The 10 finest Tech presents For TV lover Whether they"re city hall at home or on the go, TV lover of all kinds will certainly appreciate these thoughtful gifts, consisting of smart remotes and also wireless headphones.

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Split photo of a Yamaha soundbar under a TV in a living room and also a Harmony Elite smart remote.
Binge-watching TV reflects has become a favorite past-time thanks to streaming services that make entire seasons of brand-new series easily accessible all in ~ once. Watching movies at residence has also become a popular activity as upgraded home entertainment products permit for a completely immersive endure akin to the cinema.

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Those who love TV can constantly further boost the suffer at home, even if it is it"s with a new, larger and higher-resolution TV, better speakers, upgraded streaming device, and also more. Many of this items also make good gifts when trying to find that perfect current for a love one.

A TV screen showing the to apologize TV+ home screen, a Roku streaming player in the corner.
The most renowned streaming TV services incorporate Netflix, Amazon prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+, apologize TV+, and also Peacock. Opportunities are even the most enthusiastic TV lover isn"t subscribed to all of them. Yet if there"s a display or two they can like, signing up because that a one-year subscription will be appreciated.

Pricing varies, however there space promotions happening every the time, and chances room a full year have the right to be had for under $100. Cancel ~ the period is up or continue to renew each year as a thoughtful recurring gift.

Streaming rod Or Media Player

Roku to express streaming media player and also the remote sitting top top a table.
Even through a clever TV, a streaming stick can offer a much more intuitive interface along with plenty of exclusive streaming channels. Roku, for example, has its very own channel with loads of contents exclusive come its interface, along with giving access to all the most well-known streaming services (with a subscription).

Streaming sticks and also players indigenous brands choose Roku, Amazon, and also Google Chromecast are basic to collection up through plugging straight into a TV"s HDMI port and following basic set-up instructions. They deserve to be provided in multiple locations, from the cabin come a hotel or friend"s house, and make affordable gifts.

Big screen TV

An LG 4K TV placed on a wall in the a living room, a home window in watch on the left.
Ideally a gift because that the family, one upgraded TV deserve to make every the distinction in the city hall experience. Walk as huge as feasible for the room and opt for a 4K TV due to the fact that even without a 4K source, plenty of 4K TVs will certainly still upconvert HD signals to carry out a better picture.

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There space two main TV types, LED, i beg your pardon every company has their very own name for (LG"s, because that example, are NanoCell when Samsung LED TVs are called QLED). But for the absolute best photo quality, including the blackest of blacks, splurge on an OLED TV.


A Yamaha soundbar mounted under a TV in a life room setup through pink lighting.
A complete 5.1 or 7.1 sound system can not it is in feasible early out to spending plan or room constraints, but even one of the finest soundbars can enhance the audio beyond what emits indigenous the TV"s built-in speakers. Numerous soundbars boast technology that mimics the sound that multiple speakers for hear immersive audio from the left, right, center, and with soundbars the include technology like Dolby Atmos, even from above.

For watching action movies and also TV shows, sports, and even playing video clip games, a soundbar included to the equation can make the experience much more exciting. And also they don"t take up lot room, placing neatly listed below the TV.

Smart Remote

Most TVs come v fabulous remotes this days, in addition to apps for using a smartphone or tablet for regulating playback. But this can drain a phone"s battery quickly, and TV remotes, for the many part, can"t control other devices in the home.

Look into a clever remote that have the right to be used to control not just the TV but additionally other elements of the home entertainment experience, favor lighting. This might require a separate system or clever hub to tie it all together. However even a clever remote that can regulate the TV via touch and also voice, and also store favourite settings, is a advantageous gift.

An AV receiver can function as the control hub for the entertain experience, connecting a multitude of tools for watching from different sources, while likewise amplifying the sound through associated speakers.

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Products choose a cable or satellite TV recipient box, video clip gaming console, streaming media box, Blu-ray player, or also a difficult drive for playing content indigenous a private library deserve to all it is in connected, depending on how many inputs the recipient has. Through an AV receiver, it"s an easy to seamlessly move from one source to another.

There"s nothing particularly high-tech around these, but TV lovers often have a display or 2 that lock are specifically enamored with. And also chances are, if that show is a peak one in well-known culture, there"s a Funko Pop! bobblehead of the key characters. Discover one or 2 that fit and wrap them up for a pleasant surprise they can place in their house theater area together their other collectibles.

From sitcom Funko mr every TV lover should own come superheroes, and also popular personalities in dramas, thrillers, and also other category of TV, there room plenty that bobbleheads to pick from.

Smart Speaker

A clever speaker could sound prefer an odd gift for a TV lover, yet it all goes with producing the appropriate ambiance. V a smart speaker and compatible residence entertainment system, a single command have the right to queue up a favourite streaming service, or also a certain show location or channel.

With smart lights together well, collection a finish "scene" for TV viewing: revolve on the TV, move the input, and dim the lights because that an atmospheric viewing experience.


The 2nd screen experience is typical while city hall TV, with a smartphone in hand play mindless gamings while likewise watching, or even looking increase information about characters, actors, or other details related to what"s ~ above the huge screen.

A tablet enhances this endure with a bigger second screen and frees up the smartphone to protect against overuse and also battery drain. Plus, it have the right to come in handy for watching TV top top the walk through miscellaneous streaming apps. If there are plenty of premium tablets from which to choose, the finest cheap tablets will conserve a couple of bucks.

TV lovers aren"t always watching while sit on the couch at house in front of a large screen. TV is increasingly consumed top top the go - top top a mobile device during a morning commute, top top a treadmill while working out at the gym, or even while wait in the airport because that a flight.

A great pair of headphones renders it straightforward to watch everywhere without disturbing others. And also a wireless pair eliminates those pesky wires that can gain in the way, particularly when moving from one spot come another, choose hopping turn off a train once arriving at the right protect against or placing away items on a aircraft once the descent has actually begun.

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