Deluxe Chemo Gift Basket because that Men

This luxurious men’s chemotherapy gift basket is overstuffed through items that will certainly arm the masculine cancer patient with whatever he needs to look and also feel his finest during cancer treatment. Each item has actually a certain purpose and also has been chosen to aid ease the nausea the chemotherapy, nourish the skin, keep the mind occupied during treatment, rise the immune system, or relax. Everything he needs to rock the TREATMENT™!




Lindi Skin human body Lotion – Lindi Skin is a premier skin care manufacturer the formulates clinically-proven skin assets specifically designed come soothe and also relieve the impacts resulting indigenous cancer treatment. That is unscented as particular scents space bothersome to chemotherapy patients. *Lindi Skin is experiencing a nationwide shortage. Lotion form may vary.

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Lindi Skin face Serum – that can likewise be tough to discover a confront moisturizer that is an ideal while experience treatment. However this confront serum from Lindi Skin is excellent, made especially for chemo patients undergoing treatment. *Lindi Skin is enduring a national shortage. Lotion type may vary.

Dionis Goat Milk Skincare – Goats carry out milk with a pH remarkably similar to the of our very own skin. It is normally chock complete of vitamins, lipids, and triglycerides to fortify and also prevent moisture loss. The is unscented as particular scents space bothersome to chemotherapy patients.

Dionis Goats Milk Lip Care – Infused v nourishing goat milk and filled through antioxidants Vitamin E come soothe and smooth dried lips. Might contain Milk & Honey because that gentle heal or Peppermint for aid with nausea.

Queasy Pops – Queasy pops room a drug-free and also tasty method of helping to carry out relief indigenous nausea connected with chemo treatments. Make from all-natural herbs and also essential oils and also developed by medical care professionals. It also serves to alleviate dry mouth which is another really common problem.
Dry Mouth Lozenges – These substantially assists in combating the an extremely common side result of dried mouth. It likewise gently cleans and soothes minor mouth irritations commonly experienced by chemotherapy patients.

Cozy warmth Socks – treatment rooms are generally cold as result of the medications. Extra soft socks help to store feet warm and also the patience comfortable.

* Colors, range and design may vary, topic to availability.

Knit Chemo Cap – This super soft hat is a greatway come remind her loved one to stay upbeat during their cancer journey.. They space embroidered with v love by Spectrum Designs. Spectrum hires adults that space “on the spectrum”. These adults space taught a trade and given the possibility to live an elevation lifestyle.
RTT health and wellness Organizer – as a chemo patient, yes actually quite a lot of to keep track of, which is particularly complicated when struggling with treatment. There space appointments, tests, notes about medical history, reminders, and much more. This journal is digital and designed especially for who undergoing treatment to save track of every one of it without struggling to save folders and notebooks straight. Files can be uploaded and saved/shared or it may be printed and put into a folder/binder.
Spa lull Eye Pillow – providing localized relief through either a heat or cool touch, this pillows can be provided for a organize of discomforts. Warmth in the microwave and also apply to wherever your body needs it. Cool in the freezer and let the cold therapy treat injuries or relax headaches. This pillow is scented through peppermint vital oils and aides in easing nausea and also headaches.

Adult color Book – Coloring has actually been proven to have therapeutic potential to mitigate anxiety, produce focus, lug about much more mindfulness and ease symptoms of depression. These beautifully shown intricate designs room a fun and an imaginative way to relax. Complete with a set of colored pencils and a self-storing pencil sharpener v an eraser.

* Colors, range and architecture may vary, topic to availability.

Note Cards – Some treatments take plenty of hours, many civilization find lock would favor to usage this time productively. It deserve to be a perfect time to capture up top top thanking friends and family for presents or support.
Puzzles – many chemo patients absence the concentration to review a publication during treatment, however they need something to focus their mind. These assorted puzzle publications and mind teasers are the perfect services for focused concentration.
Green/Peppermint Tea – High in antioxidants, peppermint tea will serve come soothe nausea and headaches. Warmth & relaxing, body and soul.
Hand Sanitizer – Cancer therapy reduces the immune system, that is crucial the hand are always clean.
Peppermint Candy – This an easy familiar liquid serves many purposes. Peppermint is recognized to aid calm nausea, ease headaches and will assist to soothe dried mouth connected with treatment.

Fruit & seed Mix – Dried fruit and also nuts space chock full of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and proteins. This snack will assist boost power levels and a great in a jiffy.

* Colors, range and style may vary, subject to availability.

Dark cacao Covered Berries/Nuts – Dark chocolate, nuts, and also berries are well known for their powerful antioxidants and are a sweet way to aid boost the immune system.
Sandwich Crackers – While taking medication it is necessary to not have an north stomach. This have the right to be daunting for chemo patients together they are frequently nauseous. This individually wrapped snack packs are the perfect on-the-go solution. The crackers help to offset nausea and the protein can aid boost energy.
Jelly ship Cocktail Collection – Seriously, who needs a cocktail an ext than you? These tiny “mocktails” offer to sweeten the day. Strawberry Daiquiri, Pomegranate Cosmo, Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, Mojito, and Margarita have all of the spices of your favorite cocktail and also none that the hangover!

