Your girlfriends could not have prepared you for this: Pregnancy deserve to make friend gassy.

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Once you find out her baby is top top the way, you might start to feeling bloated and full approximately the belly, you might burp more often, and also you might – to placed it subtly – pass wind an ext than you’re provided to.

All that this deserve to uncomfortable and— ahem — embarrassing.

Why perform Gas and Bloating Increase during Pregnancy?

When you pregnant, her body naturally produces an ext of the hormone progesterone to assist nurture your baby. That’s a great thing. But these raised hormone levels additionally relax the muscles throughout your body, consisting of your intestinal muscles.Because the this, cradle slows down. That method it’s easier for gas to develop up. And also it’s harder to manage the relax of gas.

Plus, later on in pregnancy, her baby puts added pressure on your abdomen, i beg your pardon can contribute to raised gas.

Should You be Concerned?

The great news is that this extra gas and bloating reason no harm to your baby. The only injury is, perhaps, to her dignity.

(You can blame the on the baby.)

Can You minimization Gas and also Bloating throughout Pregnancy?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Usage these tips to assist lessen your discomfort and reduce gas and also bloating:

Take your time eating. If you eat quickly, she likely absorbing a most air with each bite. That can settle in your stomach to form gas bubbles and also cause bloating. Sluggish down and also chew her food thoroughly. Eating smaller sized portions have the right to help, too. Arrangement three small meals with two or 3 snacks in between.Stay far from sugary, carbonated drinks and also fried fat foods. These room all proven gasproducers. Limit them in her diet.Drink lot of of water. remaining hydrated helps with digestion and can prevent constipation. You’ll take in much less air if you drink slowly. Sip. Nothing chug.Eat more fiber. Yes, boosting fiber favor fruits and leafy green veggies have the right to make you more gassy. However over time, a fiber-filled diet deserve to reduce constipation, which can be a large cause of gas pain. If she not already eating a fiber-rich diet, add these foods items slowly to her diet to permit your human body time to adapt.Exercise. In addition to being good for your as whole health, exercise helps stimulate digestion.Wear loose clothing. Tight-fitting clothing about your mid-section can put included pressure on her abdomen and also contribute to gas buildup. Usage this as a an excellent excuse come wear loose, comfy garments later in her pregnancy.

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If you’re thinking about starting any medicine or natural supplement to aid with gas pain and bloating, talk to your medical professional first.