Maybe they currently have everything, or maybe they take minimalism to brand-new heights and also just don’t desire any an ext “things.” i confess I fall into the last camp, and it cd driver my family members crazy come Christmas.

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Regardless that the reason, hard-to-shop-for people require part extra creativity on your part. Fortunately, it’s simpler than ever to to buy outstanding gifts for also the most challenging recipient.

Forget the normal humdrum gifts. This time around, give them something they can actually use.

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Unique Gift principles for someone Who has Everything

1. A online Assistant

Money is a renewable resource, however time is not. So think about giving your recipient the gift that more complimentary time.

A online assistant(VA) can assist take a wide variety of chores off your plate: repetitive work-related tasks, contacting customer company departments, controlling their inbox, bookkeeping, scheduling, take trip planning — the perform goes on.

Whatever personal work or chores her recipient to be planning to do following Saturday morning if the kids were watching cartoons, you can offer them the time back. They deserve to then invest it through their family, doing your favorite hobby, or just capturing up ~ above much-needed sleep.

Best of all, as soon as they gain over the initial awkwardness of delegating their an individual chores come a digital assistant, they have the right to start regaining time because that themselves every solitary week by continuing to work with your VA.

Check out BELAYor WoodBowsas full-service VA placement companies, or hire a online assistant directly through a freelance website choose Fiverr or Upwork. It provides a great last-minute gift you deserve to buy and also print instantly.

2. One Experience

Most of us already have sufficient stuff. Us don’t need one more knickknack to clutter up our living rooms or an additional toy to play with for a job or two and also then collection aside.

Think past physical items and also give an experience instead. When you prepay for an occasion or experience, your friend or family member it s okay a funny adventure to remember and possibly gains brand-new skills and also memories — every one of which room much much more valuable than a new iPhone speak or pair the shoes. It’s likewise a an ext thoughtful gift, mirroring you took the moment to plan something because that them rather than purchase them one more bland gift set.

Experience presents can include:

A massageAn airplane flying lessonA hot air balloon rideSkydivingWhitewater raftingTickets come a gallery opening at a neighborhood museumA alcohol tasting

Check out Vayable, Groupon, and also LivingSocial because that experience-based presents for any budget. And if you want to provide tickets to an occasion but don’t know the specific seats or event the recipient would like, straight the recipient to Vivid Seats for this reason they can pick their own.

Pro tip: If money is an concern this year, companies prefer Zebit are right here to help. With Zebit, you’ll get up come $2,500 of credit transaction to shop because that items, and also then you have the right to pay them earlier over time. The best part is there are no covert fees, therefore you never pay a penny end the checkout price.

3. Gift Cards

Some people think gift cardsare a cop-out, but consider this: world who have everything clearly know what they want. Why pressure a gift ~ above them that they no looking for?

There’s no dead in buying who a gift card or gift certificate for their favorite store or activity. It shows you pay attention to their choices while acknowledging they prefer to shop because that themselves. Even if it is it’s for your favorite clothing store or a brand-new restaurant, a gift card tells the recipient the gift is truly about them and not your need to present off her creativity.

Stop thinking around the sort of gift you’drather give, and also buy them the type of gift they’drather receive.

4. A Night Out

Everyone needs a night out sometimes — solitary people, date people, married couples. There are only so countless nights in a row you have the right to stay in and watch Netflix.

Plan a day night or night out for your recipient, from begin to finish. It might include a dinner reservation and gift card, pre- or post-dinner cocktails in ~ a swanky bar, movie tickets from Fandango, theater or sporting occasion tickets, transportation, even tickets come a fundraiser gala. The important point is you do all the logistical planning for them, so all they need to do is gussy themselves up and also stroll out the door.

Finally, if your recipient has actually young children, don’t forget to plan for babysitting v someone they already know and trust (more on that below).

5. Babysitter Service

Parents the young youngsters need nights — and also days — out more than anyone. Give them the gift of breathing room and time to simply worry around themselves for once.

You can hire a sitter friend know and trust or go v a service like Just remember, numerous parents feeling anxious around leaving their children with anyone various other than sitters they’ve offered before. For this reason you may need to execute a small sleuthing to discover those people and arrange your services.

Or, of course, you can offer your own business as a sitter.

Even if you don’t setup anything rather for their day or night out, rental a sitter because that a block that time can provide your loved on the excuse castle were searching for to gain out that the house for part “me time.”