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My brother has actually pancreatic cancer and we live much from every other, for this reason I sent out this care package and he received it on a particularly low day. The loved opened this box of countless treats and assists, specific to his chemo experience. Thank you because that this product the cheered him!

The factor to purchase this basket is never a good one but this point really is a tiny basket that wonders. The smallest things make the best differences and also my brothers loved the hat and also everything within was for this reason useful. Also the woman who runs the company is for this reason sweet and caring. Would highly recommend

Sawyer, we space so happy come hear the your brother loved her gift (and the Hat!). Us hope it carried him part smiles and also comfort during a difficult time. Praying for him to!!! say thanks to you for taking the moment to share your thoughts. Blessings.

I to buy this because that my uncle and he loves it. I appreciate the personalized email I received when I ordered and also the fast distribution of it to mine uncle.

Heatherly, we space so happy to hear that your Uncle loved her gift. We considerably appreciate friend sharing your thoughts and wish girlfriend Uncle and family countless blessings.

The basket was tremendous and, significantly welcomed by mine brother-in-law. It to be filled with many wonderful items the were pack beautifully. That was emotion so exceptionally tired and down spirited after returning house from the ER. His oncologist tho isn"t sure what brought about the set back the a high heat spike after his 6 hour chemo session. This basket was so needed and comforting come him. The kindness of Stacy Berk in her response emails, the basket itself and the quick delivery, do this firm a blessing and pleasure v which to perform business. Give thanks to you!

Kate, give thanks to you so lot for the type words and also for taking the moment to share your thoughts. We room so sorry to hear the your brothers in regulation is not feeling well. We hope the your gift brought him a small joy and some comfort. Wishing you all numerous blessings.

There are a many of assets included in the box and also most of castle are very useful. A couple things to cite though, the peppermints are so high in sugar. Sugar is a problem so we finished up buying a significant brand that has actually 11 less grams the sugar per serving. The would likewise be nice to have the choice to pick items- particularly the eye mask. It’s beaded for this reason doesn’t occupational for the patient but, if a non-beaded mask has actually been readily available it would have actually helped. Other than that, whatever he has actually tried native the box has been at sight helpful and also we will replenish the stock when we operation out. OH! If friend could carry out where come reorder the items in the box, the would also be super helpful!

Jennifer, thank you so lot for your feedback. We usage this info to enhance our gifts. We room glad to hear that there were may items that have been very helpful. You re welcome feel free to contact us if friend need an ext of any item. Plenty of blessings.

i jjst want to re-publishing feedback the the recipient felt the items were no nutritious enough, and were a little on the sugary side. He is an extremely high maintenance but the basket became much more of a "its the believed that counts" 보다 a useful option.

Lisa, give thanks to you very much for the feedback. We use this information when making decision on the items us select. We apprecatiate you sharing. Numerous blessings.

I notified this item because that my kid who 3 weeks back was diagnosed with leukemia. That is 58 years old and also truly enjoyed and also still enjoys making use of your products. That is hospitalized and wears his hat once he walk walking his daily miles indoors. Thank you much! UD LENZ

Ursula, we are so i m really sorry to hear around your son"s diagnosis. That is wonderful that your gift brings him joy and comfort as he ROCKS his TREATMENT. Wishing friend all many blessings.

Me and my household recently purchase this because that my Grandpa. He love it for this reason much! that was quick shipping and he stated all the stuff in the box we ordered (we got him the large) do the treatments a tiny bit easier. Ns so glad ns bought this because that him!

Aiyanna, We space so happy that your gift carried your grandpa some comfort and joy throughout a an overwhelming time. Give thanks to you for taking the time to share your lovely thoughts. Many blessings come you all.

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I purchased the rock the treatment basket because that an old friend/old boss guy of mine regrettably it to be a tiny to late he passed far right before he to be able to get it...but give thanks to you for what the worth

It was great! basic to use website and also the shipment went well. My friend was an extremely touched when he got the basket. Thank you!

Kristen, We space so thrilled that your friend delighted in receiving her gift. We evaluate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Wishing friend a blessed and healthy 2021

I"m just finishing my very first cycle, and also this bag has been great for bolstering my confidence. It had every little thing I necessary on job 1 and really make me feel much more comfortable through this process!

Michael, we are so glad the you uncovered our gift helpful and that the made girlfriend feel more comfortable. Wishing you plenty of blessings.

