Super key XLVI has involved an end. Once again, the new York Giants have beaten the brand-new England Patriots, beating lock by the final of 21-17.

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There were a lot of memorable moment throughout the food of the day, and we won"t it is in forgetting any of them any type of time soon.

To make sure of that, we"ve put together a slideshow that the ideal moments from today"s at sight Bowl together they happened. This journey will take us from pregame ceremonies come the game and also all the way through the postgame. 

And away we go...

There"s one awful the majority of nonsense packed right into Super bowl pregame shows every year. You can be forgiven if you select to tune it the end altogether or go and watch the Puppy bowl instead.

However, NBC"s feature on Steve Gleason is the exception to the rule. It was remarkable.

If you"re unfamiliar with Gleason"s story, he was a small-time role player who invested time with the Indianapolis Colts and new Orleans Saints. He retirement in 2008.

In 2011, it was revealed that Gleason had been fighting a fight with ALS, much more commonly known as Lou Gehrig"s disease. Because being diagnosed, he"s combated tooth and also nail come raise awareness for the disease.

At this point, Gleason deserve to barely walk and he have the right to barely talk, but he"s hanging in there. If NBC"s function on him made one point clear, it"s the Gleason is in no hurry to leave this earth.

Pregame: rob Gronkowski Appears
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The huge question leading as much as the at sight Bowl concerning the Patriots was whether or not tight finish Rob Gronkowski would be as well hurt come play.

If there were any real doubts, Gronk erased lock as quickly as he took the ar in uniform to warm up. 

As you can see, however, Gronk"s ankle to be wrapped up favor a mummy. He may have actually been prepared to play, however he was no going to it is in 100 percent.

Kelly Clarkson Sings the national Anthem
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The press was top top Kelly Clarkson to finest Christina Aguilera"s rendition the the nationwide anthem at critical year"s supervisor Bowl.

She succeeded. Hers wasn"t the biggest national anthem in Super bowl history, yet it to be pretty solid. The drummers and the choir to be a nice touch.

And no, she didn"t flub any kind of lines. Not that ns noticed anyway.

Giants open up the Scoring through Questionable Safety
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If you had the an initial scoring play of Super key XLVI being an intentional grounding safety, you need to go to buy a lottery ticket, mine friend.

The Patriots began their very first drive top top their very own 6-yard line, and also it lasted specifically one play. Tom Brady take it the snap and dropped ago into the finish zone come pass. Once the rush came, that let it paris deep down the field.

No Patriots player remained in the area. That"s intentional grounding. Intentional ground connection in the finish zone is a safety.

So just like that, it was 2-0 Giants.

Victor Cruz Scores, Salsa Dances
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New England"s safety and security was bad. What taken place on brand-new York"s following possession was even worse because that the Pats.

After acquisition the cost-free kick, the G-Men drove ideal down the field, make it within the red zone v ease. It sought a minute that the Patriots had scored a an essential turnover, but it was called off due to the fact that they had actually 12 men on the field.

A couple plays later, Eli Manning hit Victor Cruz in the finish zone. The juggled the ball initially, yet he regulated to cave on because that the touchdown.

Then he salsa"d, as he is prone to do.

The extra point made it 9-0 Giants.

Giants Tight end Travis Beckum Tears His ACL
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With the Giants increase 9-3 in the second quarter, the game"s first major injury occurred.

Giants tight end Travis Beckum was jammed through a Patriots defender and also was viewed clutching his knee after he hit the deck. He had to be aided off the field.

A quick while later, it to be reported the Beckum had torn his ACL. ESPN"s note Clayton states he"s out until October at the earliest.

Patriots journey the size of the Field, gain Exclamation point from little Guy
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The Patriots finally regulated to gain into the end zone just before the finish of the half, and also boy, go they knife it.

The Patriots started inside their own 5-yard line v just around four minute to go in the half, and they proceeded come drive under the length of the ar in a 14-play journey that just wouldn"t die.

In the end, it was capped by a 4-yard happen from Tom Brady to Danny Woodhead. The drive ended with a just 11 secs on the clock.

The extra point put the Patriots increase 10-9.

Madonna's Epicly monster Entrance
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As soon as Madonna was tabbed to carry out the Super bowl halftime show, pigskin fans across the globe knew they to be in for something, um, unique.

