You know that scary story you to be told as a child about the ghost girl go on the highway at night?

Well, because that one driver, a strange apparition seemed to mimic the spooky tale.

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The "ghost" of a girl, was standing in the center of a busy road has provided the internet goosebumps after a driver recorded the strange footage on dash cam.

The apparition appears on the right-hand side of the screen and while daunting to view at priziv.orgplete speed, in slow-motion it appears as a transparent-looking girl with lengthy hair.


She appears to it is in standing on the median strip. Source: Facebook.

The "ghost" was taped at the top Bukit Timah roadway in Singapore on a Saturday night.

It was posted on the Roads.SG on facebook page and sparked debate about its paranormal legitimacy.

The video clip has been viewed 279K times and had an ext than 2000 shares.

Some had spooky tales of their own to tell.

People passed away long ago

"A few people passed away when their (sic) to be a accident a long time ago," one human being wrote. "Some motorcyclists were killed when a automobile crashed into them under the bridge where they to be taking shelter from the rain."

Another had a wholly more practical explanation.

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"Not a ghost.......just a young lady taking shortcut to overpriziv.orge de (sic) rd.""

And as numerous pointed out, the human will most likely soon end up being a ghost if they save crossing highways at night.

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