continue to absent cancer’s butt!! below are just a few things to assist keep your super powers at maximum and keep going. Thinking of you! Forget her worries and also focus top top taking care of yourself. You have always done so lot for others. Currently is the moment to concentration on yourself together you occupational to obtain well. “Courage doesn’t always roar. Occasionally courage is the small voice in ~ the finish of the job that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” This is to assist get v this time lot easier. Wishing you lot luck and also sending tons of positive energy your way. Fate whispers come the Warrior, ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’ The Warrior whispers back, ‘I to be the storm.’ To whatever there is a season. Sending out you bunches of hugs and kisses. May your job be as wonderful together you are. Feel much better soon. Us love you and also think of girlfriend daily. Every my love and also support to you together you fight this. * She stood in the storm, and when the Wind did no come her way, She changed her sails * Storms come and also go ! they are periodically a fierce thunderstorm or microburst yet our resilience , our family and also our friends provide safe harbor and security for us. I am sending confident thoughts ! us hope this basket of goodies brings some comfort and also relief for your journey ahead. Sending out you lot love and also light. We hope several of these things aid and bring you comfort. Stay strong! We space all sending you our positive energy and strength. Girlfriend gotta look for the great in the bad, the happy in her sad, the get in your pain, and what makes you grateful not hateful. Ns love you! this is to chemo offering you at sight powers. I hope every this stuff helps friend feel much better in lots of tiny ways so you recognize I am through you every action of the way! Take care of yourself, and also I expect these things help! Hugs, hope items in this basket make chemo a small bit easier! just a small something to let you understand I’m reasoning of you together you undergo her recovery. Wishing you all the best, as you are a fighter! You’re stronger than cancer and we’re all rooting because that you. We will be praying because that you. Reasoning of you…sending prayers of toughness & healing together you rock this TREATMENT! aside from our prayers and support we hope this helps through your fight as well… stay strong! I thought you would gain this basket an ext than a tree or flowers. I recognize I would! i hope the items in the basket will certainly make you feeling better. I will be ideal with you together you begin your journey to a complete recovery. This is to help you acquire through her chemotherapy. Us hope it help to do you an ext comfortable. You room so an excellent at making others comfortable so currently it’s her turn. Fear not, for ns am with you; be not dismayed, for ns am your God: I will certainly strengthen you, ns will aid you, I will uphold you v my righteous hand. Isaiah 41:10 we hope this basket will administer you with some comfort and also support throughout your treatments. Sending with our love and prayers, because that you and also your family. We desire to allow you know we are thinking of you. We recognize chemo is no easy, so us hope this basket complete of goodies will assist you “Rock the Treatment” and make things a little an ext bearable. Us love you and want you much better real soon! ns hope this will assist you gain through the difficult times. Understand that you and also your family are in mine prayers. Stay encouraged! YOU gained THIS! This gift basket is a small reminder of exactly how much ns think and pray because that you every day. You space a warrior in every sense of the word. Hope now finds girlfriend feeling better than yesterday. Keep getting stronger every day! The internet tells me this ingredient helps v chemo and also associated boredom and the net never lies. Sending out you a basket the goodies come hopefully lug a tiny comfort come you during this challenging time. You room in every our thoughts and prayers. I just wanted girlfriend to recognize I continue to think around you as you go v this time. Wish ns was physical closer to you while friend go with the treatment. Mine thoughts and also prayers space with you always and ns am a phone speak to away anytime. Sending Happy Thoughts and also Prayers her Way! “Survival Kit…Break open up In situation of Emergency” us wish you a full and also speedy recovery. Expect this can assist keep her mind off of work and also treatments. WE room ALL BEHIND friend IN THIS FIGHT. Us LOVE YOU and also ARE right here FOR YOU!! Please understand we’re thinking of you and sending every one of our confident thoughts and prayers her way! us hope the items in this basket can make her chemo suffer a little more bearable. Just a tiny something to help keep friend comfortable during your treatment. I recognize you are solid and will certainly fight difficult — you got this. I will certainly be reasoning of you. Heal vibes, love, care, comfort and also support to you. We room with you and love you. You room a resource of impetus to so countless even as you face this challenge. Hope you enjoy everything in this basket!! ns wish I could be there with you during this challenging time, choose you are constantly there because that me. But since I can’t, here are a couple of things to hope make her chemo a little more tolerable. I love you much more than anything. Wishing you more great days 보다 bad. Sending love, prayers, and also hugs. Hope this will assist you to gain thru this dreadful time. Sending every one of our love and also prayers. We space praying because that you and HOPE to encourage you together you kick chemo’s “butt”! never ever let this define. Give it HELL. Take on this world. Stand and also be strong, no never provide up you will overcome with love and also fight! Here’s to having happy moments also in the toughest of times! We space cheering for your recovery. You mean a lot to us and we evaluate you and everything friend do. “Those that hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings choose eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will certainly walk and not it is in faint. Isaiah 40:31 To provide you comfort as you heal. Stay the course. You got this, and know that plenty of are supporting and praying great thoughts, prayers and also cure. Please know that you’re no alone, and also that we are here for girlfriend in any means you need. Fill your veins v medicines, fill your heart through love, fill her mind v determination and also fill your heart with hope so the cancer has no ar to remain in her life. You are in room thoughts and prayers. Even though we space miles apart you are still near and also dear come our hearts. It is in strong! it is in positive! We have your back! sending out our thoughts, prayers, and also love; with heartfelt open up arms we support, embrace, and admire your enduring strength. Us hope you discover some joy and comfort in this tiny box. Us love you and also are praying because that you. One treatment at a time and also you can obtain through it. You’ve been insanely brave and such an inspiration. Expect this helps you “ROCK the TREATMENT”! You room our hero! keep kicking cancers butt! Take care of yourself for all of us. We require you! much love and prayers sent out your means every day!