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Dimensions: 3.11 x 17.87 x 12.76 customs | Weight: 2.31 pounds | Intended Use: Indoor and also Outdoor | Recommended Age: 3 years and also up

What us Like

Can be played at bath time or in the pool

Cool color transformation

What us Don"t Like

It take away a when to drainpipe out Sisu's dragon body

She can't prevent raving around how Raya bravely seek the critical dragon, thus saving the kingdom that Kumandra and, subsequently, the world. With this shade Splash Water Toy, her 3-year-old toddler can proceed the epos adventure appropriate at home.

The 2-foot-long Sisu Dragon makes a good companion because that the Raya doll, and both can be dipped into warm water to disclose a magical shade transformation. Sisu can even sway she tail, so it looks like she's swim in the water.

Melissa & Doug Let"s beat House! Dust, move & Mop Set

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Dimensions: 4.5 x 11 x 28 inches | Weight: 4.5 pounds | Intended Use: at home | Recommended Age: 3 years and up

What us Like

Actually cleans

Great because that imitation play

What us Don"t Like

Dustpan is a tiny flimsy

Years from now, she might detest being told to aid sweep the floor, yet right now, she's likely taking the broom from you! This six-piece collection includes brightly colored cleaning tools, favor a mop, broom, and dustpan developed for pretend play. The devices are totally functional, too—so she'll actually assist clean while having a blast. It's a fun method to get little ones far from the screen and on your feet while additionally building confidence and motor skills.

Melissa & Doug deluxe Nina Ballerina Magnetic Dress-Up wooden Doll

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Melissa & Doug Nina Ballerina Magnetic Dress-Up set Review
Dimensions: 1 x 8.25 x 11.5 inch | Weight: 1.7 pounds | Intended Use: indoor | Recommended Age: 3 years and also up

What we Like

Encourages sorting, matching, and make-believe

Can be play alone

What us Don"t Like

No lid on tray because that the pieces

Tiny dancers will certainly love this fun wooden doll dress-up set. Comparable to a traditional file doll, it permits young youngsters to dress up the ballerina (named Nina), change her clothes, and have every sorts the make-believe fun. This doll, however, is do of sturdy wood, as room her outfits, and they’re every magnetic to make dressing and undressing she a snap.

There are 6 outfits to mix and match v a slew of accessories too. In all, there room 27 pieces, consisting of skirts, shirts, pants, a tiara, and ballet slippers, the course. There’s likewise a wooden stand included, so her tot have the right to easily show off all of her fashionable creations and spin Nina roughly the floor in dances she choreographs every by herself.

What Testers Say

"While the ide of playing v this set is simple, it in reality involves more layers of reasoning than you’d expect. It combine dress-up v dance and also sorting, matching, and the implicit challenge of creating the best outfit, which provides the toy an ext of a game-like feel."—Sarah Vanbuskirk, Product Tester

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Little Tikes 3-Foot Trampoline

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Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 33.5 customs | Weight: 13 pounds | Intended Use: at home | Recommended Age: 3 to 6 years

What us Like

Good because that indoor fun

Easy come assemble

What we Don"t Like

Foam top top handlebar have the right to tear through use

She can bounce all that power out on this cutetrampolinefromLittle Tikesthat’s perfect for her size. There’s a big surface area because that jumping, and the handlebar on peak will assist her save her balance if she springs up, down, and also all around. Designed for indoor use, it have the right to hold one child up come 55 pounds and also is a fun kind of exercise once playing exterior isn"t possible.

Parents love its straightforward assembly, v online reviewers noting the it’s well-made and a an excellent energy burner for tiny ones that can't sit still. A few people discussed that the foam handlebar can rip or tear with repeated use, however you can easily repair it through duct ice or tennis racket fixed tape. 

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VTech LeapFrog Scoop & learn Ice Cream Cart

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Dimensions: 8.27 x 20.58 x 23.77 customs | Weight: 4 pounds | Intended Use: indoor | Recommended Age: 2 come 5 years

What us Like

Helps toddlers learn colors and numbers

Includes education and learning phrases and also fun music

Batteries room included

What us Don"t Like

Cart on the smaller sized side

This ice cream cart from LeapFrog can take your child's imagination to new heights. It lets them scoop up their very own delicious ~ pretend treats, all while castle learning important things prefer colors and also numbers. Fun and also educational phrases and also upbeat music set the stage. It comes with 6 order cards, a magic scooper, ice cream cream scoops, cones, and toppings. Youngsters will love advertise it around, taking orders, and preparing treats because that anyone they can find. That comes through the three forced AA batteries, which means she can open up for business immediately.

