Cats are natural climbers, and many love to survey their territory from a height. A tall vantage allude provides privacy and allows a cat to observe the world about it. Some cats climb trees in the warmth of the moment, excited by follow a bird or escaping a bigger animal. Unfortunately, it might be reluctant to come earlier down.

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The cat might not be grounding up a tree, yet it will be nervous and fearful around coming down. So, offer the cat part space, providing a soft landing (in instance of a fall) before tempting that down through flavorful food and enticing that with interesting toys. If the cat’s in ~ reach, offer it accessibility to an open pet carrier through a comfy blanket.

Don’t speak to the fire department, together these emergency business workers will certainly not rescue a cat from a tree. Also, don’t pressure a cat to gain down or scare it down. Instead, let the cat come under under its very own volition.

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1 my Cat is stuck in a Tree
1.1 obtaining a Cat the end of a Tree
1.1.1 survey the Terrain
1.1.2 keep the Cat patience
1.1.3 produce a Soft Landing
1.1.4 Tempt your Cat down toys Food
1.1.5 use a Cat transport
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My Cat is grounding in a Tree

Cats love to rise trees, yet they don’t always enjoy the descent. A cat might be attracted to rise a tree by prey. However, once the thrill of the follow wears off, the cat finds itself stuck up a tree. Cats uncover it easier to climb up a tree than earlier down. They obtain traction utilizing their spicy claws and also use their strong leg muscles to propel forward.

Getting down again presents a much greater difficulty due to gravity. The more difficult to maintain balance when moving in a downward direction at an excellent speed. The shape of a cat’s claws is draft for increase movement, and also climbing under a tree requires moving backward.

The cat will likewise be emotion nervous as it becomes conscious of just how high increase it is. Cats might be brave, however they seldom take foolish risks. The cat will likely remain in place until the feels the is safe to climb or run down.


Getting a Cat out of a Tree

Your very first reaction might be come reach because that a ladder and to climb the tree yourself. This is inadvisable, for a variety of reasons:

The ladder is unlikely to it is in stable and you could fallYou’ll require to lug a squirming, anxious cat down a ladderIf the cat has operated itself up, it may claw at your face to defend itself

For the cat to get ago down, it requirements to fall. However, the descent have the right to be damaged up into plenty of smaller, much safer tumbles.

Before beginning this process, make sure the cat desires to come down. The cat may actually be perfect happy wherein it is because that now. Possible explanations for this behavior include:

The cat has uncovered a bird’s nest and also is still huntingYour house is busy and noisy, and also the cat wants some exclusive timeA neighborhood pet or wild animal chased your cat, and it’s hiding

If your cat is in a tree by choice, that will normally come down once it’s ready. However, you can’t wait indefinitely.

Your cat demands to eat within 3-4 days and drink in ~ 2 days to protect against hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver syndrome). This severe medical problem can impact all cats, yet it most frequently affects overweight and obese felines.

Survey the Terrain

Your very first step will be to take it a an excellent look roughly the tree. This might reveal why her cat is trapped up in there in the an initial place. Look out for any type of signs of risk to the cat. Cats deserve to be spooked by any variety of things. Examples include:

Another pet in the residence that is dominating and also chasing your catA neighborhood cat invading your yardA neighbor’s dog barking native a fence and also intimidating her catLoud machinery – is somebody nearby using a lawnmower or a one saw?

If her cat is hiding since it is scared, it will remain put. Cats room governed by self-preservation. As far as your cat is concerned, it is not safe to leaving the tree. It is fine in the brief term, however eventually something needs to give.

If that your very own pets the are resulting in the problem, it’s simple fix. Shepherd other animals into your home and keep castle indoors till your cat is safe.

If the is a neighbor the is provoking anxiety, have a polite conversation. Explain the situation and also ask if they’d mind ceasing their activity.

Once you have cleared the area that potential dangers, take it a action back. No cat will certainly come down from a tree the if feel crowded. If the cat is already anxious, your presence will do it worse. The cat will want a clean escape route prior to it contemplates coming down.

Keep the Cat Calm

Just as essential as clearing the path is creating a patience environment. This means soothing your cat and remaining calm yourself. It deserve to be frightening to view your cat grounding in a tree. Panicking helps nobody, though. The cat will certainly pick increase on this, assuming it is right to it is in afraid.

Speak to her cat is a calm tone. Use words that it will recognize, such together your cat’s name. Reassure your cat that everything is fine. It is no in any type of trouble, and that as shortly it comes down all will certainly be fine. Smile, too. Face expressions are simply as necessary as visual cues.

You can additionally soothe her cat using exterior factors. The journal of Feline Medicine and also Surgery describes how cat-specific music has a calming result on felines. Pat music through a speaker. No so loud the it startles the cat, yet loud enough to have actually impact.

You may also wish to think about calming scents. This is unlikely to be together effective, though. While cat have fantastic sense of smell, aromas can be shed in the wind outdoors. There is also an obvious fire hazard to utilizing scented candles approximately trees.

Keep moving earlier from the tree, providing your cat much more and much more space. Do yourself as small as possible. Crouch or get down on her knees. Do whatever it takes come make her cat feel safe and in control. The calmer the cat becomes, the an ext confidence it will certainly regain.

Create a Soft Landing

As your cat becomes an ext collected, it will uncover coming under from the tree an ext agreeable. This method that you must start thinking about a landing. Cats can loss from great heights without hurting themselves. All the same, you don’t want to take any chances.

As the European newspaper of Physics explains, a high tree is potentially your cat’s friend here. The greater the cat is, the more likely the will achieve terminal velocity if falling. Terminal velocity way that air resistance is equal to a cat’s weight.

This gives your cat time to evenly distribute weight. It will certainly exercise instinctive ‘righting reflex’, turning its body around to soil on every fours. This minimizes the danger of head or spinal injuries top top landing.

Do not rely on the cliché of cats landing on their feet, though. You require to provide as soft a landing as possible. A mattress is appropriate for this. Such an object will likewise give the cat something because that aim for together it drops.

If you perform not have access to a mattress, use a selection of cushions and blankets. Sofa cushions space best. These will provide better impact absorption than pillows. If you have a blanket that smells choose your cat, use this. The scent will certainly spark emotion of comfort in the cat’s mind.

Think around how you deserve to make it easier for the cat come fall. Carry out not rely on the cat plummeting the full height that the tree in one movement. That will be a horrible prospect. Reach together high together you have the right to and point to branches. Display the cat it have the right to drop a couple of feet at a time.

This may or may not be effective. If the cat has actually calmed down sufficiently, it may start that descent. If the cat is still jittery, it will certainly be alarmed by your proximity. In this case, you’ll need to tempt the cat down.

Tempt your Cat Down

If necessary, use toys or food to acquire your cat down. This will likely take part time, so execute not expect prompt results.


As discussed, plenty of cats rise trees because they are hunting. The very same instinct may be able to tempt a cat ago down. Reach for a favored toy and appeal come a cat’s playful nature.

This should be something that the cat requirements to chase. A laser pointer may be effective. If her cat cannot resist hurtling after this red dot, it will react. Usage the laser to direct safe i from your cat’s present location to a soft landing.

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Alternatively, use a toy in a strong. Rub catnip, or something same appealing, on this. Dangle it agonizingly out of your cat’s reach. If necessary, prolong the with of the toy therefore you deserve to aim higher. This may inspire the cat to relocate down one branch at a time.