regularly acpriziv.orgpanied by vivid hallucinations the the superordinary variety, it leaves the sufferer trapped in a purgatory between sleep and wakefulness. (The India today Group/Getty Images)Source: The India this particular day Group/Getty pictures

for centuries the civilization over, civilization have claimed to have seen ghosts in ~ night and encountered the Supernatural throughout their sleep. However is there a medical reason because that these 'hallucinations'? Ruby Hamad discovers the clinical fact behind sleep paralysis.

“I to buy this mansion in Georgia … this to be a really, really spooky place…one time, i woke up, and…I to be being mounted by a ghost.” 

With this words, singer Bobby Brown recently became the recent celebrity to claim he’s had sex v a ghost. “I wasn"t high at all, “ the insisted, anticipating questions over his substance abuse. “I was no tripping.” 

Brown joins the likes that Kesha, that wrote a song around her “sexy encounters v the supernatural,” and also Lucy Lui, who, means back in 1999, told united state Weekly that she was acquisition a nap on her couch, “when some kind of soul came down…and made love priziv.orge me. It to be sheer bliss. Ns felt everything. I climaxed. And then the floated away.”

Fame-induced delusions or public stunts they may well be. Or there could be another, less fanciful explanation.

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Whenever i read around these celebrity dalliances v the dead, I automatically think the sleep paralysis, a sleep disorder qualified by the inability to move and the emotion of being physically hosted down. Often acpriziv.orgpanied by vivid hallucinations the the superordinary variety, it leaves the sufferer trapped in a purgatory in between sleep and wakefulness, can not to discern nightmare native reality.

As frightening as it sounds, however, the medical explanation is rather much more boring than its mythology and also symptoms would suggest. 

The Kaboose: a priziv.orgmon experience

The legend of a nocturnal demon stalking us in ours sleep dates back to at the very least medieval times. Well-known in Arab folklore together the Kaboose (‘pressure’), the is shown in The Nightmare, by Enlightenment-era painter man Henry Fuseli, crouching menacingly on the chest the its immobile victim.

This sensation the something is pressing hard on the chest is maybe the element of sleep paralysis that reasons the most panic in sufferers. Together frightening together it sounds, however, the medical explanation is rather more boring 보다 its mythology and symptoms would suggest.

“The usual reason is sleep deprivation,” claims Dr Dev Banerjee, a sleep specialist at the Woolcock academy in Sydney’s Glebe.

“When friend sleep after being deprived the night before, you enter REM sleep really quickly. In REM sleep, her body is inherently relaxed and floppy, it’s a mechanism to avoid you acting the end your dreams and also falling the end of bed…and so friend bepriziv.orge mindful of this ns of muscle tone and also this leader to the perception of paralysis.

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Sleep and also wakefulness, claims Banerjee, are not unique entities.“There’s always a little of overlap,” the explains. “You’re drifting in and out the sleep, and also because REM sleep is attach by dreaming and also imagery, that’s whereby the hallucinations priziv.orge from.

"Your desires feel an extremely real and also that’s why we begin to think we’re hallucinating.”