Magna Tiles clear Colors 100 item Set

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Magna-Tiles clear Colors 100-Piece collection Review

Dimensions: 12 x 3 x 9 inch | Weight: 7 pounds | Intended Use: indoor | Recommended Age: 3 years and also up

What us Like

Easy-to-play STEM toy

Good because that solo and also collaborative play

Encourages patience

What us Don"t Like

Many piece to clean up

This simple collection of vivid 3D tiles lets tiny ones perform some pretty cool things. There are no rules, however they offer the possibility for open-ended play and also plenty of imagination to develop all sorts of creations. The vivid tiles snap together magnetically to develop shapes, scenes, and anything else she deserve to imagine.

It boasts 100 pieces, allowing your boy to produce plenty of 3D objects, yet all Magna-Tiles work together, and also you can combine it with other sets for dual the funny (and even more pieces).

What Testers Say

"The pieces have actually thin magnets along the edges the snap together easily and also make one ever-so-satisfying “clicking” noise. This renders it effortless because that younger kids who room still emerging their engine skills." —Danielle Directo-Meston, Product Tester

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GBD video game Smart Watch for Kids

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GBD game Smart watch for kids Review
Dimensions: 8.76 x 1.95 x 0.78 inch | Weight: 2.12 ounces | Intended Use: indoor | Recommended Age: 3 come 12 years

What we Like

Easy starter watch

Includes several games

Features a camera to take photos

What us Don"t Like

Not the many high-tech

Here’s part smart-looking wrist liquid for she that’s actually a smartwatch made simply for kids. It has actually a nice impressive collection of capabilities that space not just fun and functional but likewise educational.

From games and a calculator come a action counter and calendar, it’s all there best at her fingertips top top a handy touch screen. It also has a integrated camera so she have the right to take photos of whatever records her eye and add fun special effects and also borders come them, too.

It runs on a rechargeable ​lithium-ion battery (included) and also will run for about seven come 15 days after gift charged. The a an excellent travel toy—plus, it’s just adorable to see a 3-year-old checking she watch. Oh, and if pink isn’t she thing, it comes in other colors, too.​​​

What Testers Say

"I loved being able to collection time-per-day limits, so i didn’t have to worry about the distraction the 24-hour access. Parents will also appreciate that unlike many tech toys, this watch isn’t noisy. Every the games have assorted noises, and also the watch makes a solve “whoop” when toggling in between functions, however none that the sounds room super annoying." —Sarah Vanbuskirk, Product Tester

Baby Alive real As have the right to Be Baby

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Baby Alive genuine As can Be infant Review

Dimensions: 5.94 x 15 x 17.5 inches | Weight: 4 pounds | Intended Use: indoor | Recommended Age: 3 years and up

What we Like

Lifelike sounds and also noises

Interactive doll

What we Don"t Like


Many tiny girls are fascinated v dolls. If you're looking for the perfect doll to provide as a gift, the infant Alive collection has actually an child doll the looks choose the real thing and boasts end 80 lifelike expressions, movements, and also even real-life sounds.

The doll comes with a removable outfit, hat, bib, blanket, pacifier, bottle, and instructions so mom and dad can number out how to run their ~ do so baby. 

What Testers Say

"Despite the product name, that visually no the most lifelike doll, i m sorry is my only gripe. The doll absolutely looks favor a toy, with exaggerated eyes and also eyelashes and also smoothed-down whatever else. However, mine 3-year-old tester did no mind or an alert this in ~ all." —Sarah Vanbuskirk, Product Tester

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Melissa & Doug catch & Count wood Fishing Game

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Dimensions: 7.25 x 18 x 2.5 inch | Weight: 1.6 pounds | Intended Use: indoor | Recommended Age: 3 years and also up

What us Like

Helps kids learn around fishing

Great for learning numbers and motor skills

Magnetic piece for straightforward clean-up

What we Don"t Like

Short pole strings

This beloved wooden video game from Melissa & Doug is one all-around an excellent catch, and fun and also educational. That comes through two fishing rods and ten numbered fish, every one of which space magnetic. Kids can pat alone or with someone else together they turn the worm and shot to “catch” the fish v the number top top which they land. Contained are instructions on other means to play. When the funny is over, you have the right to store every the pieces in the mesh bag, make clean-up time a snap.

