From small tot to 20! Gia Giudice has grown increase right before our really eyes top top the Real Housewives of brand-new Jersey. Now, Teresa and Joe Giudice‘s daughter is a college college student at Rutgers University and also is a strong, independent young lady.

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In July 2020, Gia revealed she obtained a sleep job and couldn’t be an ext pleased with her results. “Yes, ns swollen,” she captioned the snap of she rhinoplasty done by Dr. Geoffrey Tobias. “I’m absolutely in love through it .” Gia seemingly anticipated civilization calling her out for acquiring plastic surgery, so she let fans know her decision prior to receiving backlash.


“I to be an adult now, this has actually been one insecurity that mine for a while and also I’ve never been happier and so comfortable in my own skin!!” she concluded her message.

Unfortunately, Joe isn’t roughly to check out his daughter’s new look, despite they walk recently satisfy up. Gia and also sister Milania flew to Italy in November 2020.

“I’m so excited they have arrived,” the previous Bravo star captioned a photo with his girls. He likewise shared a since-deleted video clip of himself at the airport awaiting his kids’ arrival.


After Joe — who shares Gia, Gabriella, 17, Milania, 16, and also Audriana, 12, through estranged mam Teresa — completed his 41-month jail sentence because that mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud in march 2019, he was transferred to ice cream custody. The fact star requested to live in Italy — where he to be born — till his situation is settled. Return Joe is stationed overseas, he remains close to his family. So much so, he’s to be leaving thirsty comments on his estranged wife’s Instagram despite her romance v boyfriend Louie Ruelas.

“Cougars,” Joe commented on the fact TV mama’s current photo. “Hot mama looking good, babe,” that added.

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In Touch confirmed the previous flames separated in December 2019. “Teresa and also Joe have actually split, yet everyone experienced it coming,” a source exclusively told In Touch at the time. “Even their daughters knew it to be coming and the recent pilgrimage to Italy was all about spending high quality time together and discussing the genuine issue available — lock were splitting up.”

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A separate resource added, “Teresa and also Joe defined that castle would always be their parents and respect each other, however it was time for them to walk their different ways. The girls got it, all four of them understood the situation.”

Though they might be much apart in distance, the household is on great terms. Keep scrolling to watch photos that Gia’s change before and also after going under the knife.