Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson started TAPS, the Atlantic Paranormal Society, in 1990 as an extension of their interest in the paranormal, and also since then they have actually made it your life's occupational to aid individuals or teams throughout America.

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In the Season 10 premiere, the Wild Turkey Distillery in Kentucky is investigated by TAPS, that look for traces of the ghosts of the founding family members.

The TAPS team investigates the Culinary academy of America in Hyde Park, brand-new York, for indications of the spirits of Jesuit priests who when lived, worked and also were hidden on the CIA campus.

A bride-to-be asks the TAPS team for aid determining whether her dream wedding meet in glenn Spey, new York, is safe. Later, the team bring away a expedition to Gallaher Mansion in Connecticut come investigate boost in report paranormal activity.

A expedition to St. Charles, Missouri, to investigate the historical Main Street find the team make the efforts to determine whether buildings constructed over a cemetery could be the factor why world experience unnerving sightings.
The team investigates the Burlingame and also Chaffee Opera residence in Carthage, Missouri, and they visit a exclusive residence in Connecticut to assist a household that believes a presence has actually taken over their home and children.
TAPS travels to Missouri to help three generations the a family members living top top what they believe to it is in a haunted estate. In Massachusetts, the team investigates even if it is one ghost is connected to two various properties.
The TAPS team travels to Woonsocket, Rhode Island, to investigate a theatre owner's case that spirits room traveling between two buildings.
The team travels to fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island, where they investigate three deadly events, no one of which involved battle casualties.
The team investigates house Mansion in north Adams, Massachusetts, wherein they suspect unexplained phenomena ~ above the building relates back to a deadly vehicle accident.
The team investigates a college in Bennington, Vermont, after hearing reports of dreadful paranormal activity, which they trace back to the legend that a mysterious love triangle and also suicides.
TAPS arrives in Louisville, Kentucky, come investigate whether a trio's ancestors quiet inhabit your property, and in Pennsylvania, the team works to settle a tragic hanging in the Old Cumberland ar Prison.
TAPS investigates the USS Constitution, the famous ship far better known as "Old Ironsides," during a expedition to Boston. Later, they accomplish historical re-enacters in Kentucky who case they've encountered soul of at an early stage settlers in Old ft Harrod State Park.

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Season 10 concludes v a trip earlier to The Mount, Edith Wharton's home in Lenox, Massachusetts, to inspection reports of increased paranormal activity since TAPS last checked out in 2008.