6. Residence Cleaning Service

The critical thing most of united state want to do once we’re not working is scrub our toilets and shower tiles. A residence cleaning business offers one an ext option for helping her recipient reclaim shed time.

You deserve to hire a neighborhood or nationwide clean service. Shot, or the amusingly title You’ve acquired Maids. Your recipient gets a cleaner home, a happier relationship, and also their Saturday back to spend however they like. Win, win, win.

7. A member or Subscription

Consider it the gift the keeps ~ above giving. Girlfriend can offer your love one access to a year’s worth of entertainment with a video streaming service like Netflix,Hulu, Disney+, or Amazon element Video. If they’re a publication or music lover, provide them one audiobook company like Audible, or a music business like Spotifyor Sirius XM.

For friends with kids, you might give a member to a neighborhood children’s museum, kid’s gymnasium, zoo, or aquarium. Or you could opt for a member to anything native Costco to AAA to magazine subscriptions.

A subscription crate membership is another great gift. My Subscription Addictionis a an excellent resource to discover boxes for just about any interest and also budget.

Not certain where to start? select a society or association the would mean something to your recipient, and then call them come ask if they market gift memberships for purchase. Every time the recipient accesses their membership benefits, they’ll think that you.

8. Enjoy the meal Kit delivery Service

Meal kit shipment services provide all the ingredients for meals v easy-to-follow recipes. Castle convenient, lock easy, they conserve trips come the grocery store, and they can aid dieters avoid bad food choices.

Due to your meteoric climb in popularity, you have actually plenty of enjoy the meal kit shipment services to select from. Part reputable options includeHome Chef, Green Chef, and HelloFresh.And if your recipient do the efforts a enjoy the meal kit organization for a couple of weeks and also likes the results, it may be just the notice they needed to proceed the healthy recipe habit on your own.

If you opt to provide a enjoy the meal kit delivery service, play increase the convenience and time-saving angles quite than the potential weight loss or health and wellness benefits. Many human being want nothing much more in the human being than to shed weight, and also you could aid them execute it. Yet no one likes emotion judged or prodded to improve their health. Tread carefully.

9. Cooking Classes

Alternatively, some people would cook an ext at home — and cook healthy dishes — if they felt much more confident in the kitchen.

Cooking classes from someplace favor Sur La Table sheathe a wide variety of cooking skills, such together basics choose meal prep and also how to usage kitchen utensils, intermediary lessons on just how to chef quickly and efficiently v appliances favor pressure cookers and air fryers, and advanced lessons such as pairing wines through food.

Besides gift a fun experience gift because that foodies, food preparation classes can truly transform her recipient’s and also their family’s lives. I confess ns wish someone had provided my mom a cooking course or two once I was farming up.

10. A Personalized Gift

When someone already has everything, a an individual touch have the right to mean the difference in between just another gift and something important meaningful. As soon as you order something engraved, embroidered, or otherwise designed especially for her recipient, you show you’ve placed real thought and effort into finding the perfect gift.

Personalized gifts don’t need to be flashy or expensive. A couple of ideas to gain your creativity flowing include:

Photo socksA keychain through important days (such as anniversaries or birthdays) noted on itA leather journal with an embossed surname or messagePersonalized jewelryAn engraved flaskEngraved alcohol glassesA personalized wood cutting board

Just make certain you placed thought right into the gift and that it’s something the person can genuinely use.

Check out Etsyfor a seemingly endless variety of personalized gift options.

11. Surname a Star after ~ Them

This gift idea nears the red zone in between sweet and also hokey. Yet you’d be surprised exactly how many world find the romantic. After ~ all, who doesn’t love the idea of gift immortalized?

Several services permit you to specifically name stars after her loved ones. Examine out the virtual Star Registerand CosmoNovafor two reputable options.

Be all set to an episode a star map and also a telescope to point out the exact star to her recipient. Note the occasion v a glass the champagne come up the romance factor.

12. A Bluetooth record Player

For the audiophile or hipster on your gift list, it’s difficult to walk wrong with a vintage vinyl player.

Modern document players make a funny gift for civilization who gain gadgets. For an affordable option, examine out this vintage Bluetooth turntablewith vinyl to MP3 recording from Victrola. Or walk a small higher-end v this totally automatic, die-cast aluminum turntablefrom Audio-Technica.

Add to the gift by consisting of a vinyl version of her recipient’s favorite album.

13. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Last Christmas, i splurged and also bought myself a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones. I don’t know how I live without them in the loud mutual office where I work.