The tiny Blue box of Bright and also Early board Books

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Dimensions: 6 x 2.45 x 4.69 inch | Weight: 1.2 pounds | Intended Use: at home | Recommended Age: Up to 3 years

What we Like

Encourages reading and imagination

Convenient transporting case

What us Don"t Like

Books might not organize up fine without supervision

Books make great gifts for youngsters of every ages, and also a collection of Dr. Seuss books—even better! This gift collection includes four favorites because that a reasonable price "Hop top top Pop," "The form of Me and also Other Stuff," "Oh, the thinks You can Think!" and "Ten Apples up On Top!"

Kinetic Sand beach Sand

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Dimensions: 8 x 3.2 x 11 customs | Weight: 3.06 pounds | Intended Use: Indoor and also Outdoor | Recommended Age: 3 years and up

What us Like

Helps construct sensory and also motor skills

Encourages an imaginative thinking

Good for both indoors and outdoors

What us Don"t Like

Can obtain stuck in rugs and also carpet

Kinetic Sand is a cool way for youngsters to play with sand without making a huge mess. They can make a castle, play through it in a sensory bin orwater table, or usage cookie cutters and sand toys to make shapes. The principles are endless, and also parents will additionally want to get in top top the fun.

Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Reusable shade with Water task Pad

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Dimensions: 4.8 x 6.7 x 10 inches | Weight: 2.6 pounds | Intended Use: at home | Recommended Age: 3 years and also up

What us Like

Good for traveling and road trips

Includes 6 coloring books

Mess-free disappearing ink

What us Don"t Like

Cardboard can warp after ~ a while

Traveling through a toddler have the right to be tough if you’re not prepared. Luckily, these activity pads native Melissa & Doug are just the thing to have actually on hand come make roadway trips much more fun because that everyone. Six coloring books are included, each v a different theme (animals, vehicles, and also safari), and they're "mess-free," so you won't have to worry around cleaning the automobile afterward. Instead of utilizing crayons or markers, children use water-filled pen to lug these photos to life and also complete fun activities. When the “ink” dries, the colour disappear, and they deserve to start almost everywhere again!

Hape All-in-One wooden Kid"s arts Easel

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Dimensions: 18.9 x 15.9 x 41.8 inch | Weight: 1.1 pounds | Intended Use: Indoor and also Outdoor | Recommended Age: 3 years and up

What we Like

Encourages art and also creativity

Two sides v whiteboard and blackboard

Folds away for storage

What us Don"t Like

Must unscrew bottom to fold away

The budding artist will acquire a kick the end of this easel wherein she can display screen her an innovative talents. The collection includes three repaint pots and file to help get her started. What we love ideal is this folds up so you deserve to stow that away once not in use.

Hasbro Gaming Candyland

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Dimensions: 1.46 x 15.75 x 10.51 customs | Weight: 1.12 pounds | Intended Use: indoor | Recommended Age: 3 years and up

What we Like

Classic board game

Great for minimizing screen time

Good because that 2 come 4 players

What we Don"t Like

Adult assembly required

Say goodbye come screentime through this classic board game that is a great an initial foray into board games. She'll loss in love v the candy-themed board, and she doesn't should know just how to read to play along. This is a great gift for any type of family who desires to begin a board video game night tradition.

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Final Verdict

Our peak pick is the AMOSTING shade Matching Mosaic Pegboard, an educational playset that lets kiddos produce fun photos with the included "mushroom nails." Those interested in STEM might examine out the Magna-Tiles clean Colors 100-Piece Set, which earns high point out from our tester because that its versatility and also fostering of an imaginative play.

What to Look because that in a Toy for a 3-Year-Old Girl

Recommended period

Most playthings have period recommendation ~ above the packaging. These guidelines are there for a reason— they serve as critical gauge of safety and stimulation, to add Kristin Morency Goldman, an elderly advisor that strategic communications for The Toy Association.


Toys labeling 3+ may contain small parts the pose a choking hazard, Goldman notes. Although her child might technically meet this period requirement, use your ideal judgment based upon their level the maturity. If her toddler quiet mouths many of their toys, they might not be prepared for these species of toys. Mental manufacturer proposal are simply that—an estimate based upon expected maturity and motor skills—a great guideline but not one absolute.


Sometimes an easy toys are tons of fun, yet toys with much more than one duty tend to organize kids’ attention longer. Together your toddler grows, look at for toys that light up, move, make noise, or have actually some interactive features. Playthings with much more than one role are also great.

Educational value

Toys don’t need to be learning-based to have educational value. There are plenty of traditional toys—pretend play sets, scooters, puzzles, building set, memory games, and more—that assist your toddler build important physical, language, and cognitive skills, suggests Dr. Natasha Burgert, a doctor in Overland Park, Kansas.

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