NEW YORK -- after ~ disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein died by self-destruction behind bars, a judge invited his accusers come court to vent their anger at a guy they dubbed a coward for acquisition his very own life to escape accountability because that sexually abusing them.

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The coming weeks will certainly still see, in a way, Epstein prosecuted by proxy: his former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, will certainly stand attempt in Manhattan federal court. Some of his accusers, established in court by pseudonyms or very first names, will obtain a opportunity to pat a vital role as federal government witnesses.
Maxwell, 59, has pleaded not guilty come charges she groomed underage victim to have actually unwanted sex through Epstein. She has vehemently denied wrongdoing."I have not committed any type of crime," the jailed Maxwell blurted out at a recent pretrial conference. She was made come wear shackles coming and going indigenous the courtroom, accentuating the severity that the allegations - although the restraints to be gone at a hearing last week.The questioning of jurors by judge Alison J. Nathan begins Tuesday as a swimming pool of over 600 potential jurors is whittled under to 12 - and also six alternates - just before opening statements begin Nov. 29 in Maxwell"s very anticipated trial.Epstein, who died at 66, was arrested on multiple sex smuggling charges in brand-new York in 2019. His lawyers completed the fees violated a 2008 non-prosecution deal with federal prosecutors in Miami the secretly ended a federal sex abuse probe entailing at least 40 teenage girls. After ~ pleading guilty come state dues in Florida instead, he invested 13 months in jail and paid negotiations to victims.RELATED: Prince Andrew served with legal records for sex abuse lawsuit: Lawyers
The brand-new York situation took a shocking turn once Epstein killed himself if awaiting trial 2 years ago.After his death, prosecutors turned your sights ~ above Maxwell. The wealthy, Oxford-educated brothers socialite to be the daughter of British publishing magnate Robert Maxwell, who passed away in 1991 after ~ falling turn off his yacht - called the Lady Ghislaine - close to the Canary archipelago while dealing with allegations he"d illegally looted his businesses" pension funds.Behind the scene of a lavish lifestyle, prosecutors say, Maxwell seized the function of solve Epstein"s proclivity because that luring young victims right into "sexualized massages." They setup to show jurors a snapshot of Maxwell and Epstein swim nude with each other to show their close relationship.The trial"s drama will certainly revolve about testimony from four women that say they and others were victimized as teenagers from 1994 come 2004 at Epstein"s estate in Palm Beach, Florida, his posh Manhattan townhouse and at other residences in Santa Fe, brand-new Mexico, and London.

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Prosecutors say there"s proof Maxwell knew that the victims, including a 14-year-old, were listed below the age of consent and arranged travel for some between Epstein"s homes. Defense lawyers space still make the efforts to minimize or get rid of the testimony of one of the four due to the fact that she was 17 at the time in a jurisdiction wherein that wasn"t legit underage.And prosecutors this previous weekend inquiry the judge to permit them reveal to the jury statements Epstein made come an employee about Maxwell"s involvement with procuring underage girls.The indictment claimed Maxwell "would try to normalize sexual abuse because that a young victim by, among other things, mentioning sexual topics, undressing in former of the victim, being current when a young victim was undressed, and/or being current for sex acts involving the boy victim and also Epstein."The Epstein and Maxwell instances have sustained a cottage sector of podcasts and also documentaries, choose Netflix"s "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich," as well as conspiracy theories and conjecture.Reports the investigators seized Maxwell"s deal with books have actually sparked speculation that the trial can explore Epstein"s relationships to Prince Andrew, previous President invoice Clinton and also former O.J. Simpson lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Yet the judge has made clean there will certainly be no name-dropping at trial, speak only particular pages that an resolve book - mirroring a section naming the alleged victims under the heading "massage" - will come right into evidence.RELATED: Bill gateways says the regrets time spent with Jeffrey Epstein, opens up around divorce
And she clogged prosecutors" effort to present emails they claimed would display Maxwell tried choose women for other men, speak she was making use of her access to ladies "as a type of social currency with other prominent men v whom she sought come ingratiate herself."Epstein"s name, however, is meant to come increase frequently, and also Maxwell"s lawyers have actually complained that Maxwell has currently suffered native the an adverse publicity bordering him. A questionnaire used to screen potential jurors inquired whether they had ever posted anything or one opinion around Maxwell or Epstein on social media.The defense has actually signaled it desires to portray Maxwell as a victim that sorts.
"Jeffrey Epstein to be a brilliant guy who was flawed by enduring personality traits familiar to psychiatrists," she lawyers said in a current court filing. "Like many people who achieve good power and wealth, Jeffery Epstein exploited the "Halo effect" to surround self with civilization who would certainly serve his needs."Nathan has four times rejected Maxwell"s bail requests, noting the ease v which the holder of U.S., French and British citizenships might use wealth and global connections to flee.RELATED: Jeffrey Epstein"s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell pleads no guilty to new charges
The judge likewise questioned Maxwell"s integrity, saying that she said authorities after she July 2020 arrest that she possessed approximately $3.5 million in assets, when she later on admitted managing $22.5 million v her husband.In a letter to Nathan critical week, defense lawyer Bobbi Sternheim said her customer "is eager for her day in court."Maxwell "looks forward to her trial and to walking out of the courthouse uncuffed and unshackled complying with her acquittal," composed the lawyer who has repeatedly complained around Maxwell"s jail conditions, contending Maxwell"s been punished for Epstein"s self-destruction by guards who shine a light into her cabinet every 15 minutes and treat she harshly.At a hearing last year whereby Maxwell to be denied bail, part Epstein accusers made clean they believe she was equally culpable.One called Maxwell "a sex-related predator who groomed and also abused me and also countless other children and also young women." In a statement review aloud by a prosecutor, one more said, "Without Ghislaine, Jeffrey can not have actually done what he did."
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