If friend weren’t fear of scuba diving before, you can be ~ watching this video clip of a giant octopus trying to drag a man into the ocean.

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It looks favor a scene from a fear movie. And also if you weren’t fear of scuba diving before, you could be after ~ watching this video.

Shot while on a diving trip in Japan, footage mirrors the minute a diver indigenous Mayak Gamov in Russia was got hold of by a large octopus while exploring the Sea that Japan.


The giant pet swims up to the diver prior to latching top top his body for a few moments. Its huge tentacles grip about the diver’s body while trying to swim in a downwards motion towards the rocks below.

The footage, which was filmed ~ above the Garrow Peninsula in Japan, shows up to present the gigantic octopus acquiring ready to bite under on diver utilizing its sharp beak, covert where the mouth is.

After the diver regulated to break far from the creature’s tentacles, the octopus climate latches on to the man’s flipper before dropping under to the rocks below.

The octopus then alters colour to blend with the seabed, as it hides in the rocks following the attack.

Giant octopuses space usually shy approximately humans and live in chilly, coastal waters follow me California, Oregon, Washington, british Columbia, Alaska, Russia, Japan and also the korean Peninsula.

These huge octopus flourish bigger and live longer than any kind of other octopus species. The size document is hosted by a specimen that was 9.1 metres throughout and weighed an ext than 272kg.

In May, a blogger native China assumed it would certainly be one ingenious idea to effort to eat a live octopus.

At the start of the psychic clip, she decides to let the octopus fixed onto her face.

The mrs was left in a sticky case when the eight-limbed creature gripped strictly onto her skin and also refused to let go.

The octopus stretches the end its tentacles end the woman’s nose and eventually holds tight to the skin roughly her left eye and lips while fastened to she cheek.

In a an especially grotesque priziv.orgponent of the video, the woman cries the end in ache while make the efforts to pull the creature away, but the skin approximately her eye and also mouth is virtually pulled turn off in the process.

After the woman lastly manages to gain free, she yells, “I’ll eat the in the following video” prior to noticing the octopus has actually left her left cheek swollen and also bleeding.

She climate cries: “My face is disfigured.”

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