prefer a mythical beast climbing from a stormy sea, a recent video clip shows a truly giant alligator stomping throughout a Florida golf course with the merganser weather from Tropical Storm Eta. The now viral video clip was initially posted to on facebook by the Valencia Golf and also Country club in Naples, Florida, and shows a big, beefy, and remarkably long-legged gator headed into a little pond.

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regardless of this reptile gift so big it practically looks fake, Tyler Stolting, the very first assistant golf skilled at the course, said the Tampa only Times the the gator is in truth real, and it was spotted in ~ the 17th tee approximately 2 p.m. Top top Wednesday. see a massive chungus like this ~ above a golf course isn’t the uncommon, especially in Florida. Gators love Florida golf courses. The links are a near perfect habitat because that gators – there are water hazards, many of birds to eat, and also unless monitoring calls in a professional, it"s unlikely they"ll be hunted or trapped. Plus, Florida has more golf process than any type of other state, and people are always around, call in hand, prepared to catch a video clip of a Godzilla-sized gator strolling throughout a fairway. It"s unclear precisely how big this gator is, yet it wouldn"t it is in at every shocking if it was a near-record size. Follow to the Florida Fish and also Wildlife preservation Commission, the record for biggest gator recorded was a 14-foot, 3.5-inch masculine from Lake Washington in Brevard County. The heaviest gator was a 1,043-pound (13 feet, 10.5 inches long) masculine from Orange Lake in Alachua County. This story an initial appeared on our sister paper"s site, an innovative Loafing Tampa. — please follow CDC guidelines and also Orange ar advisories to remain safe, and also consider supporting this complimentary publication. Our small but mighty team is working tirelessly to carry you news on just how coronavirus is affecting central Florida. Every little bit helps.

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