INSIDE: everything you must know about FAO Schwarz Rockefeller Center, consisting of details the the FAO Schwarz Piano reopening!

Did you hear the fabulous news?

FAO Schwarz Toy save NYC has reopened a brand brand-new FAO Schwarz toy shop in Rockefeller Center!

And IT’S far better THAN EVER.

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Read our overview to this amazing brand-new York toy shop, and also find out how to have actually your revolve on the top FAO Schwarz Piano too!

Details below.

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FAO Schwarz Rockefeller Plaza

When the doors to the above landmark fifth Avenue FAO Schwarz save in new York close up door in July 2015, it to be a very sad day.

High rent costs forced them the end of this attend to after 30 years, through no chance to conserve it.

The closing to be an absolute disappointment for fans of the movie BIG.

Why? because the shop was house to the giant piano mat, featured in the movie.


Image credit: BIG

FAO huge Piano!

The closure the the toy keep in the movie large meant fans lost accessibility to the famed GIANT sized FAO Schwarz Piano mat the Tom Hanks and co danced upon in the much loved film.

(Wasn’t the scene the best advertising because that FAO Schwarz, pass their new York toy keep into an international prominence?)

Let’s challenge it, the FAO Schwarz piano mat to be THE reason most civilization visited FAO Schwarz in brand-new York. Without it, the average Joe may not ever before have known about the best toy save in new York City.

When the initial store closed, and there to be no more giant floor piano in ~ FAO Schwarz, one of new York’s ideal family-friendly experiences disappeared in a puff!

(The closure additionally disappointed the thousands of children who dreamed of roaming the huge toy shop sans parents, choose Kevin in home Alone 2)

For all those who’ve love the original FAO Schwarz Toy keep NYC, and also for those who had actually it on their bucket list to visit one day, you’ll be dazzling to recognize the best toy save in brand-new York is BACK.

With a new location, and a brand brand-new GIANT PIANO to boot.

The FAO Schwarz big PIANO run Mat is back!

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Image credit: FAO Schwarz store

FAO Schwarz Reopening: to speak hello to the FAO Swartz Clock

It’s together a thrill to watch FAO Schwarz opened again!

The an initial thing you see once you get in the brand-new 20,000 square foot shop is the musical clock tower, the very same one that used to function in the FAO Schwarz logo.


Image credit: Fomo Feed

FAO Schwarz big Piano returns through a sparkle!

The FAO Schwarz floor piano has returned through a tiny extra pizazz!

This time, the FAO large piano is duplicated top top the ceiling over the piano key-board on the floor!

This way people was standing in the Rockefeller plaza, or skating top top the Rockefeller ice skating rink, can look up and also watch the piano keys light up together you run a favorite little tune!


Buy the FAO Schwarz Piano Mat souvenir

You can still buy the signature FAO Schwarz piano mat for $80 too.

The big piano mat teaches you just how to pat five different songs by foot! Plus, it allows you document your own songs too.

There’s a entirety WALL devoted to the Fao Schwarz floor piano.

If you desire to go shopping in new York City, the FAO Schwarz keyboard makes a fabulous new York souvenir to buy for family and also friends!

Hot tip: The large Piano endure at Pilates on Fifth!

If girlfriend really want to relive the Tom Hanks step from BIG, book the huge PIANO endure at Pilates on Fifth!

This is a chance to find out a famous melody or two, top top a life size piano floor mat, teach by experts who will overview you the totality way.

Take a sneak emergence here.


Image credit: 80’s fan

Inside the new FAO Schwarz brand-new York Toy Store

No.1: build a be afflicted with Workshop

Build-a-Bear workshop is in a rocket ship to the appropriate of the Clock Tower.

Pick up a Teddy be afflicted with astronaut, or among the signature FAO Schwarz toy soldier bears because that $45.

They room the CUTEST!

PS: Head increase the stair behind the rocket ship to discover the gigantic floor piano, and also it’s mirrored pair on the ceiling.


Image credit: FAO Schwarz

No.2: Toy Soldier Doormen

FAO Schwarz toy soldiers are back to welcome guest too.

Stationed external of the shop’s 49th street entrance, the Toy Soldiers in ~ FAO Schwarz space dressed in brand brand-new uniforms draft by supermodel Gigi Hadid!