It’s choose wrapping myself in mine own personal sound bubble. Sometimes I revolve them on through no music playing simply to reap the family member silence.

Those details headphones sit firmly on the high end of the market, yet you can buy noise-canceling headphones on any budget. Audiophile or not, her recipient could probably usage a little an ext peace and quiet in your life. Give them the gift of escaping loud modern life whenever they want and also carving the end a little an ext space because that themselves, even if only mentally because that a couple of moments.


14. A scrape Map

My wife is an international educator, as are many of our friends overseas. Us all love global travel, and most of us keep scrape maps to visually monitor our journeys.

Like scratch-off lottery tickets, scrape maps come v all countries coated through silver or gold plating. As you visit a country, you scratch it off the map. Because that the take trip lover on your list, it makes a fun and also inexpensive gift.

I personally like a vintage-looking scrape map the looks favor it fell off a museum’s shelf. Scrape maps that distinguish in between states in nations like the US, Brazil, and also China is a great way come be an ext specific. Examine out this extra-large vintage scratch map native Maps Internationalas a good example.

You can’t walk wrong v a scratch map as among the finest travel presents for menor women.

15. Airline Tickets

If you have actually a much more sizable budget, consider giving the gift that airline tickets for her friend or household member’s dream trip.

Most of united state don’t need much more stuff, yet we would certainly love come see more of the world. However a research commissioned through OnePollfound an ext than 50% of american don’t even have a passport.

Help your recipient endure widen their horizons and push past their comfort zone. If they’ve never ever been to Europe, for example, take into consideration these affordable european countries.

Unlike the pullover you offered them last year, it will make for a gift they’ll never forget. Just be sure you involve them in the procedure to make certain the dates work for them and also you publication a location they actually want to visit.

16. Take trip Accommodations

Flights make expensive gifts. To aid out through their travel costs, consider booking lock one or an ext nights’ accommodations.

There room plenty the affordable choices to hotels, plenty of of which prove far an ext authentic and also memorable. I don’t remember many of the corporate hotel stays in my life, but I deserve to remember every guest home in east Europe, every bed and breakfast in southern America, and every Airbnb continue to be in southern Africa.

If your recipient would rather choose their accommodations themselves, you deserve to buy gift cards for Airbnb or a major hotel chain.

17. A national Parks Pass

Does your recipient love the outdoors? provide them unlimited access to end 2,000 commonwealth recreation sites, consisting of national parks, forests, and also other locations managed by the bureau of floor Management.

An annual pass indigenous the nationwide Park Serviceis how amazing affordable and also makes particular sense for recipients who live close to a park they love come visit. However it also serves together an pardon to take trip the country and also see an ext of its herbal attractions.

For hikers, campers, backpackers, and nature lovers, an yearly park pass provides a perfect gift.

18. A Lens Kit for your Phone Camera

Mobile call cameras have come a long way since the mid-2000s, rivaling the photo quality of complete digital cameras a te ago. But they come through one major limitation: the lens. Friend can’t expand it to zoom, and also you can’t swap it out for wide-angle shots.

Fortunately, you have the right to now buy mobile call lens kits. In seconds, you deserve to snap ~ above a zoom, wide-angle, or fish-eye lens to your phone’s camera. Lock tiny and also light, making them perfect for take trip photography as soon as you’re travel light.

Try this affordable 9-in-1 lens kit from MACTREMto convert practically any smartphone into a flexible digital camera.

19. A 23andMe genetic Test

You deserve to learn a lot native a hereditary test: helpful insight such as health risks and predispositions, genealogy information about your family’s roots, also amusing details such as celebrities v tenuous hereditary links to you.

For the person who currently has all the stuff they want, think about giving castle the gift that a glimpse into their family’s past through 23andMe’s genetic trial and error kit.

It might spark a deep curiosity around their roots and also kick off a trip of discovery.

20. A New method to Clean Up

Toilet record is yesterday’s news. Bidets are the tide — or present — of the future. And, suspect they use it regularly, your lucky recipient’s brand-new post-business cleaning device will virtually certainly price less in the lengthy run than the classic method.

Especially if girlfriend invest in the Tushy standard 3.0, a built-to-last bidet that’s an absolute steal at around $100. If girlfriend think your friend will wholeheartedly take on a new means to clean up down there, think about going all-out and also outfitting them v the an extensive Tushy System, featuring the Tushy classic 3.0, Tushy Stand and also eco-friendly bamboo tissues, Tushy Brush, and Tushy ottoman (for better-angled business).

