Chefs Bobby Flay and also Giada De Laurentiis room teaming up as soon as again because that a brand brand-new show on discovery +, and Flay had actually some really interesting points to say around his co-star and also their time with each other in Italy.

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Bobby Flay and also Giada De Laurentiis | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire

Bobby Flay and also Giada De Laurentiis were once embroiled in a significant feud

Though they’ve been close because that years, ago in 2006, the chefs to be embroiled in a major feud. They to be paired together onIron chef Americaagainst Rachael Ray and Mario Batali, and also they lost. De Laurentiis to be displeased the Flay did no take the loss seriously.

“We lost and also he assumed it to be funny,” she explained the Beyond the Plate podcast via People. “He didn’t think it to be any huge deal that we lost. I did no talk come him for eight months‚ eight months! i did not. Nothing. Silence. That was just TV . Ns took it very seriously. I think Rachael take it it an extremely seriously, and I was yes, really disappointed.” Rumors the a possible affair between the pair could have also caused part tension between them.

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There have actually been rumors around a feasible romantic affair in between Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay

In 2014, De Laurentiis filed for divorce from her then-husband, Todd Thompson, ~ 11 years of marriage. E! News reports thatStar magazine published a story explain De Laurentiis was affiliated with Flay romantically. The chef responded to the rumors through saying, “My long-time friendships with my co-workers … are specifically that —long-time friendships. There has actually never to be a romantic relationship.”

However, the reports stuck due to the fact that the night prior to De Laurentiis announced her divorce, she to be spotted partying v Flay at Cecconi’s at Soho Beach house Miami and also was in “good spirits.”

The pair have continued to deny having actually anything much more than a friendship.

Bobby Flay states working v Giada De Laurentiis in Italy was prefer being on prolonged vacation

These days, Flay and De Laurentiis are finest friends, and they often engage in playful banter v one another on their corresponding Instagram accounts. “I think that Bobby is among those human being that if you space his friend, he has your back forever, and also he will stand up because that you,” De Laurentiis said.“He’s one of those males you can contact in a pinch, and also he will gain you the end of it. He’s one-of-a-kind in the sense.”

Now, we’re about to view a lot an ext of their friendship top top the small-screen. The chefs space starring in a new Discovery + series, titled Bobby and Giada In Italy. The series was shoot pre-pandemic and also followed the duo experimenting Italy and also meeting up with brand-new friends. Flay defined it as his dream job.

“It’s practically like we were on some kind of extended vacation, yet we’re additionally working at the exact same time,” he explained to Delish. “We were just in a an excellent mood the entire time. We acquired along great. We always have a good time together. Ns love Giada in Italy—like the person, not simply the show—because she’s so calm there. And I feeling the exact same way.”