Another week means another dose of LRM’s Retro-Specs! This week ns hope friend are prepared as us dive back into the toy scene, however this time from 1985-1989. Coming turn off of last month’s Masters of the Universe playsets, G.I. Joe battles their means in to shot and case toy prominence with the USS Flagg.

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Hasbro exit the USS Flagg in 1985. The name is native the comic publication character general Lawrence J. Flagg. The agency would incorporate this character v the actual navy aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz, through the ship’s early stage launch to be on June 30, 1975. The actual inspiration have the right to be seen visually in the toy’s illustration in comparison v the actual ship. Also, the USS Nimitz is among the largest warships in the world and is the oldest energetic aircraft transport still in service.

Sheer Size


Playsets for toy lines became a mainstay throughout the 80s and while each franchise was looking for how to be bigger and also better, G.I. Joe would certainly blast the competition the end of the water. Possibly you never had the opportunity to own the aircraft carrier. However, you might remember commercials, pictures, etc., however they perform not perform the toy justice. The box itself is 42 inch wide! That’s clearly before assembly. As soon as you put this negative boy together it boasts gift over 7 feet long and three and a fifty percent feet wide! 

Originally viewed as impossible, Hasbro would create the toy. Is that a playset? A vehicle? wherein does that fit? Actually, the in a course of its own. The is no really made come move. Once it is set up, the is normally where it stays and is intended to bring all other toys to it. 

This is in reality a principle I deserve to attest to. I did no personally very own the USS Flagg myself, however my neighborhood two homes down certain did! castle assembled the aircraft carrier ~ above their back deck and literally would certainly throw a substantial blue tarp end it when not making use of it, and put weights ~ above the end so it would not punch off. The USS Flagg would continue to be on their earlier deck because that a pair years. It was a vision to it is in seen!

The Price Tag…


You to be the real attend to all the the bragging legal rights if you had actually the USS Flagg. An additional understandable reason why i did not have actually this gem would be the price. In 1985 this have the right to be uncovered hovering about a pricey $130-$150. You may say the for every you acquire that price no bad, however remember, that is the 1985 price. Through today’s criter that would run all over from $250-$280…

Today if you room to look for the USS Flagg the will collection you back a tiny under or over $1000. In pristine condition, it have the right to be worth $3000! Oh, and also if for some factor you want the empty, original box, the can set you earlier $350 ~ above eBay…

Admiral Keel-Haul


When it concerns playsets indigenous the 80s there is constantly a curiosity regarding what the main toy may be bundled with. A delivery of this size has to come with someone to drive it, right? The USS Flagg initially comes v Admiral Keel-Haul. While this character might not initially seem like a significant coup that is actually rather the elusive find. 

After his initial bundle v the USS Flagg, Admiral Keel-Haul find an individual relax in 1986, but is then discontinued in 1987. After ~ a short hiatus, you can find the number again in 1989 with mail-order (Amazon prior to Amazon). Oddly enough there to be a slight rebirth of the personality in 1993 and also could be uncovered at carnivals or together arcade prizes which was a method for service providers to press through some of their character storage.

The neighborhood Toy


While major bragging rights plainly goes to the owner that this toy master piece, Hasbro is extremely smart as soon as it comes to the concept. Clearly not anyone would be able to buy such a massive, high-quality toy. The idea is no for the USS Flagg come be delighted in alone, however to bring in the entire community to enjoy! can’t afford the USS Flagg? No must feel bad. Go ahead and buy various other figures, vehicles, etc. The you can contribute to hours of imagination and play. Those not being able to achieve the USS Flagg could then walk invest in other GI Joe playthings as a byproduct still bringing money right into the toy company.

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Maybe you could just afford the USS Flagg, but not the accessories. No worry, invite end a bunch the friends and have them carry their contribution for hours of fun! I had actually a couple vehicles that honestly did not go with the USS Flagg, however we made that work. This did lead me to asking for some form of flying automobile to appropriately contribute. Fine done, Hasbro. Well done.


What was seemingly impossible, Hasbro do work. I mean look in ~ the thing. You could probably squeeze eight come ten children about the USS Flag. Even if you never had actually the gigantic toy, or had connections through anyone who did, 80s kids are well conscious of the existence. Even if it is it is a slumber party or neighborhood get together, miscellaneous that seemed improbable worked. It forever cements chin in toy history. 

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Did you own the USS Flagg? If so, whereby did you save it? go you know anyone who had it? Also, is over there a toy indigenous 1985-1989 you would like us come cover? Leave her thoughts in the usual spot, and also thanks for reading!

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