As the feds closed in, Ghislaine Maxwell lived in bucolic luxury, spending her days in a massive mountain house in the sleepy city of Bradford, brand-new Hampshire.

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BRADFORD, N.H.—The hideaway wherein Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, take it refuge while authorities were structure a case versus her was a massive, around $1 million legacy in this sleepy brand-new England town, The day-to-day Beast has actually confirmed.

Maxwell to be arrested without event in Bradford around 8:30 Thursday morning and charged with 6 counts, consisting of enticing and transporting a minor for the objectives of illegal sexual acts. She to be being transported to the southern District of new York for additional hearings.

On Thursday, invoice Sweeney, the assistant manager in charge of the FBI’s brand-new York field Office, stated authorities had actually kept a close clock on Maxwell due to the fact that Epstein was arrested ~ above sex smuggling charges last year. He stated Maxwell had recently “slithered away to a gorgeous residential property in new Hampshire,” where she ongoing to “live a life that privilege while she victims live through the trauma inflicted ~ above them year ago.”

The “gorgeous property” in question is a four-bedroom, four-bath abode located at the peak of a long, winding driveway on east Washington Road external of town. A listing because that the house, i beg your pardon Maxwell allegedly purchased in all cash in December 2019, explained the home as one “amazing retreat because that the nature lover who also wants total privacy.”

Features include a floor-to-ceiling fieldstone fireplace, cathedral ceiling, a “spectacular chandelier,” and also a “large master bath v soaking tub.” A barn situated out ago was advertised together “fabulous ... Because that square dances and hoedowns.”

The broker who marketed the residential property told The everyday Beast she had actually never met Maxwell, a british heiress long linked to Epstein. However a British guy who she assumed to be the husband attend the house inspection, the broker said, and also told her the he had actually just offered his tech company and was trying to find a place in the U.S. The buyers at first asked no to placed their name on the purchase paperwork, however when the seller balked, they formed a minimal liability company to placed on the papers instead. 

“They said they didn’t want her name known, so I believed it need to be a movie star,” the broker said. “She want to recognize what the flight patterns were over the house, which was very strange.”

Public records display that a “Granite Realty LLC” purchased the property from Massachusetts-based lawyer Richard Yospin top top Dec. 13 of critical year. Yospin was not forthcoming with information around this transaction once contacted by The day-to-day Beast—but claimed he had actually no expertise of Maxwell’s authorized in the deal. Instead, he check his only communications during the transaction were v a Boston-based attorney whose name he could not recall. 

Paperwork on the residential property filed through the town of Bradford shows Granite Realty LLC, which walk not appear to be included in either brand-new Hampshire or Massachusetts, is lodged in ~ 155 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, MA. The is the resolve of numerous companies, consisting of the law firm Nutter, McLennen & Fish—the same legislation firm that registered Maxwell’s defunct agency Ellmax gmbh in Florida. New Hampshire room of State Records present that an attorney with Nutter developed a similarly-named entity, Granite Reality, based out of the same deal with just weeks before the property’s purchase.

Nutter did no return a contact for comment, no one did the attorney Adam Ghander, who shows up to have handled Maxwell’s affairs while at that law office and also who has because moved on come the firm DLA Piper.

The commonwealth Bureau of Investigation decreased to check or deny this was the place where Maxwell had been staying.

But Bradford was the perfect location for Maxwell to hide out—a remote city of 1,600 human being at the foot of mount Sunapee, surrounded by lakes and also woodlands, with little more than a Dunkin Donuts to note its existence. As Nate Herrick, a resides of the downtown area, told The daily Beast, “It’s the middle of nowhere.”

At the Henniker Farm and Country Store, whereby locals buy gardening tools, maple syrup, and also duck eggs, the saga the Epstein and also Maxwell—and the arrest in your midst—barely registered.

“I don’t also know who she is,” stated employee Kristen Wenzel, who added that she go not recognize who Epstein was, either. “We store our noses the end of various other people’s business,” she added.

“Around here, us don’t care around bullshit,” added a coworker, that would not give her name, “because that none of her business.”

Still, some citizens knew something to be afoot as soon as unmarked FBI and also police car gathered in the market Basket parking lot early on Thursday and planes started circling overhead.

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Dick Morris, a self-employed carpenter and 21-year resides of eastern Washington Road, to be floored by the quantity of task in the area.

“Big arrest this morning. Did you hear what happened?” he asked a neighborhood Thursday afternoon, when she journey by come inquire around what locally qualified together traffic: around six cars, some supposedly affiliated v the press, along with the aircraft previously that day.

“I simply heard them buzzing roughly this morning,” replied the neighbor, that told The everyday Beast she to be a farmer yet did not desire to have actually her name attached to Epstein. “I was to run late doing mine barn chores, and also I to be like, ‘Oh, friend don’t commonly hear that crap that at an early stage in the morning.’”

Branded together “Tucked Away,” the residential property at i beg your pardon the arrest took location is covert deep in the trees, behind “Private Property” signs and a black steel gate, making it impenetrable to unwanted cars—if not the swarms of black flies that feed on unwelcome guests.

“East Washington Road is spooky,” stated Herrick. “It’s the type of place where human being could hide the end in a bunker. It’s simply real Hollywood woodland stuff under there.”

After a five-minute walk up the steep hill, a gray-haired man with a posh brother accent notified a reporter that his was personal property and he had just dubbed the police.

He would not answer questions about the ownership of the property, any relationship he could have with Maxwell, Epstein, or the arrest Thursday morning. But when asked which part of England he to be from, that replied, “I’m not.”

“I’m indigenous America,” he added in the reserved tone of one aristocrat, flashing a fast smile and also picking up his phone, reportedly to dial the number of the police when more.

Sure enough, the phone’s screensaver boasted one American flag, blowing in the wind.