Blog, with even more contemporary Warfare content straight from the source!

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