21. Headspace

Every week, that seems favor a brand-new study come out v fresh data reaffirming the physical and emotional benefits of meditation. Together someone who methods — or at least tries to exercise — daily, I have the right to attest it does, in fact, help you control stress and maintain better control over her emotions and also mindset.

But not everyone is ready to hop into a lotus position and start saying mantras. For plenty of people, guided meditation helps them focus. If the app stores overflow with guided meditation apps, few can rival Headspace.

Headspace supplies a wide variety of guided meditation sessions at varying lengths. They likewise offer courses, progression tracking, anxiety exercises for scare attacks, and also more.

22. A Kitchen Herb Garden

There’s nothing much better than new herbs in her cooking. However as one apartment dweller, ns can’t just nip out back to pluck some fresh basil or thyme from my garden. And even if I had actually a backyard, ns doubt I’d have actually the time to save a appropriate herb garden.

The solution: a miniature kitchen herb garden. If her recipient doesn’t have the proper window orientation for herbal light or doesn’t have the attention expectancy to water herbs every day, they can use a small indoor garden kit that offers timed light and also watering ~ above automation. Shot this at home garden kit native Click & Growas a starter option.

23. Food and Drink

Nowadays, ns mostly provide consumables come family and also friends. They nothing want an ext stuff, and also even if they do, ns don’t want to feed into the attitude of constantly chasing the latest trending shiny object.

So I give upscale cheeses, wine, beer, cigars, and homemade foods. Select consumable gifts well, and you recognize they’ll be appreciated and won’t walk to waste.

24. A impending Kit

Give someone a beer, and also you sate them for a day. Teach them how to make their very own beer, and you satethem because that life.

When you brew your own beer, you obtain to make fun and an innovative styles the suit your own distinct palette, whether that’s love husband red ales, mouth-puckering sours, or vanilla bourbon barrel-aged royal stouts.

Buy your recipient a beginner unavoidable kitif they’ve never ever brewed before, and also give castle the gift the a brand-new hobby.

25. Stocks, Shares, or Crowdfunding Investments

Everyone demands investments if they ever before hope to retire. For the person who has actually everything, think about the gift of an appreciating or passive-income-producing asset.

That might include share of individual stocks or ETFs, REITs, or even real estate crowdfunding investments through Fundrise. Better yet, if castle don’t already have a brokerage account, sit down v them in person to assist them open up one through a firm like SoFi Investor Robinhood. Together, buy their first shares because that them, reflecting them just how to perform so.

An appalling 45% of Americans nothing own any stocks at all, follow to a 2019 Gallup poll. And for many, the comes under to merely not knowing where come begin.

Walk the first couple of steps follow me the path to structure wealth with your recipient. They may roll your eyes today, however they’ll thank you in a decade or two once they reach financial independence.

26. A charitable Donation

After George Castanza offered out fake donations come “The human being Fund” on the fight sitcom “Seinfeld,” it seems prefer charitable donations as gifts lost several of their luster. Yet Seinfeldian shenanigans notwithstanding, donating to charity in lieu the a gift have come a long way in current years thanks to services favor GoFundMeand IndieGogo.

The trick to making a thoughtful donation lies in a solitary question: What would certainly your friend donate to if they were choosing the organization? A recipient passionate around cancer study would probably love a donation come the American Cancer Societyor perhaps the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You can additionally use crowdfunding sites to find reasons that struggle closer to home, like giving money for a friend’s medical treatment or gifting a veteran via the wounded Warrior Project.

You deserve to opt to take it the charitable donation tax deductionon your own tax return by dedicating the gift in her recipient’s honor. Or you can make the gift legally in the recipient’s name so they obtain the tax deduction if they itemize their deductions.

Your recipient might not require anything because that themselves, but there are plenty of people in this human being who do. Examine out JustGive.orgfor a perform of institutions perfect for gift donations.

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Final Word

When someone already has every little thing they want and also need, the real challenge doesn’t lie in choosing the perfect item, however rather in recognize a way to present your love and also appreciation. ~ all, if it’s the thought that counts, then putting extra factor to consider into services, experiences, and also gifts that present you treatment is much much more valuable than the priciest present. Therefore think outside of the shopping mall or gift baskets and also come up through a gift that’s important meaningful.

What carry out you offer to friends and family members who have actually everything? perform you have any go-to presents that aren’t on this list?