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Please make sure to authorize up now and also we will inform you as soon as we relax tickets. Say thanks to you for your understanding.HAVE QUESTIONS? If you have actually questions around attending the TV present in Los Angeles, please email your inquiries to tickets If you have actually questions about the Price is appropriate Play at house Game, please contact 1-800-700-6525. If you have actually questions around the Price is right LIVE show traveling to a city close to you, please visit
Please read listed below to gain answers to commonly Asked Questions. Tickets are generally released about a month in advance.MINIMUM age TO to visit IS 18GROUP BOOKINGS:PLEASE NOTE- every groups, even if it is booked through our team department or through individual tickets, need to be restricted to a preferably of 25 civilization or you will not every be admitted right into the studio as we carry out not choose multiple human being from the very same group.If you have actually a group of 15-25 people, us ask the you please contact our group department to book your team rather than acquiring individual tickets. Teams are booked in breakthrough to ensure a complete audience at tapings. Please contact the group Booking department at groupbooking for further information. TAPING dates FOR THIS SEASON:
UPCOMING TAPINGS TBAUPCOMING unique EPISODES:GUESTS with DISABILITIESThe show is cursed to do tapings easily accessible to persons with disabilities. If friend or everyone in your party needs an house to attend the Show due to the fact that of a disability, you re welcome let us understand as shortly as possible before the taping date. The show provides easily accessible seating (including companion seating) at every tapings to guests through disabilities. The availability of available seating cannot be assured if the number of guests requiring the obtainable seating at any given taping over the allotted number of accessible seating locations. Accordingly, accessible seating might be reserved prior to the taping day by call 1-818-295-2700 at least 24 hours before the taping date. If you execute not reserve available seating in advance, accessible seating will certainly be easily accessible on a first-come, first-served basis only. Guests with disabilities with evidenced reservations for obtainable seating need to arrive no later on than the designated arrival time on your ticket and also check in with an audience coordinator because that the Show. If guest with confirmed reservations for easily accessible seating carry out not come by the designated come time, their reservation for obtainable seating might be released to rather on a first-come, first-served basis; very first to guests through disabilities, and also then to guests who execute not require obtainable seating (once all traditional seats have been filled). The Show also provides assistive listening devices at all tapings. Authorize language interpreters, standard readers, and other suitable auxiliary aids and also services may likewise be detailed if a request is do at least 72 hours before the taping date; the show will make best efforts to accommodate later on requests however cannot insurance availability. In identify which form of auxiliary assist or organization to provide, the display will consult through you to determine what type of assist is essential to ensure effective communication; however, the determination of which help or service is necessary to administer effective interaction is ultimately made by the Show.Guests are permitted to park in the CBS tv City lot if lock require easily accessible parking because of a disability and have a valid federal government issued handicap placard displayed. Easily accessible parking top top the lot (including designated big van parking) is on a first-come, first-served basis. If all accessible parking is filled and a guest v a disability cannot make usage of one more parking spot, alternate arrangements (including drop-offs) can be made to assist that guest. If girlfriend have any kind of questions or require assistance at the taping, please reach the end to the audience coordinator or to CBS Pages (who deserve to be identified by their red jackets v a CBS logo). Other information: for those that you coming from the end of town and also need hotel, shopping, and other traveler information, please call the LA INC., The Convention and also Visitors bureau at (800) 228-2452.

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