Located along Museum Mile in the heart of the historical District, Charleston’s premier arts museum offers a setup rich with history and charm. Meticulously restored to its initial grandeur, the Gibbes’ Beaux Arts structure boasts superior architectural details and unique spaces with soaring ceilings.Exchange vow under the opulent Tiffany-style glass dome in the Rotunda, or host your agree in the classical, 12,000 square foot Lenhardt Garden. No matter what you choose, you’ll give guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience in among Charleston’s most beautiful spaces.

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We for sure loved having our agree here. The an are is stunning on its very own so it makes the many beautiful backdrop for any type of wedding. Us did ours cocktail hour in the rotunda and reception in the garden. Having shopped about a bit, that quit...
e reasonable because that Charleston locations and also I would select it again nevertheless of budget. Katie was the ideal to work with throughout the to plan process. She to be super responsive, exceptionally thorough and also so lovely. She helped us with every question we had and stayed on optimal of us and also our planner also to make every little thing as seamless as feasible from begin to finish. We space so happy we made decision this beautiful space for our wedding and also would introduce to anyone and also everyone!
Beautiful!!! us knew we want a downtown venue and while ns entertained a couple of other site visits because that the sake of my then fiancé i knew we would certainly be getting married at The Gibbes. Katie was so beneficial throughout the whole planning process, includ...
ing many reschedules (thanks COVID). Our guest really appreciated touring the museum, we could not have asked because that a an ext perfect ar to say i do.
We can not have actually asked for a much more perfect venue. After ~ shopping around at some beautiful venues (none that which caught my eye in the same way), ns knew the 2nd I walked right into the Gibbes mid-construction the THIS to be it. I loved the very couple of ...
people had actually seen the an are in a fair amount the years- it would reason shock and also awe! I continued to feel that means during planning- every visit further solidified our choice. Everything was optimal notch, elegant, and beautiful- it was a wonder evening and also we to be so glad to get to welcome all of our guest in together an remarkable space. As a minimalist, ns truly appreciated having to perform very tiny to the an are in stimulate to do it what us wanted- a large selling suggest for us. I very recommend a component of your unique night in the rotunda (in addition to clearly the garden)- it's breathtaking.

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Hi Marina, say thanks to you so much for your sort words and also for taking the time to write a review, we really appreciate it! We are thrilled come hear how happy girlfriend were with your wedding at the Gibbes, and also we are so glad that we could contribute to m...

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