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Why appear solo in a fashion editorial once you have the right to pose through your sister?That"s exactly what Bella and Gigi Hadid did because that the March problem of BritishVogue, stripping under to nothing yet their date of birth suits.In among the images from the series, shot in black-and-white by Steven Meisel, the sisters can be seen sitting on the floor, foot crossed approximately each other with wide eyes and damp hair."She"s among the only human being I"ll get aggressive for," Gigi, 22, stated of she 21-year-old sisters in your accompanying interview because that the magazine."She renders me therefore proud. Ns would do anything because that her."

bellahadid in the March concern of #NewVogue: “She’s among the only people I’ll obtain aggressive for. She makes me so proud. Ns would carry out anything because that her”

The March concerns featurestwo different versions of the cover, v Gigi and also Bella modeling independently in the same one-shouldered, sparkly gold dress by Versace.

GiGiHadid on society media in the March concern of #NewVogue: "I try to carry out what feels real to me, and also do it through integrity."

bellahadid space the first dual covers the the models’ careers:

— british Vogue (

Slayin" it, sisters!Although Gigi and also Bella completely rock it on the runway, not every fashion present goes follow to plan. Throughout Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, Bella accidentally experienced a wardrobe break down while closing out theAlexandre Vauthier show.Naturally, she handled it favor a pro. Watch below!RELATED CONTENT:Gigi Hadid Gushes Over boyfriend Zayn Malik top top His BirthdayBella and also Gigi Hadid May have actually Just come to be the Biggest new York ranger FansBella Hadid suffers Wardrobe break down on the Runway in Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

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