With their smiling faces, faux be afflicted with skin caps, red coats, and magic top up their sleeves, it’s prefer they never went away.

PS: You can buy the FAO Schwarz Magic trick Kit or Marvin’s Magic hat in-store, and also be a magic an equipment too.

No.3: infant Doll adoption Center for FAO Schwarz Dolls

It’s impossible to to buy FAO Schwarz Dolls without first being interviewed in ~ the baby Doll fostering Center in store!

Their job is come make sure that children adopting these baby dolls are fit because that the task, and also able to look after these baby dolls v bundles the love and care.

The ‘doctors and nurses’ there also have the job of act a baby well-being “checkup” ~ above the infant doll!


Image credit: Sinan erel

No.4: Hair and Nail Spa station in the F.A.O. Schwarz keep in Rockefeller Center

There’s a location to sample and try fun bath, hair, nails, and skin products, and also Alex Spa do up.


Image credit: grace Kim

No.5: design a remote-control auto at the FAO Schwarz auto Station

Similar to the endure at the initial FAO Schwarz store, youngsters can design their very own remote-control cars v “trained mechanics” to lend a hand.


Image credit: Jill Marinakis

No.6: FAO Mart through Melissa and also Doug

This Pretend Play grocery store Store in the FAO Toy shop invites you come “shop” for:

life-size fruits and vegetablesscrubbing brushescereal boxesjuice bottlescleaning spraycookie bagscup the soupswafflesmilk cartonsegg cartons, andsundries for her play stand at home.

Prices because that each piece start at $5 because that one, 7 for $25, and also 15 because that $50.


Find much more boxed Melissa and Doug branded toys consisting of the:

Examine and also Treat pet Vet Play set (pictured above)Melissa & Doug puppet theater,Let’s Play home grocery basket with play foodFill & roll Grocery Basket pat set, andFresh Mart Grocery store companion selection.


Image credit: Francesca Melandri

No.7: FAO Schwarz huge Stuffed animals

Look the end for gigantic stuffed pets by German toymaker, Steiff.

The giant giraffes, horses, bears, kangaroos, and gorillas occupy all the corners, measures on the staircase, the nooks and also the crannies!


Image credit: Jovi salcedo

No.8: Transformers

Have a boy who LOVES Transformers?

Don’t miss out on it.

There’s a life dimension Optimus Prime and Bumblebee statues in store, add to aisles and also aisles that toys.


Image credit: FAO Schwarz

No.9: discovery Mindblown stand

Join in the fun of watching the science Team at FAO Schwarz discover with STEM experiments v your help.


FAO Schwarz Muppets

They are earlier too!

Build your own version that a Muppet here.


Image credit: Mamrak S

MORE things to buy in ~ the biggest Toy store In new York – Schwarz Toy save NYC

Brio trainsRavensgurger puzzlesHasbro toysMattel toys and Barbie dollsPusheen stuffed toysPaw PatrolHatchimalsClassic european brands including Steiff plush playthings from GermanyGadgets and gizmosExclusive playthings that can’t be found anywhere else!Discovery MindBlown STEM toys and Science kitsDISNEY personality toys and also DISNEY plush toys


Image credit: KevinMZ

Save her pennies up!

Be warned: there is NO method you are getting out of this shop through your wallet intact.

Be ready for the onslaught of requests and also arm-twisters indigenous pleading kids who suddenly uncover that castle ‘can’t live without’ a particular brand-new toy or gadget.


Best FAO Schwarz Toys

Around 200 that the playthings in the shop room FAO Schwarz branded originals, including the FAO Schwarz piano mat, among the best sellers in store.

The FAO Schwarz brand the toys contains everything native solid lumber castle blocks, stuffed bears, toddler toys, magic kits and jewellery.

There’s also:

FAO Schwarz stuffed animalsFAO Schwarz big stuffed pets – this ones space as a huge as a 12 year old!FAO Schwarz TrainFAO Schwarz stuffed dog toys


Image credit: Jill Liao

FAO Schwarz candy STORE!

FAO Schweetz is the very same brightly colored cornucopia of candy and also American cacao treats discovered in the original brand-new York store.


GumballsChocolate rocksDisney pop up sweetsHarry Potter Bertie Botts beans, orHP chocolate creaturesReese’s PiecesSkittlesJelly ship beansor M&M’s.


