It is gaining crazy hot here in Kentucky, and also with the summer in full swing, the is time to make a substantial slip n slide. We held a big 4th of July party at our residence this year, and a lot of friends come in from out of town. Due to the fact that our back yard has a respectable hill, I want to make a substantial slip n slide to carry everyone together. Mock attended Tony Rouleau’s slip n on slide party last year and he has a substantial setup that he puts a the majority of work into. I wanted to make something same as fun without such a huge investment.

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1. Discover a Hill

This appears obvious, yet the steeper the hill the faster you’re civilization will slide. Our hill has actually a decent slope, yet the hilliness create a contour that would certainly send someone under in a zig-zag path. There is additionally a little bit of a level area in ~ the bottom the the hill for part water to collect, producing a bit of a splash zone to slow human being down.

Make a giant Slip N Slide- discover a Hill

One necessary note about your area selection, as soon as you location the plastic tarp down on the grass in straight sunlight, it create a greenhouse-type effect and also the grass turn a yes, really dark color. There is a lot of of warmth being trapped under the plastic sheet and the plant’s humidity is being evaporated nice quickly. It has actually been 1 week since we an initial put the plastic under in the spot and also the grass is quiet brown.

2. Get Some Plastic

We began the search for an proper slip n on slide by going come our neighborhood Dollar Store. There, mockery bought an entire display box’s precious of foam pool noodles, 52 to it is in exact. The setup for these was to link them together to produce a obstacle along the sides and also the bottom to assist channel the water down the hill. Because that the yes, really plastic tarp, we visited Lowe’s and also found a 20 foot through 100 foot role of 6 mil plastic sheeting.

We began the assembly through stringing together the swimming pool noodles in two similar chains and tying them off at the ends. To store them in place, I used some U-shaped garden crest that hosted the string down to the floor in-between the noodles. At the top of the hill, us unboxed the plastic sheet and rolled it down the hill. After unfolding it to its full length, us laid the sheet end the pool noodles barriers and also staked the tarp under as well. We had a giant plastic runway in my back yard, every we necessary now was some water.

Make a large Slip N Slide- uncover a Hill- gain Some Plastic

3. Include Water

Of food I can have stood at the peak with a garden hose and also just sprayed thin down the hill, but what fun would that have actually been? in ~ Lowe’s, Josh and also I pieced with each other a PVC arch that would attach to the hose and also would spray water v a bunch that drilled holes. The on slide n sliders could run v this arch as it injected water anywhere them and also the tarp.

We started with the spray bar, a length of 1 1/2″ PVC capped at one end. This bar would certainly be elevated off the floor by PVC braces that might snap in place. The other end was fitted with a reducer that would accept a 90 level coupling and also a valve. Directly down native there, a section of PVC would reach down to the ground and also a woman garden hose fitting would be press fit right into the end. Ns drilled some holes in the spray bar so the water would hit many points along the on slide n slide. Mindful not come drill also many, ns left some room come drill more accurate holes when it was placed over the plastic tarp.

Make a huge Slip N Slide- include Some Water

To include to the efficiency of the on slide n slide, I include a small clip-on hopper for part kid’s shampoo to drip from. Ns attached the hopper come the center of the spray bar so that over time, small drips of soap would loss on the slip n slide, mix through the pce water and assist slippery-ize the totality thing. It functioned great, and also I had actually to refill it a few times throughout the day.

Make a large Slip N Slide- add Some Water

Crank it Up and Get Sliding!

I to be happily surprised in ~ how efficient this slip n slide was. All of the kids and also adults had a blast! ns bought some blow up pool toys to usage on the slip n slide, and also they shot under the hill! The water complied with the zig-saggy contour of the hill and added a new level of funny to a on slide n slide. This project was easily made in one afternoon and the payoff to be priceless. The entirety event was so lot fun and also I now recognize why Tony Rouleau has this party every year.

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This is absolutely the perfect addition to any type of backyard party and the youngsters were quiet slipping and sliding well into the evening while fireworks to be bursting in air. I hope you took pleasure in this project and it inspires girlfriend to set a new family summertime heritage by making a vast slip n slide.