Madonna did no disappoint. She gotten in the field on a gold throne being pulled through manslaves, conjuring up images from a an essential scene in 300.

Well, she is the Queen the Pop, right? A Queen that Pop needs to have a golden throne, right?


World Peace
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If you"re a pan of Madonna, she halftime performance was the ideal in Super key history.

If you"re not a fan of Madonna, she halftime power was the worst in Super bowl history.

The one point we have the right to all agree ~ above is the it at the very least looked nice cool and that the Metta civilization Peace shoutout at the end was nice awesome.

It wasn"t actually expected as a shoutout to the Lakers forward, of course, yet that"s how world took it. Moments after "World Peace" confirmed up on the field, Ron Artest and also #WorldPeace to be trending top top Twitter.

Brady come Hernandez Stretches new England's Lead
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The Patriots started the second fifty percent the same means they finished the first half: by steering the size of the field and punching the in for a touchdown.

This time, it was Tom Brady finding Aaron Hernandez because that the score. The was wide open ~ above the play, and he to be home cost-free as quickly as he recorded the ball.

All told, it was an eight-play, 79-yard drive capped through a 12-yard touchdown pass.

The extra allude made the 17-9 Patriots.

Tom Brady Goes under Hard
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It took till the third quarter for the Giants to record their an initial sack that the game. Justin Tuck to be the one who gained it, and Tom Brady was shaken up on the play.

Brady took his time walking back to the sideline, and also team medical professionals were checking him out when he acquired there. Back-up quarterback Brian Hoyer also started warming up.

However, Brady was able to return to the video game in the following series. The Patriots avoided disaster.

Giants shed Jake Ballard Too
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The Giants shed Travis Beckum come a torn ACL in the an initial half, and also they had to clock Jake Ballard go down v a knee injury in the second half.

Ballard go his ideal to obtain warmed up on the sidelines after that was assisted off the field, yet cameras recorded him sinking to the ground in pain.

Per ESPN"s man Clayton, Ballard to be ruled out through a left knee injury. His leave left the Giants v one healthy tight end.

Mario Manningham provides a excellent Catch
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In 2008, it to be David Tyree that made a brilliant catch to conserve the Giants" bacon in the 4th quarter.

In 2012, it to be Mario Manningham.

The Giants took over v fewer then four minutes to play in the 4th quarter and a 17-15 deficit to overcome. ~ above the very first play of the drive, Eli Manning uncorked a throw from within his own 10-yard line and found Manningham deep down the left sideline.

It was ruled a record at first, and also an instant replay evidenced it. Manningham obtained both feet down and also possession. 

The catch collection the Giants up in ~ midfield.

Ahmad Bradshaw's Yes!-No! Touchdown Run
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Four years ago, David Tyree"s brilliant catch was adhered to by a game-winning touchdown happen from Eli Manning come Plaxico Burress.

This year, Manningham"s brilliant capture was at some point followed through a touchdown operation by Ahmad Bradshaw that was slightly less anticlimactic. 

Put simply, the Patriots let Bradshaw score. Lock knew the Giants were going come score anyway, so they determined to allow them for this reason they could get the sphere back.

Bradshaw"s mistake was crossing the score line. That tried to avoid short, but his momentum moved him throughout for the touchdown.

The two-point counter failed, making it 21-17 Giants. 

After that, it was Tom Brady"s turn.

Close, however No Lombardi Trophy
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It was a hard-fought back-and-forth battle the totality way, so it makes sense that Super key XLVI would certainly come under to the mommy of all last plays: a Hail Mary.

With just 5 seconds left on the clock, Tom Brady heaved one in the direction of the end zone native midfield. Aaron Hernandez to be there wait for it, but he was swarmed through Giants defenders. Among them tipped it.

And it fell just out of rob Gronkowski"s reach.

Game over. Giants win, 21-17.

What a finish.

Eli Manning Wins Super bowl MVP. Again.
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Eli Manning was merely brilliant in Super key XLVI.

All told, Manning completed 30 of his 40 happen attempts for 296 yards and a touchdown. Simply as that did 4 years ago, he come up clutch once it mattered, making several vital throws in brand-new York"s final drive.

Naturally, that was called Super bowl MVP for the 2nd time.

He now has just as numerous Super bowl MVPs together Tom Brady and one much more than his older brother.

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