Image credit: G Aquino

Pick her Mix

You can pick candy by the piece from candy buckets on round tables, or native the pick and mix containers on the wall, or scoop native the spaceship, or the train.


Image credit: Sinan erel

Candy on tap!

Pick up sherbet bottles, fun grain boxes, and also warheads candy from the ‘robots’ at the former of store.

Rainbow whirly pops, giant chocolate coins, or fancy popcorn make an excellent New York souvenirs.


Image credit: G Aquino

FAO Schwarz Christmas Toys

Stock up huge for Christmas at the best toy shop in new York.


Wooden heirloom nativity setsSanta letter composing kitsHoliday cookie cutter setsSanta milk and cookie setFAO Schwarz yearly bearsChristmas tree ornamentsAdvent calendarsSnow globes


Image credit: Claire Kelly

The BEST brand-new York Souvenirs at FAO Schwarz Toy Shop

Pick increase a 12 inch musical wood nutcracker prince, or one of the FAO Swartz Jack in the box teddies.

Our pick is a FAO Toy Soldier teddy bear, however that’s due to the fact that we can’t assist ourselves and also love adding to Jack’s soft toys collection.


Image credit:Country Boy

Did friend know? FAQ about the FAO Schwarz Toy Store

No.1: What toy keep was in the movie BIG?

Yes, it to be FAO Schwartz.

No.2: What is the name of the home Alone Toy Store?

The initial FAO shop in new York situated near The Plaza on 5th Avenue and 59th Street was likewise featured in the film home Alone 2, together the inner of “Duncan’s Toy Store”!

The house Alone Toy store is THIS renowned toy store in NYC too!


No.3: Why walk the FAO Schwarz close?

Rising rental costs, and slowing sales equaled catastrophe for the best toy shop in new York.

No.4: Is FAO Schwarz tho in business?

Yes, once the 5th avenue store shut, the online save portal continued to be open, and also has stayed open for the past 3 years.

No.5: Is FAO Schwarz still open in NYC?

It wasn’t because that 3 years, yet now it is.


A look back at FAO Schwarz in brand-new York fifth Avenue Store

Take a look in ~ this very old video of ours, special the 5th Avenue FAO Schwartz Toy Store, and also the original FAO Schwartz huge piano.


Image credit: Jose Arce

THE inside SCOOP: FAO Schwarz reopening

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please examine with venue for updates. Us apologise in advance if there have actually been any kind of changes we room unaware of. Every prices in us dollars, uneven otherwise stated

FAO Schwarz in brand-new York reopened on November 16, 2018.

FAO Schwarz NYC Address: The FAO Schwarz NYC new location in Manhattan is 30 Rockefeller Plaza, new York, NY 10111, USATelephone: +1 800-326-8638FAO Schwarz NYC Hours:

Monday come Thursday 10am – 9pmFriday 9am come 9pmSaturday 10am come 9pmSunday 10am to 8pm

Entry: FREE!


Image credit: elegant Kim

How to get to FAO Schwarz Rockefeller Center

Here’s the directions to the FAO Shwartz toy save Rockefeller Plaza.

By Subway:

Take the B, D, F, or M train to the 47-50th Street Rockefeller center stop.Take the 1 train to the 50th Street stop and walk east on 50th Street to Rockefeller Center between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.Take the 6 train come the 51st Street stop and walk West ~ above 50th Street come Rockefeller Center between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.Take the N, Q, or R train to the 49th Street stop and walk east on 49th Street to Rockefeller Center between Fifth and also Sixth Avenues.

By Bus: Fifth way (Going south) or Madison avenue (Going north):

Take the M1, M2, M3, M4 or M5 bus to 50th Street. Buses operation north and also south.

From Broadway:

Take the M7 bus. Leave at 50th Street and also walk eastern to Rockefeller Center. Buses run north and south.

From 49th Street:

Take the M50 bus. Leave anywhere in between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue. Buses run east and also west.

Click here to acquire directions come FAO Schwarz Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan.

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Image credit:Stefano Perlusz

Toadstool Rating guide – FAO Swartz Toy keep Manhattan

We room SO glad it has actually reopened, v a an excellent scoop that the charm from the initial store.


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