The handlebar deserve to fail when the vehicle is in operation, leading to the operator to lose regulate of the steering and also braking mechanism of the vehicle, posing a hazard of injury.

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Gibbs" sports Amphibians toll-free in ~ (877) 230-0888 in between 8 a.m. And also 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or virtual at www.quadski.comand click on Quadski or Quadski XL, go to the bottom that the page and click on "Recall" for more information.

This recall includes Gibbs" Quadski which is a one-seater and also Quadski XL i beg your pardon is a two-seater. The commodities are high speed amphibious vehicles that space an ATV on land, and also operate top top water. The recalled vehicles have actually HIN numbers ranging from US-GSA601J213 despite US-GSAJ1048C414 ~ above Quadski and US-GSAJ5001J213 despite US-GSAM5203H415 top top Quadski XL. HIN numbers are printed on a plate located on the appropriate rear corner of the vehicle. Brand and model surname are printed on the earlier panel and on the next of the vehicle.

Consumers should instantly stop using the recalled vehicles and contact one authorized dealer for a repair at no cost.

No customer incidents have been reported. 3 reports the breakage during testing have been reported; one connected injury come the neck the the check operator.

Gibbs sports Amphibians dealers nationwide indigenous January 2012 with October 2014 for around $42,000.


Specialized Bicycle materials Recalls Tarmac SL7 Bicycles and Framesets as result of Fall and also Injury Hazards

The bicycle’s fork steerer tube have the right to crack or break after harsh influence such as hitting a deep pothole or various other stress event, posing fall and injury perils to riders.



Luyuan Recalls Youth All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) as result of Crash Hazard and also Violation of federal ATV safety and security Standard

The youth ATVs fail come comply through the needs of the federal mandatory ATV safety and security standard, including maximum rate limitations and other obligated safety demands for vehicles plan for youngsters under 10 year of age. ATVs the fail to meet the obligated safety requirements pose a hazard of major injury or fatality to children.

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Venom Motorsports Recalls Youth design All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) as result of Crash Hazard and Violation the Federal security Standard; Sold solely on

The venom Motorsports youth model ATVs execute not accomplish mandatory safety requirements, including speed restrictions, posing a danger of major injury or death. The ATVs also were imported and also distributed in the U.S. Without a customer Product security Commission ( ATV action Plan, which consists of safety needs designed to protect users.