GG – AKA Golnesa Gharachedaghi – is Shahs that Sunset’s resides firecracker! In 2021 she’s a businesswoman and also mother, for this reason let’s find out an ext about GG’s network worth.

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Golnesa Gharachedaghi is just one of the Shahs of Sunset original actors members. She’s showed up on the Bravo show since 2012 and also has, there is no a doubt, held the attention of viewers with numerous a fiery moment.

Shahs of Sunset viewers have seen GG go with ups and also downs, from partnership breakups come friendships on the rocks. In 2021, however, that looks as though life is winding down for the truth TV star and also entrepreneur. GG is currently a mother-of-one and a successful business owner.


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Shahs that Sunset: GG’s business

Golnesa Gharachedaghi operation a medicinal cannabis company. The Shahs the Sunset star previously ran a hair extensions business with her sister, Leila Gharache, however, that looks as though GG has opted for functioning on a passion project with her company – Wüsah.

GG has never covert the reality that she reaps the services of cannabis. Speak to human being in 2018, she said that it to be her mother who presented her to the idea the CBD together she experienced from rheumatoid arthritis:

My mom acquired me right into it since she was exhausted of seeing me going through all the side effects of western medicine and also my mom’s an extremely eastern style when it concerns remedies and also she simply wants to discover the natural, most healthiest approach“.

Is Wüsah successful?

Speaking to Bravo in 2018, GG stated that she had “found her function in life v cannabis“.

Her company, Wüsah was produced in 2018 and since then, the looks to have end up being a success.

From oral spray come capsules, body balm to drink enhancers, Wüsah absolutely has a lot on the menu in regards to its CBD products. A fill of 3 Wüsah vape sticks is priced in ~ $100.

Shahs that Sunset: GG’s network worth explored

Golnesa Gharachedaghi has actually one of the highest net worths that the Shahs the Sunset cast. Her net worth is approximated at $12 million.

As well together running a effective cannabis wellness service in 2021, GG also has a podcast, ‘Genuinely GG‘, which introduced in March.

Her service ventures an unified with she social media following and any sponsorships she chooses to do through Instagram all add to GG’s heft network worth.

Plus, her Shahs that Sunset paycheck is likely to earn her a fair amount. Together per TVGuide, Reza Farahan to be earning $18,000 per episode in 2013.

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GG likewise comes indigenous a wealthy family members with her dad, Mahmoud Gharachedaghi, an architect with a network worth the $25m as per Distractify.