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Wow what a superb episode. What began out together a simple "stop the rogue tank" ended in quite the emotional punch.

It's most likely not going to it is in the most visually-stunning illustration of the series, but the means the story unfolded and slowly gained momentum together you learned about the "man" in the tank to be so well-done. The finishing with the parents in certain was one oddly beautiful, and also yet heart-breaking, moment.

The finishing with the parental in certain was an oddly beautiful, and also yet heart-breaking, moment.

They all thought Kago to be exacting revenge ~ above his parents. But I think some part of him simply wanted to display off come them what he has become now that he's no much longer tied by your religion.

First timer

This episode is currently a big improvement over the last. The activity was a many cooler, the pacing little a bit faster, and also the plot to be a whole lot an ext engaging. The plot to be still a little bit generic, but it to be fun and even a little bit emotional. The goofy CG the the tank and also armed devices was wholy justification by the fluidity and goofiness of their animation. I just loved the way the equipped suits moved, they to be a the majority of fun just to watch dot around. I additionally loved that one armored suit(I think it was piloted by an AI, yet im no sure), who wanted to dissect his his please brother. A little bit of well implemented, light hearted goofiness is constantly appreaciated in a serious action show like this.

This episode also had a few, seemingly random, ankle lence shots in it. They all looked great, except for one of them whereby the entire right fifty percent of the screen was extended by this goofy old dudes face, the didn't relocate at all, for what seemed prefer an excruciatingly lengthy time. If this shot had actually been quick, like among Shinbou's fast cuttaway shots, climate it wouldn't have actually bothered me, but as that is, the goofy face completely distracted me. That's just a small nitpick though.

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Overall, really great episode, rather a the majority of fun, fairly an development from the last, however still not something I suppose to quiet remember by the end of today. Also, the music is tho the best facet of this show.