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7 methods to get her to like you

Not quite sure if she’s right into you? these subtle strategies from dating specialists will increase your odds.


You met an remarkable girl. She beautiful, funny, intelligent, and doesn’t it seems to be ~ to be out-of-her-mind crazy. Clearly you desire her come be right into you, too. Nothing’s worse than gaining shoved into the girlfriend zone or obtaining so worried to admire that you scare her away indefinitely.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we reached out come dating experts to number out what works (and what doesn’t) as soon as it comes to recording her attention. Right here are seven surefire means to nudge things along to a 2nd date.


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1. Dial under your wade speed. 

As friend walk approximately her (or with her), slow-moving down her pace and also slightly exaggerate your shoulder movements. It will make you look relaxed and in control. “She will read ‘confidence’ and also confidence is always attractive,” says NYC-based body language experienced Tonya Reiman, writer of The strength of human body Language: exactly how to success in Every Business and Social Encounter. “Do this when holding eye contact and smiling and also you will easily record her attention.” simply make certain you was standing tall and also keep the shoulder activity subtle. If you saunter too much she’ll one of two people think you’re injured or some creeper approaching in slow-mo.

2. Talk yourself up (tactfully)

If girlfriend speak a international language, surf, or play guitar, you certainly want come let she know. “Skills or talents are super sexy and highlighting them makes you appear an ext dynamic to her,” says San Diego-based dating and also relationship coach DeAnna Lorraine. The trick is sliding them into conversation naturally, for this reason you don’t come off together awkward—or choose you’re bragging. Wait for the ideal opening, and also slip it in nonchalantly. She will certainly notice.


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3. Speak through a strong, sure voice.

To be clear, we’re not informing you come yell at her. Yet you want to convey outgoing confidence, i m sorry won’t occur if you speak in a soft, muffled way. Come make sure your voice carries, practice talking twice as loud as you think you desire to be as soon as you’re out with your buddies. And also since nerves have the right to sabotage your efforts and also make you sound choppy or high-pitched, take part slow, deep breaths before you head the end on your date. “It will relax you and automatically lower the pitch of your voice,” Reiman says. Breathe in with your nose for a counting of five and exhale v your mouth because that a counting of five. You should feel her abs move in and out. Repeat 10 times.

4. Offer her 100 percent of your attention.

When you’re with her, try to do her feel favor she’s the only human being in the room. “Even if dishes room breaking and an excellent looking waitresses are walking by, store your eyes concentrated on her,” says Reiman. Pay close attention to what she speak you and shot to asking follow-up concerns to display you’re interested in what she has to say. She’ll feeling appreciated, plus the eye contact will work twin duty, making she feel much more bonded through you.

5. Tease her.

Your an initial instinct might be to hold earlier and watch what you say as you obtain to recognize her, yet that have the right to backfire and make you appear dull. So don’t be afraid to disagree v her over who should’ve winner the Super key or lightheartedly furious her around her taste in music. Back-and-forth banter may actually assist you stomp the end any an initial date tension. “You’ll rotate the conversation into something playful and also flirtatious,” states Lorraine. If she’s laughing and having funny in a conversation, she’ll feeling much an ext relaxed and will more likely be attractive to you.

6. Take her the end for Thai.

If you really desire to gain her pulse racing, take her the end for spicy food. Dishes with a kick, such as those with curry or warm peppers, increase blood flow—as she heats up, she’ll associate the rush from the food through spending time with you. There’s additionally something rather at play before she even takes the very first bite. “Spicy foodstuffs spark feeling of danger,” states Reiman, “and a slight feeling of are afraid can provide her a little shot of adrenaline and also build excitement.” recommend she shot a spiced-up entrée and also order a hot dipping sauce with an appetizer the you two can share.

7. Make funny of yourself.

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Women love to laugh and constantly rate a feeling of humor at the optimal of your list, so display her you’re straightforward going by telling a story the highlights a goofy or clumsy moment. Talk around your first time bungee jumping or parasailing, including the component about the rope smacking friend in the confront or how you stumbled with the landing. “Stories through slight self-deprecation display her the you’re comfortable in your own skin and also resilient sufficient to pull out of problem scenarios v a hopeful attitude,” Reiman says.