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Mystery surrounding photos mirroring the continues to be of a shark that appeared to have been bitten in half by one more creature, washed increase on a beach in Australia.

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The pictures taken ~ above Bribie Island come the phibìc of Moreton Bay, Queensland, in Australia"s northeast, were common on on facebook by the G"Day Adventure Tours firm on Monday. The agency wrote: "Crazy see this ~ above the beach today! Something large has had a nice feeding on it." G"Day tours, which is based in Queensland, stated the image were caught on the top finish of the island.

Members the the public can be watched standing by the shark"s body, that is grey skin showing up to have actually slightly shrivelled in death and its snout covered in blood.

Crazy seeing this top top the beach today! Something large has had actually a nice feed on it.

Posted by G"day Adventure tours on Monday, January 6, 2020

In a comment beneath the post, one facebook user claimed he observed the shark ~ above the beach, and "an elegant sea line on the shore." others speculated regarding what could have led to the animal"s death.

Jason Brown, who owns G"Day, said The Daily mail Australia that he was leading a four wheel drive tourism of Bribie Island when he and also six tourists encountered the shark.

Brown said: "The tourists all believed it was an extremely cool as it"s no something you see every day."

Colin Simpfendorfer, professor of maritime biology in the college of Science and also Engineering in ~ James chef University, called Australia"s news website the isn"t clear just how the shark died, and also explained such injuries regularly happen after death. The outlet report the creature showed up to be a bull shark.

Simpfendorfer said "many things could have bitten it," adding: "one concern is whether it take place pre or write-up mortem."

"Other sharks are definitely a possibility. However if it happened after death a whole range of things would it is in possible," that said.

Brown told The everyday Mail Australia he believes the bull shark was eaten by a tiger shark, before it washed increase on the beach.

The photograph was released days after a shark struck a seven-year-old girl near North West Island, off the shore of central Queensland on Wednesday, the Australian associated Press firm reported, citing paramedics. The girl, indigenous Brisbane,was bitten at roughly 5:30 p.m. ~ above the ago of her leg. She additionally suffered puncture wounds to she foot. The kid was on holiday v her family members at the time.

Paramedics stated a registered nurse occurred to it is in on the scene, and helped to prevent the girl"s bleeding. The girl to be rushed to Bundaberg hospital, travel 40 minute by boat to Heron Island before being airlifted through helicopter to hospital.

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This was the second rescue procedure performed through the Bundaberg helicopter connected to a doubt shark strike in the same variety of weeks, according to the news agency. On December 30, a shovel nose shark is thought to have injured a man"s hand and knee. The victim remained in his 30s.


A bull shark unrelated come the incident swims at the Ocearium in Le Croisic, western France, ~ above December 6, 2016. ( LOIC VENANCE / AFP