Ghislaine Maxwell’s life on the lam was a far cry from the years of glitz and glamour she was supplied to.

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Once a jetsetting socialite and also fixture on the new York social scene, Maxwell to be living a stripped-down existence before her bust in new Hampshire on Thursday — food preparation for herself, working out with a punching bag and wearing casual clothes to stay incognito, according to a Vanity fair report.

Maxwell, 58, make the efforts to walk undercover after the death of she pedophile ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein in respectable 2019, v a friend informing the mag she spent the time to dance from home to home.

Gone were the work of catered dinners — instead, Maxwell whipped increase meals inspired by her French mommy in a cheap pressure cooker, consisting of beef bourguignon, red cabbage and apples and leek soup.

She kept up her practice regimen: prior to gyms closeup of the door down because of the coronavirus, she’d crate regularly, jabbing away at a punching bag, the pal said.

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While ~ above the run, she also literally sprinted everyday on public roadways or long walking trails. If there was a pool whereby she was staying, she swam laps, follow to her friend.

To close out her days, Maxwell would exercise again, lifting weights or extending while she watched the news, the report said.

Then she’d revolve off the TV because that the night and also read, consisting of a biography of Winston Churchill by UK prime Minister Boris Johnson — and also a book on Epstein’s accusers by victims lawyer Bradley Edwards, in which she featured prominently.

Maxwell, who is called in number of lawsuits versus Epstein’s estate, spent a many her time in hiding hashing the end her defense, the friend said.

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She assembled a team that lawyers in new York, Colorado, the UK and also the Virgin islands — who fees ranged native $500 to $1,500 an hour.

“Her life is lawyers,” the girlfriend said. “She speaks to lawyers and also blood relatives. The is she universe. Defending all of these situations is a full-time job.”

As rumors that Maxwell’s whereabouts ran rampant, she was getting a overwhelming of death threats by social media, email, phone, text and also snail mail, the pal said.

“It’s the volume of threats,” the girlfriend said. “These are credible threats. … So girlfriend take ideal action.”

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That intended hiring a professional security firm, v plainclothes operatives who were veterans of intelligence and law enforcement agencies, the mag reported.

Last July, Maxwell started “hiding the end in areas in new England,” according to the detention memo filed Thursday by commonwealth prosecutors in brand-new York.

She make “intentional efforts to prevent detection including moving areas at the very least twice, switching her major phone number (which she registered under the surname ‘G Max’) and email address, and ordering packages for shipment with a various person provided on the shipping label.”

The accused madam was finally found Thursday in a luxury house on a 156-acre legacy in Bradford, NH, the she bought in an all-cash deal in December, prosecutors said.

When the FBI and local cops proved up, Maxwell ran into a bedroom, but she at some point came out on she own and immediately inquiry for her lawyer, sources have actually told The Post.

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Before her arrest on federal sex-abuse charges, Vanity fair asked the friend just how Maxwell sees she future.