First aired on October 4, 1957, leave it come Beaver is still relevant today, many thanks to that is funny storyline and amazing cast. The present followed the misadventures of an inquisitive yet naive suburban boy, Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver play by Jerry Mathers.

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Among his numerous friends who obtained him right into trouble to be Gilbert Bates. Bates, the blond kid with unusually large ears, who never ever backed down from obtaining hapless Beaver right into misdemeanors, was immortalized through American gibbs Stephen Talbot.

Talbot showed up as Gilbert Bates in 56 episodes of the show. Later on on, that left the present to go after a job in journalism. As it’s been much more than 63 years since Leave it to Beaver an initial graced the little screen, this day we lug you a video clip highlighting the career of Stephen Talbot and what that is doing now.

Early Life and also Leave it to Beaver

Son of actor Lyle Talbot, Stephen, was born on February 28, 1949, in California. Stephen began his acting career in ~ the age of 9, certification in an episode of the second season of leave it to Beaver titled, Beaver and also Gilbert. Stephen showed up as Gilbert Bates in 56 illustration of the show, whose signature line was, “Gee Beav, i don’t know.”


Between 1959 to 1963, that guest starred in various other shows like Perry Mason, Sugarfoot, Wanted: Dead or Alive, and a pair of illustration of The Twilight Zone. After spending much more than 4 years in front of cameras, Stephen left the acting service to seek a career in journalism.

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Following leaving it to Beaver

Stephen graduated from Wesleyan university in 1970, where he was an active protester the the Vietnam war. Complying with his graduation, he started working various jobs in ~ State university of brand-new York College and later go on to end up being a lecturer.


While he to be still serving as a lecturer, he ventured as an independent screenwriter. Fast forward to 1980; he exit his first documentary, damaged Arrow, which walk on to shape his career because that good. He then released his 2nd documentary, The case of Dashiell Hammett, in 1982. He also worked together a journalist for KQED-TV, whose parent company was PBS network.

As his occupational got more attention, he was called to do more documentaries and also news investigations.


He later on wrote and also produced various documentaries favor The ideal Campaign Money deserve to Buy, News War: What’s Happening come the News, Justice because that Sale, and also others for PBS’s series, Frontline.

Throughout his job in journalism, Stephen has produced plenty of awards win documentaries. Stephen developed an live independence media company, The Talbot football player in 2008. He likewise produced a soundtrack, Music there is no Border for PBS.

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Turning down The duty in Reunion

Almost every cast returned because that the tv movie, Still, the Beaver (1983) and also sequel series The brand-new Leave It come Beaver (1984-1989). However, once producers of the display approached him come revive the function of Gilbert in the sequel series, that turned down the offer saying, “I’m make the efforts to create myself together a documentary filmmaker and also an investigative reporter.”


In 1997, in an post written for, he additionally called the sequel to display a “dreadful series.” that added, “You see, this is what it has come to: I have actually spent my adult life trying come conceal my leave it to Beaver past or correcting the historical record. Either way, the series has become inescapable.”

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Personal Life

Stephen Talbot is married to Pippa Gordon, who is a medical social worker. The couple has 2 kids, son, Dashiell, and daughter, Caitlin. The 70-year-old at this time resides in mountain Francisco v his family. The is right now working as a columnist for different newspaper associations and additionally serves as the senior producer for documentary shorts in ~ ITVS.

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Talbot started co-writing and also co-producing a documentary, bay Area Revelations, for NBC in 2019.